Cubs Rooftop Owner Out from Under Bank Threat

Chicago Cubs loglSo what could get a Wrigley Field story be in McHenry County Blog?

The answer is the attorney representing rooftop viewing buildings Tom Gramatis, Woodstock’s Rob Hanlon.

The new owners of the Cubs, the Ricketts family, has had a contentions relationship with the owners of the buildings around the park whose owners sell seats and drinks to fans the Northside’s baseball team.

The Ricketts don’t think sharing the ticket revenue with the rooftop owners under the royalty agreement is good enough.

Rooftop seatsBuilding signs to take away the view has been one tactic to get more revenue for the Cubs and less for the rooftop owners. Such signs would also substantially lower the value of the rooftop buildings.

Then, in November the Fifth Third Bank, which holds mortgages and has extended a line of credit to the rooftop owners filed foreclosure proceedings against owners Gramatis, Max Waisvisz and Daniel Finkel.

The line of credit, needed during the winter because of the lack of revenue was withdrawn by the bank.

Now, with Hanlon as the attorney added last month by Gramatis, the foreclosure threat has gone away.

A Federal court filing by Fifth Third today made that clear. The motion dismissed the cause of action.

Reached on the phone, Hanlon told McHenry County Blog, “I have no comment. Mr. Gramatis has fulfilled his obligations.”

Hanlon is a former Senior Vice President of Commercial Real Estate for U.S. Bank, National City Bank and First Chicago Bank.


Cubs Rooftop Owner Out from Under Bank Threat — 5 Comments

  1. Nice that Chicago folks recognize our local talent.

    How does Hanlon get these cases?

  2. Local talent for sure.

    Hanlon knows how to identify corrupt financial finagling at all levels of business and government.

    He is a “RISING STAR” in the legal community.

    Hmmmmm Fifth Third Bank.

    Calling the Feds, where are your investigators?

    Calling all agents!

  3. Thanks for the great photo.

    Who were the idiots in Chicago who approved rooftop bleachers in the first place?

    Those stands never should have been allowed from the get-go.

    What are the problems?


    Fire escapes?

    What influence was exerted on the Zoning Department (and on other Chicago officials) to gain approval?

    Who was involved in twisting arms to get those approved?

    When were they first built? Follow the money…

    Just one more dumb-Chicago trick.

  4. I have read this article at least 3 times..and then I read the comments the same amount…

    and I am confused as to what this article and commenter are trying to say………..

    as a kid Wrigley field was my home base (no pun intended)….

    we used to laugh at the idiots who watched the game from the upstairs windows,,,,

  5. Gramatis is and always has been a scumbag. Screwed a lot of people if Hanson is representing him there in bed together!

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