County Board Passes Pretty Constant Levy for Third Year

The McHenry County Board Tuesday night voted to levy approximately the same amount as it has for the last three years.

Tax House McH Split 2013

Where money from taxes collected in 2014 went.

Foregoing the opportunity provided by state law to increase its tax take by 1.5%, the rate of inflation, the Board instead opted to try to obtain tax revenue from new construction.

If the estimate of that new assessed valuation is accurate, the total tax bill on current taxpayers in the aggregate should remain relatively constant.

County Board member Nick Provenzano noted,

“I wish there were other units of government that would take our lead.”

While the County Board is controlled by Republicans, other units local government, with the exception of the largest townships, are controlled by those who elected on non-partisan ballots.

Most money from local taxes is earmarked for schools.  Many board members have close connections with the teacher union members for whom they provide employment.

The McHenry County Board will decide Thursday night whether its levy will remain constant for the second year in a row.


County Board Passes Pretty Constant Levy for Third Year — 12 Comments

  1. Unless YOUR property assessment went down more then the average, your tax bill will likely increase.

    Last year the County levy amount stayed the same but the tax RATE went up 10+ %!!!!!

    From 0.995809 to 1.096045 per $1,000 assessed.

    The AMOUNT of the Levy MUST be decreased – not left the same!!!!

    Provenzano needs to take a look at some other local units of government who ACTUALLY DECREASED their levy amount.

  2. @con that is how I understand it as well.

    Especially, if you consider the population of McHenry County is decreasing, then shouldn’t the board need less to run the county?

    There are fewer services needed, especially from the school districts.

    Less students mean less teachers, administrators, teachers pensions, etc etc.,

    Since the biggest chunk of our tax dollars go to our schools.

  3. The truth is the levy was increased by new growth .

    My question was what new growth population has declined in Mc Henry county every year since 2007 ??

  4. The EAV is increased by new growth but the levy is set by, staff probably.

    With thoughts of their raises dancing in their heads they’ll justify any increase to the board.

    It’s up to board members to put their feet down and say no increase in levy or rate this year.

  5. Here are the cents converted to percentages.

    Which is how the chart should have been prepared in the first place.

    School & College Districts: 66.90%

    Other Districts (Cemetery, Sanitary, Misc): 0.20%

    Conservation District: 2.40%

    Township and Road & Bridge Districts: 3.20%

    Park & Library Districts: 4.00%

    Fire & Rescue Districts: 5.20%

    Cities, Villages, & Special Service Areas: 8.40%

    County of McHenry: 9.70%

    Total: 1.000

    A good exercise is to create a spreadsheet of the history of your previous property tax bills.

    Taxes paid per district and pension fund, tax rate, EAV, etc.

    That might prompt more people to attend board meetings to figure out how the taxing districts are spending your money.

    Or at least watch archived board meetings on the website…if they are available…which they are often not.

    Adopt a taxing district and figure out how they operate.

    That’s exactly how the public sector unions and Administrations operate.

    They are much more sophisticated in most cases than elected and appointed officials including those on boards and commissions.

    You cannot rely on just your elected and appointed officials to represent your interests, because they typically outmatched, if they are not in cahoots with the special interest groups.

  6. Another way of saying that last comment is the elected and appointed officials who do represent your interests need your help more than you probably realize.

  7. Cut schools and eliminate townships!

    Just get rid of the illegal aliens flooding into the school system!

  8. Putting the college in with the school districts is very misleading.

    The amount MCC levies compared to the local schools districts is far less.

  9. Why is the headline always “County holds levy constant” rather than
    “County again refuses to cut levy”

  10. Great comment Susan!

    Our school board is always proclaiming to be conservative because they hold the levy flat.

    What a crock!

    reduce the levy, the enrollment is way down.

  11. Here is a breakdown of the spending in the school districts, courtesy of Open The Books.
    McHenry County School Districts
    OpenTheBooks SnapShot Report

    Alden Hebron School District 19 (Unit District)
    Alden-Hebron Elementary School, Hebron.
    Alden-Hebron Middle School, Hebron.
    Alden-Hebron High School, Hebron.

    Cary CCSD 26 (Elementary District)
    Briargate Elementary, Cary.
    Deer Path Elementary, Cary.
    Three Oaks, Cary.
    Cary Junior High School, Cary.

    Community High School District 155 (High School District)
    Cary Grove High School, Cary.
    Crystal Lake Central High School.
    Crystal Lake South High School.
    Prairie Ridge High School, Crystal Lake.

    Crystal Lake School District 47 (Elementary District)
    Canterbury Elementary School, Crystal Lake.
    Carl Wehde Early Childhood Center, Crystal Lake.
    Coventry Elementary School, Crystal Lake.
    Glacier Ridge Elementary School, Crystal Lake.
    Hannah Beardsley Middle School, Crystal Lake.
    Husmann Elementary School, Crystal Lake.
    Indian Prairie Elementary School, Crystal Lake.
    Lundahl Middle School, Crystal Lake.
    North Elementary School, Crystal Lake.
    Richard F. Bernotas Middle School, Crystal Lake.
    South Elementary School, Crystal Lake.
    West Elementary School, Crystal Lake.
    Woods Creek Elementary School, Crystal Lake.

    Fox River Grove School District 3 (Elementary District)
    Algonquin Road Elementary School, Fox River Grove.
    Fox River Grove Middle School, Fox River Grove.

    Harrison School District 36 (Elementary District)
    Harrison Elementary School, Wonder Lake

    Harvard Community Unit School District 50 (Unit District)
    Washington School
    Richard D. Crosby Elementary
    Jefferson School
    Harvard Jr High School
    Harvard High School

    Huntley CSD 158 (Unit District)
    Conley Elementary, Algonquin.
    Heineman Middle School, Algonquin.
    Mackeben Elementary, Algonquin.
    Huntley High School, Huntley.
    Leggee Elementary School, Huntley.
    Chesak Elementary School, Lake in the Hills.
    Marlowe Middle School, Lake in the Hills.
    Martin Elementary School, Lake in the Hills.

    Johnsburg Community School District 12 (Unit District)
    Ringwood Elementary Primary Center, Ringwood.
    James C Bush Elementary School, Johnsburg.
    Johnsburg Junior High School, Johnsburg.
    Johnsburg High School, Johnsburg.

    Marengo Community High School District 154 (High School Distric)
    Marengo High School, Marengo.

    Marengo Union Elementary CSD 165 (Elementary District)
    Locust Elementary, Marengo.
    Marengo Middle School, Marengo.

    McHenry CCSD 15 (Elementary District)
    Chauncey H Duker, McHenry.
    Edgebrook Elementary, McHenry.
    Hilltop Elementary, McHenry.
    Landmark Elementary, McHenry.
    McHenry Middle School, McHenry.
    Parkland Middle School, McHenry.
    Riverwood Elementary, McHenry.
    Valley View Elementary, McHenry.

    McHenry High School District 156 (High School District)
    McHenry East High School, McHenry.
    McHenry High School – West Campus, McHenry.

    Nippersink School District 2 (Elementary District)
    Richmond Grade School, Richmond.
    Spring Grove Elementary, Spring Grove.
    Nippersink Middle School, Richmond.

    Prairie Grove CSD 46 (Elementary District)
    Prairie Grove Elementary, Crystal Lake.
    Prairie Grove Junior High, Crystal Lake.

    Richmond Burton Community High School District 157 (High School District)
    Richmond Burton High School, Richmond.

    Riley Community Consolidated District 18 (Elementary District)
    Riley Elementary School, Marengo

    Special Education District of McHenry County District 801 (SEDOM) – Special Education District
    SEDOM, Woodstock.
    New Beginnings Center, Union.

    Woodstock Community Unit School District 200 (Unit District)
    Woodstock High School, Woodstock.
    Woodstock North High School, Woodstock.
    Northwood Middle School, Woodstock.
    Creekside Middle School, Woodstock.
    Dean Street Elementary, Woodstock.
    Greenwood Elementary, Woodstock.
    Westwood Elementary, Woodstock.
    Olson Elementary, Woodstock.
    Mary Endres Elementary, Woodstock.
    Verda Dierzen Early Learning Center, Woodstock.
    Prairiewood Elementary School, Woodstock.
    Clay Academy, Woodstock.

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