Dan Duffy’s Red Light Camera Crusade Gets Another Tribune Front Page Boost

The Chicago Tribune is showing how media can drive public policy.

In this case, it concerns Red Light Cameras, which were approved by the Illinois General Assembly when Chicago, then other municipalities claimed they were needed to reduce traffic accidents.

The Tribune spent $14,000 to prove that was a false claim.

So-call “T-bone” accidents went down, but rear-end accidents went up by more than that decrease.

Now, the Tribune is on its third front page article, entitled,


Chicago out of step with other cities on timing of it traffic signals

Red Light Cameras Trib 12-23-14This can only be helpful to State Senator Dan Duffy as he continues his crusade against the revenue¬†“enhancement” program.

The Tribune also weighed in with an editorial. ¬†I’d link to it, but I can’t find it on the most recent re-work of the paper’s web site.

Red Light Cameras Trib editorial 12-23-14

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