Harrison & Prim Spend Same Amount in Last Days of Campaign

Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison

Guess I should have stayed up later.

I packed it in at 11:11 last night, disappointed that I could not write a combined article about spending in the McHenry County Sheriff’s race between Bill Prim and Jim Harrison.

Harrison filed his campaign disclosure form eight minutes before the midnight deadline.

In the article below, you can see that victor Bill Prim spent $14,287.89.

Now, I see that opponent Jim Harrison spent about the same amount–$14,359.23

The results of the fall election between the Republican and the Independent were 61%t o 39%.
Priim election results fall final

Harrison raised $12,161 during the October run-up to the election to Prim’s $12,376.

Since the Prim article looks at expenditures first, let’s do the same here.

  • $4,107 for ads in the Northwest Herald
  • $3,029 for signs
  • $2,948 for radio advertising
  • $1,077 for Sun Day newspaper insert printing
  • $999 for rent
  • $287 for advertising in Huntley
  • $275 for opposition research by Paul Stegmaier of Woodstock
  • $181 for car rental from Joe Rosner
  • $144 for fundraising food
  • $48 for parade supplies

There was also $1,200.34 spent at various places in amounts of less than $150.

Contributions since September follow:

  • $2,000 – Marilyn Krenger, 911 S. Fleming Road, Woodstock
  • $999 – Jim Harrison, Johnsburg (for rent)
  • $999 – James Militello, Crystal Lake
  • $900 – Sanctuary Farms, 911 S. Fleming Road, Woodstock
  • $800 – Brown and Company LLP, Woodstock
  • $500 – Best Defense of Illinois, Hebron
  • $500 – Timothy Downes, Woodstock
  • $500 – Gummerson Rausch Wand Lee Wombacker LLC, Woodstock
  • $500 – Timber Works, Inc.,Woodstock
  • $300 – Hsiong Chen, Woodstock
  • $250 – Gary Blair, McHenry
  • $250 – Robert DeModica, Crystal Lake
  • $200 – Marlene Lantz, McHenry


Harrison & Prim Spend Same Amount in Last Days of Campaign — 6 Comments

  1. Why all the $999 donations?

    Is there a heightened reporting requirement for donations of $1,000 or more?

  2. Yes, there’s a heightened reporting requirement.

    A thousand or more has to be reported within 5 days and must be filed on a special reporting form, an A-1.

    It also needs to be included in the next quarterly report.

  3. To me, Harrison never has or will be of any importance to me.

    BUT Cal, did you have to print his picture.

  4. $1,000 donations have to be reported much more quickly…within days, not months.

  5. “Harrison!”

    When I hear that name, I reach for my revolver ……

    then I erupt into a huge belly laugh!

    A Jordanian troll from yesteryear ………

    given promises galore by the sclerotic rats who lost control of McHenry Co. ……….

    now seen whining in certain locales about “what went wrong? …

    everything was cinched! ….

    I was double-crossed!”

  6. I think grabbing your revolver is a bit harsh.

    Harrison is the sort of guy that doesn’t believe a man is innocent until proven guilty.

    He also would rather put his foot on the neck of someone trying to get up rather than reach out his hand to provide aid.

    Harrisons huge defeat is a product of is own folly and ridiculous arrogance.

    Only a self serving coward would attempt to drag another down whilst attempting to elevate himself.

    His campaign was the Titanic, doomed from its onset….now only lesson of what not to do.

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