Endorsement of Adam Andrzejewski for State Comptroller

I sent the following email to Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner’s attention:

Would you please convey to Bruce my support of Adam Andrzejewski for State Comptroller?

Adam Andrzejewski

Adam Andrzejewski

As the GOP’s candidate for State Comptroller in 1982 and a state rep for eight years in the 1970’s and eight more in the 1990’s, I have watched Andrzejewski’s campaign for governor four years ago, plus what he has done since.

Andrzejewski, at his own expense, has developed internet platforms to allow the public to see what Federal, state and local governments are spending.

He led the movement to convince local governments to post their spending online.

He has spoken before groups all over the state. (The attached photo is from his talk to folks in Huntley.)

I believe he would be an asset to both Governor-elect Rauner, the citizens of Illinois and the Illinois Republican Party.

You could send your advice to

Please type up a short letter in support and e-mail to the two e-mails listed below.

; Holly.M.Griff@gmail.com   Holly is Gov. Elect Bruce Rauner’s personal executive

(jim@openprairie.com)   Jim Schultz – Founder of Open Prairie and Managing Director of Open Prairie Ventures I and II, was the Campaign’s Finance Chairman and is now leading as a key member of the Bruce Rauner Transition team.

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