McHenry County’s Highest Paid Employees

Every year state law requires the posting of employee compensation packages of those taking home more than $150,000 a year.

McHenry County’s report can be found below:
McH Co H2014 highest paid
You can click on the image to enlarge it, but I’ll summarize below in descending order of total compensation:

  • Peter Austin, County Administrator – $206,800.16
  • Louis Bianchi, State’s Attorney – $184,734.90
  • Mark Cook, Public Defencer – $176,312.03
  • Joseph Korpalski, County Engineer – $174,025.95
  • Andrew Zinke, Undersheriff – $173,568.59
  • Keith Nygren, Sheriff – $173,116.76
  • Thomas Sullivan, IT Director – $156,919.10

Judges are not included because they are technically state employees.


McHenry County’s Highest Paid Employees — 3 Comments

  1. The same people who fund these obscene salaries voted in the majority to increase the minimum wage, establish a Mental Health Board, a tax to fund programs for Senior Citizens, a tax for Valley Hi, bonds for the Conservation District, schools and townships, and elected to office people who love to increase taxes and fees.

    Now that they are starting to personally feel the impact of this largesse in their own pocket book they are starting to complain and some actually rebel.

    I await to see the results of this rebellion in more conservative people running for office but I will not hold my breath.

    At the County Board level the two Democrats lost their re-election but in their place the voters elected more tax and spend Republicans with only one exception – Gasser.

    With Chuck Wheeler’s vote in the affirmative to support committee assignments, I have removed him from the hopefully conservative column to the tax and spend column.

  2. I would look more at the Nygren/Zinke pay.

    That much for screwing the citizens and the department?

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