Predicting Another Push for MCC to Tax to the Max

McHenry County College Board members will be subjected to another at least twenty minute pitch from finance guy Bob Tenuta on Tuesday as to why the Board should ask for as much money as they are allowed to get.

McHenry County College Chief Financial Officer Bog Tenuta explains his five-year plan.

Last October McHenry County College Chief Financial Officer Bog Tenuta (far left) explained his five-year plan to the Board.  Tom Wilbeck is second from the left next to Board President Ron Parrish.  Wilbeck has been replaced by Michael Smith.

Under the Property Tax Cap, the college is limited to getting 1.5% more from the existing tax base than was received last year.  The Board can also go for new growth, but would have to estimate the amount of new construction.

Tenuta and President Vicky Smith are presumably hopeful that the replacement of tax hawk Tom Wilbeck with former MCC Foundation President Mike Smith opens the way to switch a Board vote from 4-3 for a level levy to 4-3 for a maximum levy.

All three newly-elected members, plus Board President Ron Parrish voted to hold the line on taxes last year.

Holdovers Cynthia Kisser, Linda Lidell and Mary Miller supported taking as much as state law allowed.

The agenda for Tuesday’s Committee of the Whole meeting allocates twenty minutes for Tenuta for “discussion on the tax levy.”

My guess is that pitch will be pretty close to that of last year:

If the college does not ask the maximum amount allowed by law it will lose it “forever.”

Of course, the converse is also true.

The taxpayers will save it “forever.”

The MCC Board meeting starts at 6:30.


Predicting Another Push for MCC to Tax to the Max — 7 Comments

  1. Taxpayers need to attend all municipal and township meetings this month and next to INSIST that levies be reduced or at least frozen.


  2. Who from the McHenry County College administration is present at a typical McHenry County College board meeting?

    President Vicky Smith.

    Who else?

    Yes I know the administration does not vote on the levy or anything else at a board meeting.

  3. MCC has generated large surpluses in its Operating Fund for at least seven consecutive years.

    They then hide much of it in the infamous slush fund, “Fund 03” so it is not as apparent to the public,

    Strike one.

    Credit hours are down 11% since FY2011 yet spending has increased.

    We know this trend will continue because the number of students coming through the McHenry County school systems is declining.

    Strike two.

    Tenuta and Smith have both asserted there is zero fat in the budget — a ludicrous statement about any government — and actively obstructed any attempt by the dissident board members to figure out where to cut.

    Strike three.

    They’re out.

  4. When is Vicky Smith done with her contract?

    We can’t afford her and she’s not about to change her wants.

  5. Why not start saving money by getting rid of vicky smith and her salary and benefits?

    Salary alone is over $230,000.

    All she has done since getting this job is ask taxpayers for more money.

  6. I guess Miss Vickie & the board didn’t grasp what Tuesday’s voters said – STOP!!

    Should have paid attention to Oakwood Hills; Randall road issue courtesy of Anna May miller and the two democrats voted OUT – the voters are awake and we’re not taking this nonsense anymore.

    We’re watching you very closely.

    We keep getting all these fancy mailers promoting MCC- trying to boost already low enrollment to justify sticking it to the taxpayers — again?

    I strongly suggest working with “Open the Books” Illinois to get to the truth.

    They’ve uncovered so much fraud throughout the state with just this type of situation.

    College of DuPage is one of many scamming the taxpayers!

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