Do Committeemen Make a Difference?

Here’s an analysis that looks at whether Republican Precinct Committeemen in McHenry County as a whole made a difference in campaigns.

2014 elect ion comparisons with and without committeemen


  • U.S. Senate candidate Jim Oberweis did better with a committeeman.
  • Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner did worse with a committeeman.
  • Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim did worse with a committeeman.
  • State Rep. candidate Steve Reick did better with a committeeman.

I’ve always thought that precinct committeemen provide very little help or harm to the top of the ticket, which in this case I mean Rauner, rather than Oberweis.


Do Committeemen Make a Difference? — 7 Comments

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with Cal here.

    The committeeman project was the brain child of Liberal Democrats, reaching out to low or no information voters, who tend to vote Democratic.

    Much of the door beating and calling is wasted (and is a nuisance) on well informed voters, who I believe trend more Republican.

  2. This is hardly so simple as a spread sheet.

    There are committeemen that work their tails off and some that never lift a finger.

    As a whole the committeemen of the Republican party did so much more than knock on doors.

    What was accomplished this past 2 years can’t have some simple metrics attached.

    It is an organic, living, breathing organism, perpetuated by a belief in a goal greater than the individual.

    To attempt to use simple arithmetic to explain something that is felt down deep in the guts of a man is not possible.

    Please don’t take something pure and muddy it by trying to make it fit into what you think you know.
    This is what is wrong with us as a people.

    We won because men and women acted on their guts telling then to get up and fight for their home.

    Pure and simple.

  3. I’ll have to disagree with hypocrisy police here.

    What’s REALLY wrong with “us as a people” is that we DON’T measure results enough.

    In many cases, not at all.

    I personally busted my tail during my stint as P.C., and I wanted nothing more than to know if my effort paid off.

    To do that, you have to measure.

    You have to analyze and make decisions to improve a situation based on that measurement and analysis.

    Want proof of the value?

    Disconnect your gas gauge and “act on your gut” to know when to put gas in your car.

    I’m guessing you think it’s o.k. for kids to have baseball games and not keep score, as they do here.

    With no win/loss record, no need to improve, right?

  4. Clearly Greg has missed the point.

    very silly to compare a motor vehicle to a human movement based on beliefs.

    I don’t believe my car to be anything other than what it is, a machine I choose to own.

    That’s a poor analogy.

    Of course kids need to learn about winning and losing.

    The dems just learned about losing too.

    This has nothing to do with keeping score when the points your adding up are meaningless.

    That is in fact my point.

    The data doesn’t paint the picture.

  5. Hypo – how then, would you suggest that we be able to improve?

    By NOT measuring?

    Since you’re into this human, gut, belief, feeling thing, tell me – how would YOU suggest we measure the success or failure of our efforts?

  6. By winning…..

    as that is the only metric that matters in this game.

  7. I see.

    But how will you know who won if you don’t measure?

    And you thought I missed the point……………….

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