Was Harrison Really Running for State’s Attorney?

Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison

There seemed to be three significant parts of Jim Harrison’s campaign for McHenry County Sheriff.

The first two were guilt by association articles on the front page of the Northwest Herald.

I think it is fair to say that without this unpaid campaigning by the NWH, Harrison would not have had much of a campaign.

The third element were his signs.

Their color scheme, black on bright yellow mirrored my own. I figured Republican opponent Bill Prim had to put up at least three signs to counteract the impact of each of Harrison’s.

Maybe I should add letters to the NWH as a fourth element of Harrison’s campaign. ┬áThat cost nothing either.

Summarizing, there wasn’t much to Harrison’s campaign.

No mailing.

No door-to-door literature distribution.

No newspaper advertising.

A bit of radio advertising.

So, why did he run?

Perhaps the next iteration of this big sign will indicate that it was paid for by the Harrison campaign.

Perhaps the next iteration of this big sign will indicate that it was paid for by the Harrison campaign.

It’s not a real big secret that folks at the NWH would rather not have Lou Bianchi in office.

If you doubt their slant, please refer back to the paper’s coverage of Bianchi’s indictments.

There was a more recent clue to the paper’s disapproval of the current State’s Attorney in a recent Saturday “Thumbs up, thumbs down” editorial. Bianchi got a “thumbs down.” The reason escapes me.

So, I am wondering if the reason Harrison ran for Sheriff was because he intends to run for McHenry County State’s Attorney.

That he isn’t finished with elective politics, even after barely topping the 39% mark, was signaled on his Facebook this past week.

He asked that the four by four foot signs be returned to his headquarters.

Those signs and his three versions of yard signs brought him name identification.

Whether it was positive or not, only polling would tell.

If Bianchi decides to run for re-election, the odds are really high that Harrison would not run in the Republican Primary.

Given how gathering enough signatures to get on the ballot as an Independent ate up money and volunteer time, I would guess that would not be his route either.

That leaves the Democratic Party.  To gain its Primary Election nomination requires relative few signatures are needed.

And, in a Presidential year, there would be more Democrats voting than did this year.


Was Harrison Really Running for State’s Attorney? — 6 Comments

  1. It would be a catastrophe if Harrison were to run the States Attorneys office.

    Time for the Nygren and Zinke entourage to find new work…

    It’s up to the people to disband the circus.

    Say no more deny, deceive delay, as it is the people of our community that ultimately pay the price for their bad behavior and their bad decisions.

    Harrison still has not provided an explanation for those famous land records…


  2. It was pretty obvious that Harrison initially ran for Sheriff to lure possible Prim supporters away and have them stay home in the primary election between Prim and Zinke.

    Jim focused his attention on Prim with his attacks in the press and gave Zinke a pass.

    This strategy worked and he cost Prim many votes.

    It was curious that Jim then stayed in a race that he could never win but name recognition and publicity for a possible State’s Attorney bid in the future makes sense.

    Unfortunately for Jim, his ties with Gary Pack will haunt him forever.

  3. Old man – you must be special.

    I do not know anyone that did.

    All I got were the ones that he sneakily handed out at the county fair while he was walking the aisles and coming up to people (which by contract with the County Fair Board, he was NOT supposed to do).

  4. I’d rather hear about the press release that Prim just had about the picks he has for management roles.

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