Going Away Presents at the Sheriff’s Department

As I post this during the spring, I don’t know whether the title is appropriate or not.

But my favorite course in grad school at the University of Michigan–Organizational Theory–suggests it probably is.

What are people in charge likely to do when they are about to leave office?

If you answered, “Reward their friends,” your opinion is in line with my thinking.

It’s part of the nature of organizations.

To test this hypothesis with regard to the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office, I asked for┬áthe payroll figures for all the employees in the Sheriff’s Office from the last half of February.

That was shortly before when Undersheriff Andy Zinke narrowly lost the Republican Primary Election to Bill Prim.

Today you will see the names and salaries of those on the payroll during that pay period.

Tomorrow you will see the names and salaries of those on the payroll during the last payroll paeriod of Sheriff Keith Nygren’s term.

Pull up McHenry County Blog on two screens with this story on one and tomorrow’s on the other and compare the salaries.

If you find any extraordinary increases or promotions, I trust you will share them with other readers in the comment section of tomorrow’s post.
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Going Away Presents at the Sheriff’s Department — 12 Comments

  1. I sure hope the payroll period for the second half of November is higher that the second half of February and shows a significantly higher pay out.

    Holiday’s at a law enforcment agencies always bring holiday pay and OT rates for those covering.

  2. Wouldn’t this be the “cost of living” increase per the contract, from the collective bargaining agreement ?

  3. I checked with the County’s Human Resources people and it has been verified.

    A retirement, I would assume, with accrued sick time and vacation included.

  4. If I was looking for “gifts” I’d check the Uniform and Equipment Allowance paperwork for the last 9 months or so.

    These items are supposed to be limited to articles on a list and all are to be turned in upon leaving the department.

    I believe it very likely that you will find “extra unapproved” items given to favored personnel as departing presents.

    These articles will be very expensive and in direct violation of the policy set forth for department equipment.

    Hopefully the new Sheriff will audit this and hold anyone found guilty of this theft of taxpayer funds accountable.

  5. This list show ONE of two paychecks in a month, obviously.

    During a fiscal year the union people would get a union agreed anniversary raise, and a yearly increase at the beginning of the new fiscal year.

    And for CP, who in the h_ll wants his/her old uniform when he/she quits?

    It’s illegal to wear a police uniform in public is you’re NOT a cop, isn’t it?

    What could someone possibly want to keep as a “parting gift”, except for something they bought themselves, like a weapon?

  6. Az? I don’t think CP was speaking about a uniform.

    Maybe read their post again to catch the drift.

  7. Im going to let the evidence speak for itself.
    Nothing to do with uniforms.

    Im trusting Prim will duscover the obvious from the supplier.

  8. Oh there are a lot of goodies you can buy at a uniform store that are not uniform related.

    I think AZ completely understood when they said ” maybe a weapon”

    Cops would love to work for Cook County under Dart.

    They get over $700.00 a year for uniforms and then they either go to the boat or on vacation.

    As long as they pass inspection that Sheriff in Cook County doesn’t care what you spend the money on.

    I think Prim will discover many things and correct them.

  9. I’m talking about very ornate, hand-crafted leather equipment given to “loyal” high ranking supervisors bought and paid for through the Uniform/Equipment Allowance.

    But, these gifts are not on any equipment list, are for personal use only and are kept by the officer.

    Nice non-taxable gift paid for by the taxpayers.

  10. I MAY stand corrected.

    IF Sheriff Prim finds whatever CP’s post was about to have been done wrong, IF it’s important enough, he’ll probably do something, Maybe

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