Gasser Bashes Jeb Bush on Rush Limbaugh Show

Earlier this week former Florida Jeb Bush announced he is exploring running for President on the Republican Party ticket.

Wednesday, Michael Sneed, columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Bush was coming to Chicago to raise big bucks from businessmen.

Also Wednesday, talk show host Rush Limbaugh was discussing Bush’s trial balloon on his radio show.

Andrew Gasser, recently elected to the McHenry County Board and Vice Chairman of the McHenry County Republican Party called in and was put at the front of the line by screener Bo Snerdly.

Gasser didn’t write on his blog what he said, but there is a recording you can access.

I’m guessing it was not favorable to this candidate of the corporate wing of the Republican Party.

You can listen on the YouTube recording below:


Gasser Bashes Jeb Bush on Rush Limbaugh Show — 5 Comments

  1. Rush didn’t let Andrew finish his thought….too bad… it was worthy of consideration…

  2. Are you as fed up as I am with candidates who run under the Republican banner but have no desire to adhere to their oath of office by governing according to the Constitution and existing law?

    How can anyone support a candidate for office who supports amnesty?

    Read the law!!!

    U.S. Code › Title 8 › Chapter 12 › Subchapter II › Part VIII › § 1324

    All of you who worship Ronald Reagan need to remember the amnesty he signed!!! Neither Bush (father and son) or Bill Clinton enforced the laws either!

    The current guy in the White House is simply making a mockery of all of our laws!

    Now, they expect us to support another candidate who advocates not enforcing existing law?

    Unfortunately with the spending bill just signed into laws, We The People may continue to be ruled by the people with the most money.

    Big donors may now contribute up to $1,555,200 to a political party committee over a two-year election cycle, and a couple may give up to $3,110,400.

    All of those ignorant voters are easily manipulated. Just look at your County Board!

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