Rauner Calls 2-Year Term for Comptroller “Constitutionally-Dubious”

A press release from Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner:

Statement on Special Comptroller Election

Munger looking at camera neck and hair cropped

About to be appointed State Comptroller, Leslie Munger will get a two-year term, if Democrats have their way.

Mike Schrimpf, spokesman for Governor-elect Bruce Rauner, issued the following statement:

“Governor-elect Rauner believed the best outcome for Illinoisans was for the Comptroller appointment to be for the full term to which Judy Baar Topinka was elected and conclude with the merging of the Comptroller and Treasurer offices in 2018.

“While Democrats in the General Assembly refused today to take bipartisan steps toward merging those offices and proceeded instead with a Constitutionally-dubious election bill, the Governor-elect remains committed to working with members of both political parties to pass ‘Judy’s Amendment’ and finally merge the Comptroller and Treasurer offices, which would be a true victory for taxpayers.”


Rauner Calls 2-Year Term for Comptroller “Constitutionally-Dubious” — 1 Comment

  1. Why is Bruce Rauner (and the rest of the Republicans) opposed to giving voters a voice on who their Comptroller is?

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