McHenry High School Board Candidate Tossed Off Ballot, WL Grade School Board Candidate Remains

Harrison School Board School Board President Karen Parks beat back the challenge of fellow Harrison Grade School Board candidate Bob Anderson at the McHenry County Electoral Board hearing Thursday.  Her attorney was Steve Cuda.

Anderson is assured of the Wonder Lake election because he is the only candidate for a two-year term.  Parks has opponents for her run for a four-year term.

There were two challenges to McHenry High School District 156:

  • Paul Lotz
  • William Stanton

Lotz was removed from the ballot  because he did not have the school district he was running for completed in the top section of his petitions.

Stanton remains on the ballot.

Neither are incumbents.

Candidate Stanton’s oral motion to dismiss was allowed due to the objector’s petition being deficient.  There was no “prayer for relief” listed in the objection.  Objections were state in the petition, but that he wanted Stanton removed from the ballot was not.

In both cases, the objector to the McHenry High School Board candidates was Donald Cichoski.

He is an incumbent board member who works as a shift custodial supervisor in Palatine School District 116, according to the Daily Herald, and Mayor of Lakemoor (1997-2001), plus a trustee six years before.  (Read the answers to his questionnaire.)

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