And Then There Were Five Seeking County Board Chairmanship

Nick Provenzano

Nick Provenzano

Jim Heisler

Jim Heisler

First reports were that the race to win the top spot on the McHenry County Board was a three-way race.

Incumbent Tina Hill was being challenged by Joe Gottemoller and John Hammerand.

Now, there are five seeking the top post.

The other two are Nick Provenzano and Jim Heisler.

Tina Hill

Tina Hill

John Hammerand

John Hammerand

Joe Gottemoller

Joe Gottemoller

Provenzano ran unsuccessfully for County Clerk against Mary McClellan.

Board Vice Chairman Heisler filled in for Hill as Hill underwent treatment for a drinking problem.

If all twenty-four Republicans attend the organization meeting on December 1st, it will take thirteen votes to elect a Chairman.



And Then There Were Five Seeking County Board Chairmanship — 18 Comments

  1. In my opinion, it’s a toss up between John Hammerand and Nick Provenzano.

  2. Gottemoller – selfish attorney wants a career in politics and is part of the ‘old McHenry County crony political group, Oakwood Hills power plant fiasco, UDO fiasco;

    Heisler – spaghetti spine – meetings get out of control;

    Provenzano – inconsistent with a visible temper – shuts down discussion when he is in disagreement;

    Hill – in recovery and likes illegal meetings;

    Hammerand – consistent, even tempered – not part of the McHenry County political ‘machine’.

  3. Dear God do not give the Gavel or the microphone to Nick Provenzano or John Hammerand.

    Two self important pontificators who speak at great length and delerium to convince us how smart they are and how stupid everyone else is.

    Plus everyone knows how unethical Provenzano is…

    Get caught trying to steal any signs lately Dominic?

  4. Slick nick no way, John Hammerand leaves for two months in December and January how is he going to run the county from Florida.

    Jim Heisler cannot control the meetings he is a nice guy but you need a leader.

    Joe has been solid in moving things forward on the UDO and Tina is a solid leader although she may have had personal life issues does not negate her ability to get the job done.

    I would still support Tina and second Joe the rest are has been or wannabes

  5. Which of the 5 is capable of being the CEO of a $240,000,000 organization?

  6. Heisler is ineffective.

    A vote for Tina Hill is toxic.

    Provenzano is a snake with nothing to offer board members for voting for him.

    I don’t know if Hammerand has the votes.

    Prediction: Gottemoller (unfortunately) steamrolls everyone and wins on the first or second ballot.

  7. Based on the comments so far, if these board members running for chair represent the average voter, our society is sooooooo screwed!!

  8. May I suggest a pay per view cage match?

    With the only rules, that there be no hair pulling or biting and participants be required to wear adult diapers.

  9. I still say Joe the Goat-e-mailer is the worst choice going ……. and next to Tina Hill that’s really saying something.

    Tina Tells the truth about 10% of the time.

    I have hear the Goat tell the truth …. but that was just by accident.

  10. Out of the five, Hammerand is still the best choice.

    Best of luck.

  11. Cal, did you see your mention in the NW Herald today?

    “Nick Provenzano, R-McHenry, said he is not running, contrary to reports from other local news sources that named him as a candidate.”

    You’re apparently like Lord Voldemort, “He Who Must Not Be Named” or “You Know Who.”

  12. But at least they consider you to be a “local news source,” so you have that going for you.

  13. Wow, it’s tough to be right.

    Kevin Craver reporting on his Twitter that Gottemoller defeated Heisler 15-9 on first ballot.

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