Roll Call for Bill to Allow Conservation District to Issue More Non-Referendum Bonds

The House roll call for SB 3341 has now been posted on the Illinois General Assembly web site.

You can see it below:

The House roll call on Pam Althoff's and Karen McConnaughay's bill to allow the Conservation District to borrow more money without asking for voter approval.

The House roll call on Pam Althoff’s and Karen McConnaughay’s bill to allow the Conservation District to borrow more money without asking for voter approval.

Those voting for the bill who represent part of McHenry County are

  • Sponsor Mike Tryon
  • Tim Schmitz, who is retiring
  • Barb Wheeler

Voting against were

  • Jack Franks
  • David McSweeney

The bill will allow the issuance of more non-referendum bonds.

If it is not signed by Governor Pat Quinn, when current non-referendum bonds are paid off, McHenry County property tax rates would decrease.

If he does sign it, they won’t.

McHenry County is in the top thirty highest counties in the country as far as real estate taxes go.


Roll Call for Bill to Allow Conservation District to Issue More Non-Referendum Bonds — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve never understood how conservators could be against conservation…

  2. Typical Springfield legislation.

    There are all sorts of nuances.

    Here is the Bill Status of SB3341 in the 98th General Assembly.

    Here is the text of SB 3341 in the 98th General Assembly which would be added to state law if Governor Pat Quinn signs the bill into a Public Act.

    Beginning on Page 1, Line 23.

    “(b-5) For the purpose of development of real property, all or a portion of which has been acquired with referendum-approved bonds, a district located entirely within McHenry County may incur indebtedness and, as evidence of the indebtedness thus created, may issue and sell bonds without first obtaining the consent of the legal voters of the district.

    Development, for the purposes of this subsection (b-5), shall mean the improvement or maintenance of existing trails, parking lots, bridges, roads, picnic shelters, and other improvements, adding or improving access to conservation areas or district facilities to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, demolition of unnecessary or unsafe structures, and the stabilization, revitalization or rehabilitation of historic structures.”

    Beginning Page 3, Line 7

    “The following do not in any way limit the right of a district to issue non-referendum bonds under this Section: bonds heretofore or hereafter issued and outstanding that are approved by referendum, as described in this subsection (d); refunding bonds issued to refund or continue to refund bonds approved by referendum; and bonds issued under this Section that have been paid in full or for which provisions for payment have been made by an irrevocable deposit of funds in an amount sufficient to pay the principal and interest on those bonds to their respective maturity date.

  3. Can anyone explain to my why Tryon, Wheeler, Althoff and McConnaughay are not being taken to task by the GOP for EXPANDING government while their party platform clearly states a goal of SMALLER government?

    The action by Tryon makes campaigning by people such as Reick and O’Neil very difficult because on this issue, Franks voted correctly!!

    Tryon is NOT a conservative by any stretch of the imagination!!

    Way to go Mike!

    If Tryon runs for County Chair, remember this vote.

  4. Numbers guy caught my attention.

    Tryon and Wheeler are really big spenders, once they get re-elected.

    Very disappointing.

    Why did MCCD put up all new, expensive signs on the recreational sites?

    Have you noticed MCCd always has bright and shiny new vehicles, accessorized office, and has increased the cost of a storsage area, which had a suitable dirt loor, replacing it with total concrete floor$$$ Would you spend this kind of money at home?

    Probably not, because for most of McHenry County’s families, we don’t have the bottomless pit of money, characterized as referendums.

    MCCD gets an F in conserving our MONEY.

  5. Maybe Barb Wheeler was right when she said Jack Franks was the best Republican in McHenry County – he doesn’t vote for tax hikes but she does.

    Its no wonder he wins re-election.

    When you have elected Republicans who act like Democrats and elected Democrats who act like Republicans… who do you expect the electorate to believe?

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