Library Board Candidates, Write-In Opportunities in Seven Districts

Libraries that are not for a single municipality are governed by elected Library District Boards.

They are spread all over McHenry County, with the exception of the Crystal Lake and Harvard area.

Crystal Lake and Harvard have the only city libraries.

They are governed by Board members appointed by its City Council.

Areas outside of the city can get library cards whose price is based on the tax rate levied on city residents for the library multiplied by their homes’ assessed valuation.  For folks in my Village of Lakewood, that makes library services voluntary.  If a family wants them, they pay a fee.  If they don’t, they avoid the fee.

Or those in the McHenry County College district can use that institution’s library.

Those within Library District boundaries are subject to that district’s taxes.

Below are the candidates running for Library District Trustees in McHenry County.

Full terms run for six or four years (a decision made by library boards).  When someone resigns before full terms are up, an interim appointment is made and, then, an election is held for the remainder of the term.

An examination of the following openings and candidates shows about a half dozen library boards don’t have as many candidates as there are openings.

These spots with no candidates are excellent places for those who wish to dip their toes into the body politic.

There are two requirements:

  1. File a Declaration of Candidacy for Library District Trustee with the McHenry County Clerk’s Office by February 5th.  You can find a copy of that Declaration here.
  2. Get at least one write-in vote.  Of course, if more than one person is running as a write-in, you would want to get significantly more than one vote…if you want to win.

Algonquin Area Library District

Six-year term (2 openings)

  • Louise A. Nee
  • Katrina McGuire
Four-year term (2 openings)
  • Janice Baker Kelsch
  • No second candidate

Barrington Library District (2 openings for six-year terms)

  • Denise Tenyer
  • Denise Devereux Peters

Cary Library District

Six-year term (3 openings)

  • Kelly J. Kuningas
  • Scott F. Migaldi (Incumbent)
  • Thomas Garvin (Incumbent)
  • Janet M. Polep (Incumbent)
  • Teresa M. Sigsworth

Four-year term (1 opening)

  • George England

Fox Lake Library District

Six-year term (2 openings)

  • Barbara J. Fatta (I)
  • Carolyn Vanco (I)

Four-year term (1 opening)

  • Marilyn G. Borgman (I)

Fox River Grove Library District

Six-year term (3 openings)

  • Michael Campbell (I)
  • Lauren Rosenthal
  • No third candidate

Four-year term (1 opening)

  • No candidate

Huntley Library District 

Four-year term (4 openings)

  • Leslie Threadgill-Smith
  • William Jorgensen
  • Ann Christiansen (I)
  • No fourth candidate

Johnsburg Library District 

Six-year term (3 openings)

  • Madelyn F. Diedrick
  • No second or third candidate

Four-year term (1 opening) 

  • Karen Gustafson

Marengo-Union Library District

Six-year term (4 openings)

  • Desaree Sieriens
  • Paul Garcia
  • No third or fourth candidate

McHenry Library District

Six-year term (2 openings) 

  • Monica Leccese
  • Charles Reilly  (I)

Four-year term (1 opening) 

  • Margaret Carey

Two-year term (1 opening)  

  • Bradley Schubert

Nippersink (Richmond-Spring Grove) Library District

Four-year term (3 openings)

  • Sandra Peterson (I)
  • Michelle Carter
  • No third candidate

River East (McHenry-Nunda) Library District

Six-year Terms (2 openings)

  • No candidates

Rural Woodstock Library District

Six-year term (3 openings)

  • Jan Vanderspool (I)
  • Stacy Iwanicki (I)
  • Marty Sobczak

Four-year term (1 opening)

  • Richard Johnson (I)

Wauconda Library District (1 two-year and 3 four-year terms)

Four-year term

  • Ernest W. Kosty (I)
  • Terry L. Srevig (I)
  • Virginia S. Muller
  • Rebecca Coolidge
  • Mary Hultquist (I)

Two-year term

  • Sandra Deubel

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