Lakewood Sets Meeting for SportsPlex, etc., Property

A press release from the Village of Lakewood:

Special Informational Meeting

Proposed SportsPlex Mural

Proposed SportsPlex Murals the first time around.

The Village of Lakewood is pleased to announce that an informational meeting to review the proposal for a development at the southwest corner of the intersection of Illinois Route 47 and Illinois Route 176 will be held at Turnberry Country Club, 9600 Turnberry Trail, at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 20.

When asked about the proposal, President Smith said, “While we were disappointed that the project did not move forward in 2010, we believe that the project recently submitted is much stronger and will provide greater long-term benefits for our community and McHenry County.

In 2010, both incumbents Tina Hill (R-Woodstock) and Jim Kennedy (D-LITH) voted to approve the Federal Stimulus Package bonds that would provide bridge financing for the Lakewood SportsPlex.

In 2010, both incumbents Tina Hill (R-Woodstock) and Jim Kennedy (D-LITH) voted to approve the Federal Stimulus Package bonds that would provide bridge financing for the Lakewood SportsPlex.  John Jung, running to re-capture his seat, opposed the SportsPlex.  Jung beat both Hill and Kennedy.

“Given the significance of the project, we want to provide an informal opportunity for residents to
learn more about the project.”

Formal consideration of the proposal is scheduled for Tuesday, January 27 beginning at 7:00 p.m. This meeting will also be held at Turnberry Country Club.

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Smith told those at the Village Board meeting last night that the proposal was not at the announcement stage prior to the sending of the last village newsletter. Post cards telling village residents of the meeting will be sent prior to the meeting.


Lakewood Sets Meeting for SportsPlex, etc., Property — 10 Comments

  1. Originally, I was not for this project.

    However, if this is done correctly I believe this could be an ‘anchor’ for a much needed boost to the Crystal Lake area which has gone from being the crown jewel of McHenry County, to the eyesore that it is today.

    Is there room in this project for zoning, and is land available to axillary businesses to open up that would generate great tax revenues for the village of Lakewood?

    ie: Businesses that would go with a world class sporting complex such as; Restaurants (fast foods such as a Culvers and McDonalds) and sit down restaurants, a couple hotels to house athletes for state competitions. Perhaps a walking strip mall with a sporting goods store such as “Dicks.” A large gas station with convenience store, for starters.

    I believe if this plan can bring in other businesses that would go hand and hand with this complex, then I believe now could well be the time to bring it to life.

    As long as not one taxpayer is on the hook should the complex not bring in the venues it may be considering.

    Would actually be kind of nice to see some life on Rt. 47.


    If we do not create new revenues our taxes will go up.

    Expenses never go down, it will not be increasingly less money to operate Lakewood.

    They need more revenues to keep taxes down and thus benefit citizens.

    This should be an economic engine for the community, not a detriment.

    This is a privately funded project, one that most towns build on their own.

    Look at Westfield, Indiana and Elizabethtown, KY.

    The towns built them and paid for them.

    Here we have a non profit building it, so we know it is not to enrich anyone.

    They are funding construction and operations privately and being a 501c3, they have a charitable purpose.

  3. If a not-for-profit, will the property be exempt from real estate taxes?

  4. All the property tax revenues from the tif will go to the tif.

    All the needed infrastructure outside the tif (additional police fire /rescue water roads maintenance and school funding for residents of tif) must be paid for by all citizens outside the tif. (And of course citizens within the county but outside Lakewood.)

    That means that existing homeowners who will get zero tax benefit from tif will be funding its existence for 23 -30 years.

  5. Anyone that thinks this will work as dreamed, shilled & planned is dumb as a stump.

  6. The needed infrastructure to the site will have to be paid for by the Village residents.

    That is not being mentioned yet.

    That will have to be done through the IEPA State Revolving Loan fund – low interest and long term but it is a LOAN, and could still be substantial in taxes if not well planned.

    Last figures for the original “Sports Complex” were upwards of $7 million for bring the needed water, sewer, etc.

    Lakewood Board – do your job and run the real numbers for your citizens and have it ready at public meetings.

    Can these costs be re-cooped, and what happens if complex tanks like these complexes have in much bigger towns like Libertyville, Schaumburg and elsewhere?

    Plan for this – who owns it, runs it, pays for it if it doesn’t go?

  7. Re: The infrastructure that is needed for this SportsPlex.

    Village residents will have to pay for this.

    Last figure from 2010 “sports plan” was upwards of 7 million to bring sewer/water, etc compliments of the Village residents.

    This will have to be accomplished by applying for State Revolving LOAN fund through State of Illinois/IEPA.

    Long term and low interest but it is a LOAN that needs to be paid back – residents still need to see what this will do to taxes and Village Board needs to have figures prepared for the public meetings.

    Also, what is contingency plan if complex tanks like they have in much larger and well-heeled villages like Libertyville.

    Who takes it over, who pays?

    Village Board – please have answers at Public Meetings.

    And Cal raises an important question – does NFP status mean no tax revenue for village?

    If so …that’s a lot of land tied up in no taxes….

  8. From the comment above:

    Last figure from 2010 “sports plan” was upwards of 7 million to bring sewer/water, etc compliments of the Village residents.

    Cal’s article which addresses that point.

    Lakewood village officials said that the money raised from taxes on increases in assessed value for the next twenty-three years will go toward paying to run water and sewer to the intersection of Routes 47 and 176.

  9. Tax increases are outrageous and Lakewood as usual with their imperious expansion plans want to really holdup taxpayers with the ongoing hoax of a high profit, community needed SportsPlex.

    This is a joke and it is being run by the same cast of characters as in 2010.

    Not-for-profit means nothing to some people when it comes to ripping off the public for money.

    The Lakewood Board should be ashamed of themselves for even letting this come up again.

    Lakewood will not be listening or be concerned about comments at their Turnberry County Club Meetings in Jan and Feb.

    The real way to stop this is to work with the Press, County Board and State of Illinois to expose the ludicrous nature of more fast food and failed strip mall business in the middle of nowhere under the guise of more jobs and higher tax revenue.

    Read the consultants report for this project and see for yourselves the little concern Lakewood has for the home and landowners in the affected area.

  10. Field of Dreams. If we build it they will come….ghosts?

    Government must be under cost control.

    Let private sector deal with development.

    Focus on basic services under better cost controls.

    Clearly much more needs to be discussed and communicated before commitments.

    Aggressive growth strategies in NW corner have been hoped for 20 years with no private sector takers…..

    msg is it’s still not economically feasible or private sector would act.

    Residents can not afford more tax burdens with hopeful plans…..

    Hail Mary play never works.

    Grind out success to reduce tax burdens.

    Now there’s a thought with similar chance to success as Field of Dreams.

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