Hanky Panky by the Democrats

Chicago politicians are making a big deal about robo-calls that went to Cook County and Chicago election judges that apparently caused a number not to report for duty.

Barrington Hills’ Sharon Meroni of Defend the Vote and the one who unsuccessfully tried to get Tonya Franklin on the Republican ballot two years against Jack Franks is derided in the column by Mark Brown of the Sun-Times.

The paper also ran a condemning and demeaning editorial on Sunday.

Meroni has been a thorn in the side of Cook County and Chicago election officials (Democrats, of course) through her action before the Illinois State Board of Elections (50% Democrats).  From what I have seen, she is careful in what she does.

She certainly knew what she was doing when she face down then-McHenry County Republican Party leaders. Not enough votes were garnered, but she dotted all of her “i’s.”

When I read the Chicago Sun-Times column I sent Brown a couple of instances of hanky panky by Democrats which has heretofore not been report in Chicago’s mainstream media.

I sent him this article:

Slightly Intimidating Get Out The Vote Letter in Grafton Township

The letter reproduced in the above article is from the “Committee to Reduce Income Inequality and to Support Human Rights.”

Sounds as if it comes from the left side of the political spectrum to me.

I also sent him the mailing you see below that arrived in newly-elected McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler’s mailbox before the election:
Dem haNky panky 2014 chuck wheeler address sude

Dem haNky panky 2014 chuck wheeler backSent with an Overland Park, Kansas, return address, but a Chicago postal permit, the only identification is “A project of the IIlinois Voter Program.”

This technique was front page news when it occurred in New York.

Reporters throughout the country discovered it was part of a nationwide Democratic Party strategy to hype turn out.  See the links in the following article:

Intimidating Letters from Democrats National Strategy

Want to bet something about this strategy ever appearing in the Sun-Times?


Hanky Panky by the Democrats — 7 Comments

  1. Those of you who post on other blogs and Social internet networks, please post Cal’s article.

    The mainstream media totally distorted the story about the robo calls which were relevant to a training meeting but the report on the radio was: “Robo calls were made to tell 2,000 election judges to stay home.”

    It was a total lie!!!!!

    In addition to what Cal wrote, there are hundreds of absentee ballots being thrown out in Chicago because people committed crimes by voting for other people and voting more than once.

    Where is the media on that?

    With the new Clerk in McHenry County next year I hope Meroni can find time to watch how the election in McHenry County will be conducted next year.

  2. Maybe this backfired on them … if they sent an intimidating mailer, bullying them to vote, do ya think maybe, just maybe the receiver thought, “yes, it’s time for me to get to the polls and vote these people OUT.”

    The Democrats have been counting on low information, sheeple voters, counting on them doing what they are told to do.

    Regarding Chuck’s mailer, we received one for our daughter like that.

    I didn’t think much of it, because she was living in another state in 2010 and registered there so she could vote Republican in Florida and actually vote for someone who WON.

    She received a similar mailing from Rauner, so I didn’t think it was a Democrat mailing.

  3. I’m sure Chuck Wheeler will comment on this, but I believe he didn’t live at this address in 2010. So, he wouldn’t have voted there.

    But at the address he was living at in 2010.

  4. Exactly Lori this information is incorrect because I have voted in every election and primary since 1979 just not there.

    Even more disturbing people like 1976prevere actually would believe it.

  5. Hanky Pankie by a Democrat?

    Not even possible (tongue FIRMLY planted in cheek).

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