Algonquin Township Lowers Town Fund 1%

A description of what’s happening in Algonquin Township by Trustee Larry Emery:

Algonquin Township REDUCES 2014 Levy

Yes Virginia, government CAN reduce their taxes.

Larry Emery

Larry Emery

The Algonquin Township board voted unanimously (4-0) to submit the Town Fund to be 1% lower for 2014 compared to 2013.

Is this a huge amount at an $18,000 reduction?

This is a matter of perspective and where you set a baseline to truly evaluate success of achieving goals.

Until we have a comparison tool that is established for townships (Small, Medium, Large and Urban Suburban, and Rural), it is hard to say.

This will be a good project for our township and see if this can be established with the others.

I believe the government administration team and the corresponding board need to be good stewards of the resources given to them by the citizens.

To do this, agreed upon key indicators are required to measure.

Things measured, will improve.

When we talk transparency, we must have common ground in the numbers and the interpretation of these numbers to be able to analyze and come to a consensus we are on the right track.

One can easily take a number and exclaim it out of context. I

n fact, I did with just talking about the 1% reduction of the Levy.

We need a balanced approach of monitoring, reviewing, and action on multiple key indicators.

The accomplish this, I will work with the supervisor and her team to continue focus on the 4% reduction of the 2014-15 budget that was submitted and look for frugal spending and redeployment of resources that can be done in 2015-16.

To do this, some of the key indicators to be established and monitored are:

  1. Monthly Cash Flow Reserve Analysis tool to measure financial health and direction of the township
  2. Employee Pay and Benefit Analysis to establish fair compensation packages to all workers (hired and elected).
  3. Purchase Planning Process for quotes (to go with the bid process) on major investments in goods, services, and building needs based on established goals.

The other funds submitted, Road and Bridge, Equipment and Building, Special Funds, and General Assistance, where all held flat to 2013.

Please contact me, attended our monthly meetings, and/or write on any concerns, questions, or other information that you may would like to discuss:
(815) 354-1583


Algonquin Township Lowers Town Fund 1% — 5 Comments

  1. Any Tax reduction is good..

    yes $18.000 is a large amount ,we have to look at it this way it is a good thing when taxes do not go up………

    the public wins when we are working within our budget

  2. Way to go!

    Good start!

    Since 2008, Algonquin Township has raised their dollar amount levy by 6.02 %.

    During the same time frame,

    Alden Township reduced theirs by 12.68 %,

    Hartland by 11.65 % and

    Seneca by .61 %.

    Township Road districts that reduced their levy in 2013 as compared to 2008 were

    Dunham by 5.03 %,

    Chemung by 4.76 % and

    Hartland by 1.04 %.

    All McHenry County taxpayers would be well served if all units of government streamlined their operations to reflect the reality of the taxpayers losing over THIRTY PERCENT of their property values.

    When will other government bodies respond to stop the outflow of people from Illinois?

    Thank you for what you and others did in the Township Larry!!!

    OK Mr. Miller show the other Road Commissioners you are as efficient as some of the smaller townships!

    From 2000 to 2010 McHenry County population rose by 19 percent.

    During the same time period, the number of people in the County who receive SNAP (food stamps) benefits grew by 841 %.

    Wake up politicians!

    Our demographics have changed!!

    Lower our property taxes and QUIT raising other fees / taxes.

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