Voter Turnout by Republican Precinct Committeeman

A friend of McHenry County Blog arranged fall voter turnout from highest to lowest for those precincts with Republican Precinct Committeemen. You see the results below:

2014 turnout by precinct p 1
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Voter Turnout by Republican Precinct Committeeman — 1 Comment

  1. Cal:

    Can we get ALL precincts (no PC too)? (Key Indicator Data analysis)

    Can we get 2010 and 2006 to compare? (Trend Analysis)

    Can we get Democratic/Independent Data? (Complete Data analysis)

    Then we will need to survey who, what, and how PC engaged to start an analysis of success failure. maybe the Central Committee (s) can take on to start a true database.

    A lot of mailers went out this year.

    Should have an effectiveness analysis of tools used.

    Can your friend send to me in excel format?


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