Why Sascha Chadwick Was Running for Mayor of Crystal Lake

During a recess in the Crystal Lake Municipal Officers Electoral Board hearing prompted by Mayor Aaron Shepley complaint about opponent Sascha Chadwick’s petition adequacy, I had a chance to ask the challenger why he was running.

Chadwick, Sascha

Sascha Chadwick

Here’s Chadwick’s answer:

  1. We need to have better open communication with our businesses and residents.
  2. We need to have better relationships with other government entities, whether it be the school districts or the park district.
  3. We need to simplify or streamline the zoning process and permitting to encourage people who do business here and want to live here.

Chadwick described himself as an “entrepreneurial accountant.”

He has an accounting practice and runs a property management company.

He, his wife and four children live north of the Colonel Palmer House which is located on Route 176.

Chadwick is 36 years old.


Why Sascha Chadwick Was Running for Mayor of Crystal Lake — 11 Comments

  1. And, what does he expect to do with that so called police department?

    It’s time for things to change.

    Aaron Shepley needs to go!

  2. Don’t forget Nygren was Crystal lake’s Chief for many years and ruined the department …creating an atmosphere of utter corruption……..

  3. Apart from providing an insecure incumbent with a nifty technicality to use against a challenger, can somebody explain the significant difference between a staple and a paper clip?

    Numbered pages?

    Is this seriously what our elected officials worry about?

    Oh, and raise the sales tax before the storefronts are all empty.


    Here’s a new motto for you:

    “Crystal Lake…Where business goes to die.”

    We need new blood with new priorities.

  4. If he (an accountant) can’t make sure the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted and pages are in order on all his paperwork how can he be counted on to do that when it concerns the big things?

  5. Back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Crystal Lake was considered the ‘Crown Jewel’ of McHenry County.

    Lake in the Hills and the Johnsburg areas where not considered in such a wonderful light.

    Today, Crystal Lake stands as an embarrassment to itself, an eyesore.

    All the while Lake in the Hills and Johnsburg are job creators and a major tax base for county business tax revenues.

    What ever happened to Crystal Lake……………….?

    Could it be its management?

  6. Any money planned to be spent on the Algonquin Rd. / Randall Rd. intersection needs to be moved to the Hwy. 47 corridor.

    Crystal Lake has reached its max and will deteriorate while Huntley is the next growth district.

    In addition, if the County Council and Marengo have their way, farm land along Hwy. 23 will be paved over to allow for the new growth after an intersection is built at the toll road.

    Just listen to what the new Board Chair lawyer stated during his opening remarks.

  7. Crystal Lake Businesses are struggling.

    The Schools are good but demand enormous tax dollars.

    The Police Department is out of control and ENJOY harassing their own citizens.

    The city council is by far the most difficult to deal with from zoning to licensing to regulation.

    Crystal Lake City Hall is the biggest obstacle facing the citizens of Crystal Lake….and everyone who lives or does business in Crystal Lake say this.

    Crystal Lake’s greatest assets are her citizens – the very people city hall obstructs, harasses, and impedes.

    I think we need new leadership.

  8. Thanks to Shepley, Crystal Lake is a ghost town.

    He damaged Centegra when he was vice-president and he’s destroying Crystal Lake.

    We need new blood.

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