Oakwood Hills Village Clerk Introduces Herself

Looking for the fax number for Oakwood Hills, I found the following message from the village’s new clerk, Dina Firgo:

Dina Frigo used to be Grafton Township Clerk

Dina Frigo used to be Grafton Township Clerk

I would like to introduce myself.My name is Dina M. Frigo and I was recently appointed Village Clerk at the Village of Oakwood Hills.

I have an extensive background working in local government municipalities and the Circuit Court of Cook County in an administrative, clerical and legal capacity. I am a certified court reporter. I served as a certified special education paraprofessional in School Districts 47 and 158.

In addition, I serve as a pro-bono liaison serving the developmentally disabled along with assisting special needs families navigate resources. I continue to coordinate programs for special needs children/youth in McHenry County. I currently mentor at-risk youths through a program called Kids Hope USA in conjunction with Willow Creek Church and School District 158. I have served as a recording secretary/director of a local food pantry and assist those in need.

I am excited about my new position as Village Clerk and I look forward to bringing a positive change to your community.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the Village of Oakwood Hills!

Best regards~Dina M. Frigo


Oakwood Hills Village Clerk Introduces Herself — 3 Comments

  1. Why no mention of her involvement in the Grafton Township debacle?

  2. Ms. Frigo boasts she is an advocate for special needs children and families; however, she does a poor job caring for her own family; one being autistic. Being an advocate or a resource for at risk youths should not be a priority above her three young school age children. Safety and supervision if not loving attention. What happened to placing family first? Choosing not to be a full time employee and less than part time at any organization offers her an opportunity to have the quality time the children need from a mom but Ms. Frigo uses the resource of a daily babysitter supplied from NISRA not only when she isn’t home but also when she is. Is NISRA known to provide not only babysitting services but house cleaning too? I wonder if those families she advocates for are told they too can can have a babysitter and a maid through NISRA. Or is that only for Ms. Frigo. Being a WIC card holder and a food pantry recipient is by her choice – obviously not necessary according to what she says she has as an employmentand an educational background. Maybe if Ms. Frigo would stay employed and removed herself from those resources others who really are in need of food stamps and food assistance would have an opportunity for receipt of such. Why does society allow her to have these benefits when she does not fully fulfill the requirement of need? It is bothersome to hear her speak of what she believes she does for others as their advocate yet she doesn’t appear interested in her own family or advancing their lives any more than simply providing a small roof over their head despite the financial funds she removed from accounts and the large sum of excessive financial assistance received from those she knowingly takes from.

    I don’t doubt Ms. Frigo may have some insight into autism and resources available. I think if she would put her right foot forward for her family she could then advance her left foot for the best of others. Receiving assistance from the government and having utility bills paid for her behalf just because she has an autistic child is not right. An autistic child should not be a paycheck.

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