Adam Andrzejewski Seeks State Comptroller Appointment

Schaumburg citizen activist Carol Miller is promoting Adam Adrzejewski for the State Comptroller appointment.

I agree that he would be a wonderful replacement for State Comptroller Judy Topinka.  Here is the pitch forwarded to me:

Andrzejewski Verticle facing leftYou may be aware that Adam Andrzejewski has made application for the appointment to the open Illinois Comptroller position.

I realize it is a very busy time of the year, but time is of the essence.

 If you would be so kind, to let Governor Elect Bruce Rauner know your thoughts and recommendation.

For quick background, Mike Flynn- a Quincy, IL native and editor at Breibart wrote a great column last week:

IL Gov.-Elect Bruce Rauner Faces First Test

Please take a few minutes and write an e-mail recommending Adam to this most important financial office in Illinois.  

It’s important to unite our party: establishment and reform. 
Bruce Rauner has much establishment, corporate, and political support. 
Rauner also ran on a platform of reform.
Andrzejewski’s track record consists of bold oversight on local, state and federal spending, nationally leading transparency work and has the support of the statewide grassroots-Conservative base. 

Together, they could truly “Shake Up Springfield!”

Please type up a short letter in support and e-mail to the two e-mails listed below.
;   Holly is Gov. Elect Bruce Rauner’s personal executive

(   Jim Schultz – Founder of Open Prairie and Managing Director of Open Prairie Ventures I and II, was the Campaign’s Finance Chairman and is now leading as a key member of the Bruce Rauner Transition team.

If you feel comfortable, please bcc your recommendation to me I’ll print and drive it to Bruce Rauner myself!

This is our moment as Conservatives to join together and get a man who 5 years ago made a commitment to putting “every dime on-line in real time”.  Let’s see that we have a line-by-line Forensic Audit done to help turn our state around.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

(If you want to touch-base with Adam, his personal email is


Adam Andrzejewski Seeks State Comptroller Appointment — 6 Comments

  1. Andrzejewski, unlike ToPINKa, won’t be high fiving at any gay ‘pride’ parades ….

    and he’s too conservative for the fake republican Rauner …….

    so, he’s got the chance of a chinaman of getting this sinecure.

  2. Sinecure: “A position requiring little or no work but giving the holder status or financial benefit: political sinecures for the supporters of ministers”

  3. This appointment will display the level of integrity which the new governor possesses.

    Adam would make an excellent comptroller.

    He actually has business experience!

  4. Adam would be an excellent choice.

    He does have real-world experience, unlike many in government positions.

    I would stack his resume against all others, for any office in Illinois government, appointed or elected!

  5. Adam would be ideal for the job.

    He’d shed light on Illinois’ idiotic number of operating funds (see: Fixing Illinois by Nowlan and Johnson for a full discussion), and I believe would be a cheerleader for eliminating the office altogether.

    Putting him forth as a candidate for the job is a shot across the bow of the Rauner administration.

    It’s time to fish or cut bait. If he’s serious about reform, this will be a great place to start.

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