Duffy Warns Chicago Politicians Trying to Steal Election from Cross

A missive from State Senator Dan Duffy:

Please Sound The Alarm!

Dan Duffy

Dan Duffy

Chicago has become a punchline for late-night comedians due to corruption.

There is currently a situation ripe for corruption taking place in the Illinois Treasurer’s race. That race is not over!

On election night, Tom Cross (R) was winning by 30,000 votes but now he leads by less than 1,000 votes.

There is something wrong with this picture

We have discovered that there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of voters in Cook County who may have cast more than 1 ballot.

In just the last few days, in a review of a mere 8,000 Cook County ballots, workers have identified that hundreds of voters have cast multiple ballots.

I am concerned that if we took a bigger sample of ballots, say 100,000 – we would most likely find thousands of voters who cast multiple ballots.

That is a valid, logical concern knowing the history of Cook County.

Tom Cross

Tom Cross

Last Thursday the Chicago Board of Elections said that there were a total of 10,000 absentee ballots.

Today, they say the number is more like 16,000.

Somehow, during this critical period, another 6,000 ballots have appeared out of thin air!

I grew up in Chicago. I must admit this whole situation does not surprise me.

However, that does not mean I am going to just let this possible voter fraud happen.

Every voter should be concerned with the shenanigans going on in Chicago and Cook County.

It dilutes our votes in the suburbs and downstate if some people in the City of Chicago are voting twice.

Please take action, get involved and show your concern about the Illinois Treasurer’s race before it is too late.

Do not let the Chicago Machine steal the Illinois Treasurer’s election.

Contact your local newspaper, news media, bloggers and social media sites.

The best way to end fraud and corruption is to expose it while it is happening!

Expose Chairman Mike Madigan’s actions in the Illinois Treasurer’s race while there is still time!


Duffy Warns Chicago Politicians Trying to Steal Election from Cross — 4 Comments

  1. Typical democrat tactic.

    They did it in 2008 and now Madigan is trying it again.

    Madigan and cullerton must be replaced if you want Illinois to be a state that shows honesty and integrity.

    All you have now are lies from the democrats although some start in the white house.


  2. For years WGN, among others, have found and exposed open corruption in Cook County.

    For years those caught politicians and administration officials have giggled as the news people have gone apoplectic over the new scandal they have uncovered.

    Every one of the ones actually prosecuted and jailed now have spectacular patronage jobs.

    Why would they care?

    Cook County is lawless.

    So is the rest of the nation but Cook has the title and the street cred to actually get away with their disgusting behavior.

    This is why leaving any election to the judges is a bad idea.

    Knockouts are the only win respected the world over.

    If Cook can steal this election for Frehrichs they will.

    Dan is a very good man and sees things clearly.

    I hope he can find a way to shine an effective light on this nonsense.

    Without a thousand people showing up in the city to counter the fraud it will continue because the Justice Department needs the fraud to keep their jobs too.

    Illinois… We not only break the law, we export our garbage to DC to make sure the country is lawless….

    Welcome to the Brave New World.

  3. Maybe if Tom Cross weren’t so radical RINO there wouldn’t be a problem.

    Cross does not represent Republicans in Illinois!!

  4. This is obviously a travesty but people should also realize that the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners is separate from Cook COUNTY Clerk, unlike the rest of the state where the County Clerk runs all of the elections in that county.

    The Cook County Clerk is only responsible for suburban Cook County, so the two should not be lumped together.

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