Tobin’s Group Calls for Veto of Althoff-Tryon Tax Hike Bill

A press release from Jim Tobin:

Taxpayers Demand Gov. Quinn Veto Property Tax Theft

Before recently defeated Gov. Pat Quinn (D) leaves office, taxpayers urge that he veto SB 3341, a bill that passed through the state legislature December 3 and will increase the property tax bills of McHenry County taxpayers. According to the president of Taxpayers United of America (TUA), increased property taxes amount to strong-arm robbery.

Jim Tobin

Jim Tobin

“This legislation is insidious because it permits property tax increases without a referendum,” said Jim Tobin, TUA president.

Senate Bill 3341, sponsored by McHenry County State Rep. Michael W. Tryon (R-66) and State Sen. Pamela J. Althoff (R-32), allows the McHenry County Conservation District to borrow money without a property tax increase referendum.

“Gov. Quinn is leaving office with Illinois in a financial fiasco,” said Tobin. “If Quinn vetoes SB 3341 before he leaves office, it would be the most decent thing he can do for taxpayers, that is,
until he vacates his government job.”

This legislation would lead to higher property tax bills to repay the bonds.

If taxpayers do not immediately voice their opposition to SB 3341, Gov. Quinn will sign the legislation into law, and taxpayers in McHenry County will see higher property taxes in 2015 and beyond.

Gov. Quinn can be contacted by phone or mail at his Springfield and Chicago offices, as well as by email, by following this link:


Tobin’s Group Calls for Veto of Althoff-Tryon Tax Hike Bill — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for the link.

    Everyone, in at least this county, should use it.

  2. So State legislators representing 101 other counties get to vote on giving the McHenry County Conservation District the ability to issue non-referendum bonds.

    So if the bill passes and is signed by the Governor, then what happens?

    After paperwork and meetings, the McHenry County Conservation District Board of Directors, appointed by the McHenry County Board, can vote to issue non-referendum bonds?

    The McHenry County Board does not have to approve the bonds?

  3. You are missing the point, Mark.

    It’s already gone down that road.

    To stop the insanity you need to call or write the governor and tell him you want this POS vetoed!

  4. Proud: Please do not hold your breath!

    By the time the committee meets to start the ball rolling it will be too late and the County Chair who supports EVERY tax increase known to man will NOT even try to do the CORRECT thing!!.

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