Woodstock Police Checking for Seat Belts at McConnell Road

Area law enforcement agencies began enhanced enforcement of seat belt and drunk driving on Tuesday.

On the way back from the McHenry County Board meeting, the traffic light on Route 47 at McConnell Road was blinking red.

Men wearing reflector stripes had what my colorblind eyes thought were yellow lights that they were shining into each car.

There was no request to roll down the window, so I didn’t.

After a look inside the car, a policeman walked back to the next car.


Woodstock Police Checking for Seat Belts at McConnell Road — 8 Comments

  1. Wouldn’t it be more efficient if Woodstock put up an IPASS sensor to collect their “road use” tax?

    Because that’s what this is.

    They want the money.

  2. A checkpoint is when the police stop you and ask for a license.

    Standing at an intersection looking in to passing vehicles does not constitute a checkpoint.

    Nice try though, Cindy

  3. Cindy’s right!

    Why don’t the Woodstock cops start checking the welfare rolls and food stamp recipient lists for wanted criminals/illegal aliens?

  4. Why doesnt WPD practice the “community policing” it always talks about instead of writing tickets?

    Like all our government employees, they think we serve them instead of the other way round.

    “Protect and Serve” means nothing anymore.

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