CL Incumbents File for Re-Election

Aaron Shepley

Aaron Shepley

Ellen Brady Mueller

Ellen Brady Mueller

Crystal Lake City Clerk Nick Kachiroubas reports the following filed for re-election in Crystal Lake:


  • Aaron T. Shepley
Cathy Ferguson

Cathy Ferguson


  • Ellen M. Brady Mueller
  • Cathy A. Ferguson
  • Brett Hopkins
Brett Hopkins

Brett Hopkins

All four are incumbents.

Potential opponents have until next Monday to file their petitions.


CL Incumbents File for Re-Election — 8 Comments

  1. Aaron Shepley needs to address the issues with professionalism at the CLPD. Those boys are given way to much rope, at the risk of our residents. Aaron, if you can’t do the job, then we will find someone that will!

  2. I agree. Though I think Aaron Shepley is a decent man, he has totally failed his own citizens having lost control of City Hall.

    In particular, the Police Department runs the show in CL. Shepley fears them as well. Mr. Shepley is really just there for his own career advancement and he’s not interested in actually governing. This is a stepping stone. He’s used it to get a $500,000 job with the local hospital.

    Monster thugs like Lowery and Linder and others in the CLPD have abused their power knowing that Shepley and the city council do nothing. The PD targets their citizenry who are their political enemies.

    Business have closed and they’ve targeted their own citizens for political thuggery.

    Shame on you, Mr. Shepley. It’s obviously time for a change.

  3. I think the days of Shepley as Mayor are over.

    Leadership corrects thuggish failure.

    The CLPD has gone unchecked.

    I’m not sure Shepley even understands how awful his PD has been to the citizens.

    This will do him in.

    Is Lowery his campaign director?

    I don’t understand how incompetent and blind politicians are. T

    he private sector would weed them out so much faster.

  4. Aaron Shepley should resign.

    You are absolutely right, the CLPD has been bad to the citizens and Shepley knows.

    It’s his job to know… Bye Aaron!

    More to come at a CLPD theatre near you….

    City Manager Gary Mayerhofer and Eric Helm also need to resign.

    They do whats best for them, not the community…

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