Norge Fundraiser on 22nd

The Norge Ski Training Center is holding a wine-beer-bourbon tasting party on Saturday, November 22nd, at its lodge in Fox River Grove.

We have attended several. The food is good, there is a large selection of liquid spirits to sample and you get the chance to see club jumpers from inside a warm enclosure (or outside on the porch, if you prefer).

The 2014 Norge Ski Club November fundraiser invitation.

The 2014 Norge Ski Club fundraiser invitation.

The cost is $30 in advance (call Kathy Glasder at 847-6048) of $35 at the door.

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You may have noticed that a Norge ski jumper is featured on the masthead of McHenry County Blog.
For the longest time I was looking for something unique to McHenry County. Then I thought of the big ski jump.

It’s not unique in the country, but it certainly is in Illinois.

It and the castle are the two tourist attractions in Fox River Grove.


Norge Fundraiser on 22nd — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Cindy,

    The music is just something that we have going in the ” background” – variety of music from someone’s Ipod.

    We usually can’t fit a group in with the different tastings, raffle items, bistro tables setup, food, etc.. and of course the people –

    A really fun time like Cal said, great food and all the proceeds go for a great cause –

    Norge is an Icon to the Fox River valley and currently one of the only year round training facility in the States –

    right now 4 of it’s ski jumping members are on the US Ski Jumping Team –

    funds help us pay for coaching, equipment, and helping these young athletes pursue their Olympic dreams!

    Hope to see you.

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