Lake County Republican Federation Praises Rauner Selection of One of Their Own

A press release from the Lake County Republican Federation, the fundraising arm of the Lake County Republican Party:

Lake County Republican Federation Congratulates Leslie Munger on her Appointment As State Comptroller

The Lake County Republican Federation was pleased to learn yesterday that Lincolnshire resident Leslie Munger, the Republican nominee in the 59th State Representative race last November, was selected by Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner to fill the State Comptroller vacancy due to the sudden passing of Judy Baar Topinka.

“The Federation applauds Governor-Elect Rauner’s choice of Leslie Munger as the next Illinois Comptroller,” said Federation President Larry Falbe.

Munger looking at camera neck and hair cropped“Having personally campaigned for Leslie in her recent State Representative race, I can say with certainty that Leslie will work tirelessly with Governor Rauner to bring back Illinois and restore fiscal discipline and sanity to the finances of this great state.  She is dynamite.”

Leslie Munger brings years of business and community leadership experience to the Comptroller’s office.  A graduate of the University of Illinois, Leslie Munger earned an MBA from Northwestern and ended her business career as brand manager at Helene Curtis.  In 2004, Munger was named Lincolnshire Citizen of the Year after years of involvement in many community, political, and parent organizations.

Munger will be sworn in on January 12th, after Rauner is sworn in as governor.  Jerry Stermer, who was appointed to complete Topinka’s current term, already announced he will resign on the 12th.

The Lake County Republican Federation has provided leadership and support to Lake County Republicans for over fifty years.  To learn more about how you can contribute with your time, talent, or treasures, or call Erin Westphal at (847) 680-6680.


Lake County Republican Federation Praises Rauner Selection of One of Their Own — 2 Comments

  1. The Illinois Comptroller website has a data warehouse with some taxing district information.

    If the Treasurer and Comptroller office merge someday, that data warehouse needs to stay.

    The Treasurer has one ID for taxing districts, they distribute Personal Property Replacement (PPRT) tax revenue to the taxing districts.

    The Comptroller has a different ID.

    The ISBE has even a third ID called an RCDT code, and RCDTS codes to identify individual schools in the districts.

    The RCDT and RCDTS coded should be changing as a result of Regional Office of Education (ROE) consolidation.

    Maybe there are more state issued taxing district ID’s.

  2. Isn’ t this refreshing.

    Get a Governor not tied to the status quo that got us into this mess, and he appoints a Comptroller that is not tied to the status quo.

    That has not happened since at least 1970 and who knows how long before that.

    1970 is when one sentence was added to the Illinois State Constitution, stating pensions can not be diminished or impaired.

    After that, a methodical pririty took place of legislatively hiking pensions that were not fully funded, an inexcusable fiscally irresponsible practice that should have been illegal in the very same section that allowed pensions to not be diminished or impaired.

    There was and remains nothing preventing legislators and Governors fromhiking benefits they have no clue how they will bw funded.

    And there are 18 pension funds in the Illinois Pension Code.

    Plus there are retiree healthcare funds, not sure how many ofcthose there are, and they are also underfunded.

    And now we are going on our 45th year of this madness.

    That taxpayer money used for hiked pensions, the incremental amount, could be used for other purposes.

    The intent being to provide for reasonable retirement security, and other state services.

    Fiscal responsibility.

    Not just hiking pension benefits because you could.

    Enough of the hiding of the scheme.

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