CL Police Officer Threatened on Facebook Post by LITH Man

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department:

Man arrested after threatening violence against Crystal Lake Police Officer

A former resident of Lake in the Hills, IL has been charged with Threatening a Public Official (a class 3 Felony) after posting a video on social media.

Gerald X. Golston

Gerald X. Golston

On or about January 6th, 2015, Crystal Lake Police discovered that Gerard Xavier Golston (24) had posted a rap video on his Facebook page which included lyrics that identified a Crystal Lake Police Officer by name, and Golston’s intent to shoot the officer.

Additionally, other postings and independent investigation indicated Golston may have possession of, or have access to a firearm and threatened violence toward others as well.

Working in conjunction with the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office, Crystal Lake Police obtained an arrest warrant for Gerard Golston on January 9th for the offense of Threatening a Public Official.

Golston surrendered himself at the McHenry County Jail, taken into custody in the early morning hours of January 11th jail on $35,000 bond pending a court appearance of January 14th, 2015, Crystal Lake Police discovered that Gerard Xavier. He has since has been confined at the at 9:00 am.


CL Police Officer Threatened on Facebook Post by LITH Man — 47 Comments

  1. This is sad.

    The video is still on the kids facebook page.

    He looks like someone who needs to learn a lesson.

    Lots of drug talk on his page as well.

    When will these kids learn that you can’t put things out on the internet.

    Hopefully, they arrested him on drug charges too.

    He needs some serious jail time.

    His friends will hopefully learn some lessons too.

  2. And, it appears it has nothing to do with a stolen flower pot….

    Sure hope, those boys over there have their priorities straight.

    Geez guys, how long does it take to get it right?

    Now seriously, I have been told that it starts at the top and rolls down hill.


    Aaron Shepley, where you be?

    Better start packing your bags as it’s time for a new Mayor, for the City of Crystal Lake!

    Apparently, you have warn out your welcome!.

    Aaron your political life as we all see it is over!

    Adios Amigos brother Shepley!


    Is there a Birch and a Twigg involved?

    Because if there is, that is one big fat red flag!

    Hey Aaron, just so you know the Birch finger, will live in infamy!

    Now don’t be throwing any Stones or Lisi’s at me or anyone else for that matter.

    Whatsa matter they can hand it out, but they can’t take it back?

    Got news for the brothas, they’s in a heap of trouble!

  4. Hey Aaron, a little birdy that apparently rested on a Birch and then a Twigg, told me that there appears to be some dissension amongst the ranks over there at the CLPD.

    Is that smell green mold or the smell of old money?

    Just asking!

    Hmmm it could be popcorn……

    If it is popcorn, it is from the dark ages.

  5. Just loving that freedom of speech and that social media! YES! YES! YES!

    How much you want to make a bet some of those boys and girls over at the City of Crystal Lake wish they could turn back the clock?

    Oh well, too little, too late!

  6. Have you seen the Pilsbury Dough Boy from the law firm of L?

    Let me tell you, he is fat and happy!

    They make lots and lots of money over there.

    In fact, he can eat anywhere he wants.

    That’s why he’s so darn happy!

    Oh my goodness, Shepley the “Green Giant” and the “Pilsbury Dough Boy” Yikes!

  7. SAM”S CLUB VIDEO! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s not pretty either.

    It appears that the two Crystal Lake Police Officers have eaten one too may chocolate donuts with a cherry on top!

  8. Could this be the reason why they only made it to the first aisle, they were out of breathe from carrying all of those chocolate donuts in their A…….?

    Now really boys, if your’e going to stalk someone, don’t be stupid enough to be seen on video.


    However, stupid is as stupid does!

  9. This is why I read the story in the first place.

    I thought it might be you, Duncan!

  10. If anyone needs any legal council the Pillsbury Dough Boy is from the law firm of Lefse & Taters…..

    Theyr’e in the Book….

  11. Galston …..just another Sec. 8 housing import!

    Thank you Jacko Franks!

  12. Told you, he has one great big smile on his face… Enjoy it while you can, “Mr. Pillsbury Dough Boy” because your a……s is cooked!

    Hmmmmmmm Let’s see, his color is orange…….. The Feds are coming! The Feds are coming!

    You just might want to whisper in Judge Prather’s ear…… And, while your’e at it, whisper in the ear of that famous 604B evaluator. You know what I mean? Let’s refresh your memory. That particular 604B evaluator was found guilty by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations….

    Yep! Lefse & Taters they are in the book and will soon be in another book!

  13. Duncan, you are one angry dude who always seems to be getting picked on by “the Man”.

    Lots of implications here but how about a straight accusation for once.

    Sounds like you might be mad both at CL police, some random woman, an opposing divorce lawyer, and a court appointed child custody evaluator?

    I am not judging at this point if you have a solid gripe, but can you at least clear up what your gripe is and exactly who all the people you feel are responsible for what actions are this time?

    I have to tell you your odd rant above might have a few people looking for orders of protection as it could be construed as a little less than stable.

    I know on Facebook “duncan” seems to be friends with some real people, they may want to read above and consider some type of intervention.

    You have always seemed to be a fan of our states attorney can’t he help you out here?

  14. Andrew Gasser you look to be facebook friends with “Duncan” could you perhaps check in with him or her and make sure all is OK?

  15. butseriously, you seem to want to know who Duncan is.

    Why would you look them up on Facebook?

    Maybe you are nervous or worried?


    I think you are the one who is unstable.

  16. ‘butseriously”

    He supported Zinke and Nygren and that is a clearly suggests that he is unstable.

    Stalking Duncan on Facebook, that is an indication of a very unstable person.

    “but seriously” you weren’t invited to my Facebook.

    Like I said orange is your color.

    If you are nervous or worried, you should be as you have earned it!

  17. Further, orders of protection are for persons related to by marriage and or a dating relationship.

    If your’e going to flap your jaw on this web site, get it right!

  18. Someone may be in need of a tin foil hat.

    I think “Butseriously” was just asking you to be a bit more clear who you are accusing of what in your rant above.

    It does seem a bit rambling, angry, and targeted (yet vague all at the same time).

    If you are implying some wrongdoing by someone why not come right out and be clear on who and what instead of just vague mudslinging?

  19. Duncan, let me explain some basics of this internet thing to you.

    We have a couple mutual friends on Facebook.

    We also happen to frequent some of the same blogs and like some of the same Facebook pages.

    Thus it really isn’t stalking when a Facebook post shows up on my facebook newsfeed due to a mutual friend and it really isn’t stalking that we both happen to comment on the same blogs.

    I have thought about blocking you on facebook so things don’t “bleed” through from our mutual connections, but oddly you entertain me at times, and I guess I thought you generally understood if you post something on the “interwebs” then people sometimes read it.

  20. Also Duncan, I get your angry but I am not sure what I should be “nervous” about, can you be a bit more clear?

    As for the order of protection concern some of your recent rantings seem to mention some child custody matters and some anger towards divorce attorneys, perhaps I misread, and if I did I am happy to apologize, but It seems odd that you would then say that those rantings would be “related to by marriage and or dating relationship”?

    I would think many such orders result from people who started with rants and anger from such situations.

    I do wish you well, as those issues can be tough.

    Just showing some concern as you seem very angry about whatever happened, seem to be venting publicly (thus apparently wanting attention to your issue) but not being terribly specific.

  21. You have said in your own words that you are stalking me on Facebook.

    Find something else to do.

    By the way, there is no marriage or dating relationship.

    So take a hike!

  22. You are the one that is nervous, and rightfully so.

    You are a Zinke supporter and you have made that very clear on this blog.

    Clearly, your comments are motivated by protecting the old “Regime”.

    News flash, Prim won and the “Regime” has been put out of business.

  23. The kid needs an intervention, clearly.

    I predict this case will be thrown out, however.

    Couldn’t he claim first amendment violation?

    If it is indeed a rap video, wouldn’t that qualify as artistic expression?

    Is he REALLY threatening an officer?

    Because he says earlier in the video that he would get a 9 mm and kill someone over 10 dollars.

  24. butseriously, why are you putting Duncans personal business on a blog?

    You may get info on your facebook because of mutual friends but others do not and YOU are putting things out that they may have blocked for security reasons.

  25. LOL….Ummm….Voter…Duncan made the comments here and linked the Facebook post in this comment section.

    How am I the one that brought it up here?

    Read up through the comments Duncan Rants about it and links it…and you blame others for bringing it up here?

  26. UMMM…so I guess I am sorry Duncan, I had assumed when you made repeated rants about it and actually linked your facebook post for others to click on above on a public forum you meant it to be read your rants to be read and link to be read.

    I am open to the possibility that some people may post things on a public forum that they don’t want people on that forum to read, so I guess…ummm…I am sorry for invading your privacy by reading your comments and links on this comment section.

  27. Don’t mess with me.

    Surely, if something ever happened to me, you would, in fact, be on someones radar related to law enforcement.

  28. Is it safe for me to read that comment to me on a public forum, or would that be stalking?

    I really don’t want to know who you are, it was actually quite a random angry rant at several individuals that have you seem to accuse of some unspecified wrongs and just wanted to make sure you were OK.

    I was a bit sarcastic after being accused of stalking for reading your comments and link you shared here as that seemed a bit disconnected from reality, but I do really hope you are ok.

  29. The only one disconnected from reality is you “butseriosly” Now move along, Prim won.

    It’s time for you to except that Nygren and Zinke entourage has no more power in McHenry County.

    As for the Pillsbury Dough Boy, he must be whispering sweet nothings into Sharon Prather’s ear.






  31. Is this Duncan guy really saying we should hold a politician accountable for hiring someone with a criminal record in one post, because he won an election.

    Yet in the very next shout for the resignation of another political figure for not being accountable for his cities officers?

    In what world does that logic even follow, even in this ugly political lackey enviroment?

  32. Duncan, I don’t suppose there is any chance we are going to get the specifics off what you are claiming Shepley, any CL officer, the divorce lawyer in question, or Judge Prather have done, is there?

    Please don’t tell me in addition to being a serial insinuator, you not are also one of those “Obama won, so you can’t hold him accountable or question any of his policies” lemmings are you?

  33. ‘buseriously’ you are not well…

    Still hanging on to the old “Regime” Whats the matter, no more gravy for the gravy train?

    Or, did you run out of popcorn? Go talk to the Pillsbury Dough boy, he has plenty of money.

    In fact, his office wreaks of money or dough for that matter. He’s a favorite amongst the judges at the McHenry County Courthouse.

    As for Judge Prather, she needs to resign, as that would be in the best interest of the people she claims to represent and serve..


  34. Harrison has a plan to run for States Attorney.

    Campaigning early boys?

    Jimmy babe, following in the footsteps of “FUKOKU”

    You are no Lou Bianchi!

    Hang it up!

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