County Board in the “We Don’t Want Nobody Nobody Sent” Mode

Thomas Spencer, outgoing Chairman of the Ethics Commission, did not apply for reappointment.

Thomas Spencer, outgoing Chairman of the Ethics Commission, did not apply for reappointment.

At least that’s what it looks like when the Management Services Committee recommended two of the so-called Ethics Commmission members who didn’t see anything wrong with Andy Zinke’s using county property for political purposes.

Since the Chairman did not reapply and other applicants were deemed unacceptable for the third spot, applicants are being solicited again.

The press release is below:

The McHenry County Board is accepting applications from persons interested in an appointment to the MCHENRY COUNTY ETHICS COMMISSION.One vacant position is available for a term ending February 1, 2017.

Application forms are available at the County Board Office, Room 209, McHenry County Government Center, 667 Ware Road, Woodstock, IL 60098 (815-334-4221) or at the County’s website at Applications should be returned to the County Board office located at

667 Ware Road, Woodstock, IL 60098 no later than 2:00 p.m. on Friday, March 6, 2015. If mailing your application, certified or registered mail is recommended.

Mailed applications should be sent to the following address: McHenry County Board, 2200 North Seminary Avenue, Woodstock, IL 60098.

= = = = =
If you an honest person and wouldn’t mind operating in a trying environment, please apply.


County Board in the “We Don’t Want Nobody Nobody Sent” Mode — 38 Comments

  1. They, the establishment, firmly controls the county board.

    Even with the newcomers (who are woefully prepared to combat the board veterans) there is a very deep divide.

    They didn’t want Paul Serwatka and they didn’t want Kelly Liebmann.

    Both would have been excellent candidates.

    Paul is an elected Republican precinct committeeman.

    Kelly is very active with the Libertarian party.

    Both have a very high ethical standard.

    Look who interviews the candidates and it makes you wonder what they are hiding.

    It is rather strange since the ethics commission has met how often?

    Maybe some people know what is around the corner.

  2. Is it a pre-qualification to be good with police supervisors with ugly criminal records?

    Or does it not matter because in such cases the Sheriff will just appoint a political campaign worker going around this group anyway?

    Lets be honest after that hire you have to be pretty comfortable with a pretty low bar on ethics to take this role, right?

  3. Mr Walkup, just for the record, curious about your stance on the hiring of the Law enforcement Supervisor with the ugly criminal record involving violence towards women and apparently driving while drunk?

    Also curious if you feel that hire is something the County Ethics commission should at least review?

    Doesn’t sound like anyone can clear up exactly what vetting happened there.

  4. Butseriously is manic, clearly a person who was getting extra butter on their toast with the Nygren/Zinke regime and now they don’t know what to do. l.o.l.

    Give up “But”

  5. Oh the sad playground name calling and vague unknowable/unprovable slurs that have quickly come to mark the Prim crowd.

    Just looking for a comment from our elected officials on the hiring of a high ranking/highly paid law enforcement supervisor with a particularly vile criminal history.

    I get Prim won’t comment, but we deserve comments from our local elected officials.

    I have hopes Mr. Walkup has the courage to take a stance.

    Hardly manic, but admittedly determined to get every county officials stance on this possible.

    I would expect this one is going to still be around as a question in the next election cycle also.

    It really is shameful if you take your “home team” rose colored glasses off and look at the facts of the hire and the lack of transparency and accountability.

  6. Still waiting for the example of a single law enforcement supervisor who at the time of his hire had an uglier criminal record from any department.

    Every example any have been able to find with criminal records this ugly are around officers being fired as opposed to hired.

    Just looking for one single example this bad anywhere.

  7. We won’t find it here, butseriously.

    The hypocrisy is deafening.

  8. @Butseriously,

    Does your ‘looking for one single example of this bad anywhere” include dragging out the old documents that CLEARLY show CURRENTY Nygren hires, STILL employed and of high ranking within the Sheriff’s dept?

    If so please let us know, I have some extra time today to drag out the old document bag!


  9. Yes, Rodney King it does.

    If you or anyone can come out with as ugly criminal convictions of anyone else in Law Enforcement supervision anywhere.

    I will happily call for their dismissal from Law enforcement supervision.

    Please do name an example and call out the criminal history.

    No one with such an ugly criminal record should be allowed to stay in Law Enforcement supervision, matters not what political clique to me.

    I don’t believe you will be able to give examples of multiple criminal records as ugly.

    If a Nygren hire had a conviction around beating women and another incident as ugly as the drunk driving one in this case it is hard to believe they wouldn’t have moved towards termination or that Prim’s supporters would have kept quiet on it.

  10. I will let you play detective “ButSeriously.”

    Ask for any “Inside” records that clearly show a complaint by a female Deputy Sheriff that she was assaulted by her CO-EMPLOYEE, after a birthday party at a Woodstock bar, if my memory serves me correctly.

    Look for another In-house complaint about another CURRENT deputy, a high ranking deputy, who was seen, first hand by another deputy as his cruiser passed his then CO-Employee, the off duty supervisor was seen speeding, swerving all over the roadway and throwing beer cans out the window of his moving vehicle.

    Also found was marijuana in this speeding vehicle driven by a CURRENT deputy. How many others in that speeding car were also deputies?

    Let’s just start here and see what you can find……

    Here is a hint…. Look for deputies whose last names start with a “P” and a “Miller”

    Then of course, we had the double deputies getting arrested for a “Bar Fight” in Wisconsin not so many years ago.

    No, I’m not talking about Pyle either……of course he got full pay for nine or more months AFTER his first arrest by the state.

    The question was never answered who paid for the computers Pyle dumped into the ponds near his office at the Sheriff’s dept. Nygren argued Pyle was owed the “back pay” he received for the nine months in question.

    So who repaid the taxpayers for the computers and any other equipment damaged.

    NOW, while I am at it, let me ask Cal a question.

    Cal, have you sent in a FOIA asking …. HOW MUCH did it cost to remove former Sheriff Nygren’s name from all that rolling stock equipment……?

    Who got the work contract to remove Nygren’s name?

    You see “JustAsking” where does it all end?

    Regarding the men involved in some very poor behavior, I believe they were given a second chance and have done well with it.

    Best at times to just let life play itself out.

    You might even find some friends you never expected.

  11. So in short you are saying you can’t give any specific examples of an Law enforcement supervisor with as ugly of a criminal conviction history?

    Pyle disgusts me, glad he was fired and glad he will never work in Law Enforcement again.

    So although he also has an vile criminal record he doesn’t come close to counting as actually hiring someone with an ugly criminal record.

    He is an example of dismissing someone even prior to a conviction and I can’t see anyone making an argument for hiring him now that he has a record.

    So the statement stands.

    No one has been able to give an example of a Law Enforcement supervisor hire with as ugly of a criminal record.

    Not that such an example would actually justify hiring such a person, but we can’t even find anyone else who has even tried to stoop that low in hiring a political crony.

  12. Are people really trying to justify hiring a Police Commander with criminal convictions by giving vague examples or rumors others also did bad things?

    This county is sad and its political leaders are shameful.

  13. Rodney King thankyou for your comment.

    It is clear that butseriously should now shut up. He is one sorry person and clearly has a problem of real hate.

    Butseriously, you are going know where fast.

    Also a vile criminal record is NOT a misdemeanor you goof ball.

  14. So I should be a “good girl” and just shut up about not accepting a conviction surrounding beating women? I should be OK with a woman being hit or another being dragged around by her hair?

    I should shut up and accept reports of driving at twice the legal limit and reportedly falsely claiming to work for the Chicago PD to try to get out of the ticket?

    The difference between you anger filled rants and these facts would be you are making vague insinuations to smear character and others are asking that actual criminal convictions have real world consequences.

    If not being well is defined by being disgusted at the level of violence toward women that was pled down and now politically justified, I guess I will wear that badge.

    If being well involves justifying such violent criminal behavior toward women then I am comfortable with you owning that.

    Justify it how you will.

  15. Harrison has a plan to run for States Attorney.

    Campaigning early boys? Jimmy babe, following in the footsteps of “FUKOKU” You are no Lou Bianchi! Hang it up!

    ”butseriously” = Jim Harrison + Miller

    He’s campaigning early.

  16. Pretty sad so many well intending people never read anything but the slanderous crap attorney JIM Harrison sent out.

    MCNAMARA was never even charged with anything relating to this woman.

    What was printed was her drunk statement to the local police.

    They never sought any charge nor did the local SA. Why Do you suppose that was?

    I find some of these self righteous comments made by posters here and in other threads to be morally obtuse.

    He who is without sin……

  17. Thanks for the clarification. Just one more feeble attempt by Jim Harrison to discredit others.

    “JIMMY BABE” Dough is very addicting.

  18. To all you self proclaimed seekers of truth, may I suggest instead of spinning the same innuendos, rumors and untruths perhaps try making a phone call or asking a question to get a fact.

    Wow crazy thought there.

    There is already enough useless misinformation in the world. So much of this nonsense serves no one except the author spinning the bs.

  19. Duncan, I think he was talking about butseriuosly, not you.

    We know your comments are not allegations but the truth and butseriously we KNOW how you feel so by you repeating and repeating and repeating it is dumb.

    You are making yourself look ridiculous Why don’tpeople go to Matt’s security web site and see what a accomplished person he is and will be a benefit to the Sherif’s office.

  20. Yes Agree. Was just stating my thoughts was not directed at hypocrisy police.

    Just making it clear to ‘butseriously,” and was not meant to offend anyone.

  21. Duncan if you can make anything clear to “butseriously” you will get the award of the year !!!

  22. butseriously asked a simple question and nobody is able or willing to answer it.

    Citing prior incidents which took place under the previous boss is nothing more than avoidance and only serves to validate the point being made by butseriously.

  23. His words are nothing but feeble minded attempts to promote his own political agenda, which includes, wild fantasies about taking over the States Attorney’s office.

  24. Now you guys are saying he wasn’t even charged in the incident in the bar?

    Holy denial Batman.

    Not only was he charged in the incident but he was convicted.

    Even on appeal didn’t the appeals court find he was clearly the aggressor?

    What’s next you guys are going to claim he didn’t register way over the legal limit in the DUI stop?

    I am trying hard to follow the logic to the very odd claim that he was not charged in the incident, yet he seems to have been convicted and found to have been the aggressor by the appeals court?

  25. …literally you Prim guys will do anything to justify this ugly criminal history…

    I think you have actually convinced yourself that based on politics sometimes “she deserves it”?

  26. “butseriously” you definitely live in a fantasy world and operate according to your own rules.

    Get that checked out…..because you are not ok…..

    Now, take those feeble minded ideas some where you, where won’t bother others…

  27. butseriously you just want to keep this going so I’m out, you can write to yourself

  28. There is no logic to be found here, friend.

    Only pure, unconcealed partisanship.

    But still….it’s kinda fun!

  29. butseriously, you sound like an attorney speaking to a jury, trying to plead a case where reasonable doubt is the goal.

    I would also suspect, if you are an attorney, you have a license to lie . . . now not all Attorneys think in this matter . . . but you are doing the profession harm.

    Back off and let Sheriff Prim do his job!

  30. I notice it’s the same people on here commenting, likewise, on the NWHerald comments section.

    If you have time to comment here night and day, why don’t you actually participate in county government and run for the Ethics committee?

    Or any other position?

    You would rather argue in comments then actually participate in the government.

    Apathy is killing McHenry County.

  31. I find this statement “Back off and let Sheriff Prim do his job!” to be the most asinine comment made this year.

    Hiring a convicted violent criminal to enforce the law and protect the people deserves an outcry by its citizens.

    And yes, I am a Harrison supporter only after the primary when I learned that Prim had Matt McNamara and Mickey Schuch (convicted violent criminals) were key members in the Prim team, and also that his biggest financial supporter was indicted TWICE!

    I have stated in this blog that I feared that one of these violent thugs would penetrate our government, and that fear has now become reality.

    We should not bash butseriously, but praise her/him for taking a stance against the infection that has penetrated the Sheriff’s Department.

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