Franks May Get Second Chance to Help Poor Inner City Kids Get a Decent Education

Back in 2010, Democratic Party State Representative Jack Franks had a chance to help poor inner city kids get a decent education.


Jack Franks’ Liberal Politics Hurt the Most Needy and Disadvantaged Kids while Voting Against Saving Hundreds of Millions of Dollars each Year

State Senator James Meeks sponsored the bill and got it through the Illinois Senate.
Franks teacher union contributions 98-02
But the bill did not pass the Illinois House.

Jack Franks was one of the reasons why.

And, he was rewarded.

In fact, he got contributions before his vote.

Lots of them.

He got $1,000 from the Chicago Teachers Union in 2012.

When it comes to helping poor black kids or getting teacher union money, the contributions tend to speak for themselves.
Franks teacher union contributions 02-09
Now, with the former State Senator and now full-time pastor James Meeks being appointed to Republican Bruce Rauner’s Transition Team, Franks may get a second chance to demonstrate that poor inner city kids mean more to him that teacher union contributions.

Rauner knows that the logic behind giving parents of kids in underperforming schools a choice is an issue that can be sold.

And his target will be folks who generally vote Democratic.

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell said this about Meeks yesterday:

“Meeks, who said Rauner has asked him to help ‘shape the education agenda.’ is already bringing African-American issues to the table.

“I hope this administration will focus on two things for African-Americans:

  • better schools and
  • jobs.”

Maybe Jack Franks legislative opponent next time around will have the money to call him to task for his ignoring what the shameful state of inner city education, if he continues to toe the teachers’ union status quo agenda.


Franks May Get Second Chance to Help Poor Inner City Kids Get a Decent Education — 4 Comments

  1. The charter school movement is now more than twenty years old.

    Michigan, Texas, Colorado, and Arizona are all states with excellent charter school programs (where charters are not limited in number and can be pulled only for misfeasance, malfeasance, or severe under performance).

    Washington, D.C. also has an excellent charter school program, and in the last four years, the number of charter schools has doubled.

    In all the states with charter school programs, around 15% of kids transfer from the public schools to the charter schools, and almost all are in very poor neighborhoods.

    There are numerous charter schools in inner city Detroit, and over 100 in Washington, D.C.

    In each case, more than 80% of students qualify for free lunches.

    The results have been amazing.

    When New Orleans went all-charter after Katrina, the graduation rate shot up by 30 percentage points!

    In charter schools across the nation, test scores are higher and parental satisfaction is MUCH higher.

    Nor have any of the accusations made against charter schools proven true.

    They have not decimated the finances of public schools.

    They have not “cherry-picked” students (all charters choose by lottery if more children want to enroll than there are spots).

    There are no “wiccan” schools, no madrasas.

    But there are schools that specialize in international affairs and immersive foreign languages, and schools with other specializations, such as math and science.

    And charter schools have proven how little is needed to educate our children.

    Unlike Illinois, where expenditures per pupil for high schools ranges between $9,900 and $29,000 (!), the charter schools generally receive less than $10,000 per pupil, and it is in all cases a flat fee per student. (Expenditures per high school student range between $12,500 and $16,000 here in McHenry County.)

  2. Phony-Franks is a creature of the IEA, perhaps ‘pet’ is a better term for him ……

    He dreams of running for Gov’nur on Daddy Franks ill-gotten pelf …… but alas, he’ll never make it ……. mostly because even the ‘Progressives’ and ultra-libtards don’t trust him ……….. a conclusion everyone reaches who’s ever dealt w/ the egocentric faker.

  3. We pay the schools, teachers kick our money to the union, the union to the Pol who also gets paid by us.

    This is some kind of endless nightmare.

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