Peyote Arrest

A press release from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department:

Sheriff’s Office Seizes over 220 Grams of Peyote

Sheriff Bill Prim announced today the arrest of Anthony A. Vangelista on multiple drug charges.

On August 21, 2014, the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office Intelligence Led Policing Unit and members of the United States Marshal’s Service Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force executed a drug related arrest warrant in the 100 block of South Circle Drive in Island Lake, IL.

Anthony Vangelista

Anthony Vangelista

During the investigation multiple cactus plants that were suspected to be Peyote, multiple bags of heroin, multiple items of drug paraphernalia, one firearm, and firearm ammunition were recovered from the residence.

In December of 2014, the McHenry County Sheriff’s Police received laboratory results from the Illinois State Police Division of Forensic Sciences Laboratory.

The laboratory analysis confirmed that the cactus plants seized were Peyote, which contains the hallucinogen Mescaline, a controlled Sheriff Prim states that at the conclusion of the investigation, Deputies recovered approximately 228.4 grams of Peyote.

Sheriff Prim estimates the street value of the Peyote to be $1,000.


Anthony A. Vangelista (Male, 28), Island Lake


  • 1 Count Unlawful Manufacture of a Controlled Substance – Class X Felony
  • 1 Count Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance – Class 1 Felony

BOND: $100,000.

The charges against the above named defendant are merely allegations against him. The above named defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.


Peyote Arrest — 11 Comments

  1. Good job officers and great news as our Sheriff’s department is keeping this junk off our streets.

  2. If I recall correctly, Sheriff Nygren’s deputies investigated this bust back in August.

    Why does the headline blaze Sheriff Prim’s name?

  3. It is apparent you don’t care for Sheriff Prim.

    The article isn’t blazing Prim’s name.

    It say’s the Sheriff’s office and then goes on to say that the Sheriff announced today……..

    Prim wasn’t taking any personal credit himself for this.

    Get real, it is a news release and shows how good both of these units are.

    Get used to seeing news releases from the Sheriff and that happens to be Sheriff Bill Prim buck-o.

  4. Jim B, you must not be in law enforcement.

    Other than Nygren, and that is a whole other topic, do you know an officer can through many Chiefs, Sheriffs, etc. in their careers.

    Some of us see the top figures come and go and we keep doing our jobs and some are better than others but we go on.

  5. I remember reading about a lot of drug busts ….

    It usually went something like this..

    Sheriff Nygren busts marijuana field…

    10 acres of plants with a street value of $200.000

    Big Picture of the Walrus holding a plant….

    then there was a picture of a stack of plants and a field burning………..

    these usually appeared right around election time……………

    Strange thing is no one was ever arrested………..

    Writers note….

    my numbers are not real…….

    McHenry County is going to have to get used to having a REAL SHERIFF on the job

  6. I’m pretty sure Prim didn’t write the release.

    As I recall Nygren’s name was “plastered” all over past press releases.

    Perhaps the author is trying to get in Prim’s good graces?

    Nobody at MCSO would EVER kiss up to better their career!?!

  7. so it starts.

    With the next election cycle over 3 years out, the new Sheriff is wasting no time keeping his name out in front of perspectives.

    Hey voter, this is a clear three-peat of the man’s name.

    Was the Sheriff in the office on X-Mas eve and did he write this release?

    I can’t recall anyone, aside from a defendant, being so prominently stamped all over a release.

  8. I think its entertaining to see the old Sheriff Administration “friends” complaining about Prim’s name being used.

    The writers at the NWH used to use function keys on their keyboard to punch in Nygren’s and then Zinke’s name on any story.

    I was always expecting every story to have Andy’s opinion, kind of like –

    “Bears lose, Undersheriff Zinke blames punter”

    “Cold weather moves in, Zinke warns people about people to wear thicker underwear”

    “Halloween is approaching, Zinke warns about scary old women dressed in black”

    Ok, you get the picture.

  9. Entertaining CP.

    BTW, in what news release did Nygren or Zinke not only id the genus and species of a narcotic, but also the street value?

    Now, before you get on your high horse and pass out your ‘praise be unto him’ speech about the virtues and incredible talents of our Sheriff–just remember there’s a reason why law enforcement agencies have rank and file–those are the true workers and experts.

    The Sheriff’s been out of law enforcement for a while (court security doesn’t really count), so I doubt he knows the 2014 street value of Peyote.

    But, I’m willing to bet you’ll sing his praises as a high level narcotics investigator and that’s why he has such knowledge and such a ‘personal’ sounding, hands-on involvement in this case…but, politics being politics, the more likely reason (in my eyes) is to overshadow the previous administration (under which this case was initiated) and keeping his name front and center.

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