Sascha Chadwick Announces Write-In Campaign for Crystal Lake Mayor

A press release from Sascha Chadwick:

Sascha Chadwick Running Write-In Campaign for Crystal Lake Mayor

CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. — Sascha Chadwick, CPA, CMCA, has filed as a write-in candidate for the City of Crystal Lake’s mayoral election.

The filing was made Wednesday with the McHenry County clerk’s office.

The election is April 7.

Sascha Chadwick

Sascha Chadwick

“I am running to help make Crystal Lake a community where there is an open and respectful dialogue between the City, its residents, businesses, and other interested parties.

“Doing so will help us solve problems together.”

Chadwick, 36, president/CEO of Chadwick and Company, CPAs, PC and Managing Member of MACKs, LLC has worked in the city since 2004 at his accounting practice and property management company.

The firm assists individual taxpayers and businesses with tax preparation, tax planning,  accounting services, and audits.  While his other company actively manages properties throughout Northern Illinois.

A graduate of Crystal Lake Central High School, Chadwick lives in the city with his wife, Megan, and four children.

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Incumbent Mayor Aaron Shepley took office in 1999. He objected to Chadwick’s petitions and the Crystal Lake Electoral Board, consisting of other members of the City Council, threw Chadwick off the ballot.
Read the story, “Crystal Lake Incumbents Eliminate Competition.”


Sascha Chadwick Announces Write-In Campaign for Crystal Lake Mayor — 65 Comments

  1. I for one will be supporting Mr. Chadwick.

    But, to be honest, I don’t know him.

    Much has been said on this site about the problems in Crystal Lake.

    I agree that the main problem is the Crystal Lake Police Department.

    They have behaved as THUGS for the past 10 years or longer.

    Mayor Shepley has been mayor this entire time and despite GOOD CITIZENS being harassed, attacked, and destroyed by politically motivated members of this Police Department, Shepley has done nothing.

    Thank God Linder and Lowery are gone, but there still are too many monsters in this department.

    Mr. Chadwick, if you are to win this election, make this one of your primary issues.

    You will gain strong support and plenty of donations.

    The number of good people who have been intentionally harmed by the CLPD is large….and they are angry at Shepley.

  2. There are “THUGS” on that department that have gone out of there way to arrest and slander an individual who’s former relative is retired from the City of Crystal Lake and still remains friends with many of their officers.

    He is in fact a friend of Aaron Shepleys.

    As a result, innocent people have been arrested and people who committed criminal acts were let go and never questioned.

    More to come at a Crystal Lake Theatre near you, and the CLPD”S dirt secrets to be exposed.

  3. Duncan, do you have any links to stories about these politically motivated arrests?

    I Googled for a bit but didn’t find anything interesting.

  4. They are not on “GOOGLE”

    They are just some of the CLPD’S dirty little secrets.

    Not sure if I would categorize these as politically motivated but more “who they know” or “who they are loyal to”

    Apparently, in some situations their friendships with certain people were more important than maintaining their integrity or any professionalism.

    There is no integrity or professionalism when someone arrests people that are related to their friends.

    I consider that an outright conflict of interest motivated by an abusive nature.

    Clearly, one would have to be abusive if they are knowingly and willingly arresting individuals that are innocent.

    Right Dean?

  5. Commander Dan Dziewior, explained that while his officers were stalking one of our tax payers at Sam’s Club, the officers were simply on foot patrol……lol…lol… and apparently had too many chocolate donuts, with a cherry on top, sitting in their gluteus maximus, to make it past the first aisle.


    Your Deputies acting like 5 year olds with a badge, should have been made to sit on a chair, holding a sign that said “I AM A STALKER” with a dunce cap on their heads, in the middle of the town for all to bear witness to.

    (If this were the 1800’s a good flogging would have been appropriate)

    You and Aaron Shepley should have been sitting right next to them, holding the same sign.

    Then, you should have explained those officers and Aaron Shepley, that under no uncertain circumstances will this type of behavior ever be tolerated by any of your officers.

    Next, those officers, should have been suspended, without pay, and sent home for indefinite amount of time.

    Hey Dan, I know of a certain court appointed evaluator that has been found guilty by the Illinois Department of Professional regulations, that would be willing to help you and your boys. (He’s a psychologist)

    Just give him a jingle, he will most likely answer his phone just for you.

    I hear he’s generating lots and lots of dough.

  6. Don’t you all just love that social media?

    Hey Dan, it’s a brand new world with social media.


  7. And, the really said thing is, just a few officers ruin it for the decent hardworking officers who have nothing but the best intentions in mind, when they go off to work every day.

    Police officers stalking others, are not decent hard working officers, they are stalkers that should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    Who by the way, make the brethren of your profession look really bad even if they have not earned it.

    Time to grow up boys and time for Dan Dziewior to start holding his boys accountable.

    Further, time for us to vote out Aaron Shepley!

  8. Are you saying the Mayor is giving these orders or it’s on Commander Dan?

    If some of the bad apples were to keep harassing people, what recourse could the new Mayor take?

    In Woodstock, the Mayor and City Council couldn’t do anything about one of their cops who misbehaved, but then Woodstock isn’t home rule…

  9. Let’s just say, they didn’t stop it, they were aware of it and there were no consequences for bad corrupt behavior.

    Those actions clearly demonstrated a violation of a person’s civil rights.

    “A civil right is an enforceable right or privilege, which if interfered with by another gives rise to an action for injury” Dziewior made excuses for them, and said they were on foot patrol, while they were stalking an individual.

    There was no culpability, just excuses.

    And, there is absolutely no excuse for knowingly and willing falsely arresting people.

    We the people are suppose to be protected by the Constitution, not railroaded by the Crystal Lake Police Department. There are many scenarios that have not yet been talked about.

    This does not mean that all officers are responsible. Police officers come in all forms as do people.

    Though, there are some bad apples at the CLPD that ruin it for the rest.

    Let’s not forget, that there are many police officers that have been victims of the McHenry County corruption game, and some officers who have been an integral part of the corruption game and have inflicted their wrath on others including their own peers.

    And, other officers are out there just doing their jobs, while they are witness to what has been going on and are conflicted about what role they have in all of it.

    Believe it or not, we have officers that are uncovering and reporting corruption.

    We are cleaning up the McHenry County Sheriffs office now that Prim is on board.

    Now we need to continue cleaning up city government and some police departments.

    We can start by making sure Shepley is not in office, one more term.

  10. Keep in mind, that if certain individuals from the CLPD can violate peoples constitutional rights, everyone is at risk for their bad behavior.

    The only way, to stop the charades, is to change the people who run our city government.

  11. Wow, Duncan.

    If all the corruption you allege is happening you should contact your good friend Bianchi. He has the authority to investigate alleged police corruption.

    You always maintain all this is going on, but nothing ever seems to materialize.

    Also, Dan Dziewior is a good, honest man with integrity and would not tolerate bad behavior.

    By the way, he reports to a Chief of Police, so you could always call the Chief with your allegations as well.

    You are condemning the entire department, and I can tell you for a fact there are many, many hardworking officers there.

    I agree with CLM.

    Now that Linder is gone the department is much better off

  12. No, I am not condemning an entire department, but the actions of some individuals.

    You go ahead and think that Dan Dziewior is a good honest man.

    That is your decision. He apparently did tolerate bad behavior.

    Two officers went into Sam’s Club to stalk one of our residents That is bad behavior, and he called it ‘foot patrol” A very “wacky” excuse for two men wearing a badge.

    Those false arrests and bullying of individuals, does not qualify him in the integrity department.

    WOW Bill, you don’t know the half of it.

    You think you do, but you do not!

    Aaron Shepley needs to pack his bags, as his passive approach to city government, shows he is not not able to complete his job.

    He is suppose to serve the people, and considering several bad scenarios, that does not appear to be happening.

    He has been in office way too long!

  13. Bill, Linder was a cancer.

    The CLPD is better, but there are still Linder-disciples that slime around the department.

    Shepley has done nothing. NOTHING.

    I think he’s afraid, quite frankly.

    I know many city council members and city employees are.

    They know first hand how awful the police leadership can be if they don’t like you.

    They will stop at nothing to try to destroy you.

    So the CL politicians say nothing.

    There is no leadership.

  14. If those actions “clearly demonstrated a violation of a person’s civil rights” then your friend has recourse. I suggest he/she take it.

    Otherwise, its beginning to sound like a broken record.

  15. But, let me add…..there are indeed many GREAT officers still in the department.

    They know who the bad guys are.

    They know Linder and Lowery purposely targeted individuals and tried to destroy them.

    It’s a shame they did nothing to stop it.

    The bad guys ended up failing miserably.

    They left or were forced to retire……and now, thank God, they’re out.

    But their bully tactics are still feared by the city council.

  16. That is exactly right, they purposely targeted individuals and tried to destroy them…..

    And, agree that there are many “GREAT” officers in the department.

    Shepley, needs to move onto other things.

  17. Shepley is not afraid.

    He has many friends from the CLPD and does not fear any of them.

    There is no excuse for him and there is no reason for him to be afraid.

    Whomever, becomes Mayor will have the States Attorneys office on their side, and they have more influence than the police officers.

    And, there is no reason to be afraid.

    Shepley is at the top of the chain of command.

    “mildlyamused1” You are a Shepley supporter and have not experienced corruption first hand.

    Until you have walked in the shoes of many people (including police officers) who have been victimized by the corruption game, your opinion is mute and does not apply.

    So please don’t play your record again!

  18. My favorite part of that song is in the middle where they shout “LETS DO IT AGAIN!”…lol…lol….lol….

    Gosh who’s in the kitchen with Dinah?

  19. mildlyamused…..cute response, but it reeks of you being a supporter of the thugs.

    When they don’t have a case, the rogue police prosecute the case in the press.

    They have the press on their side because if the press doesn’t comply, they don’t get press releases from that department.

    Ask the poor Prairie Ridge kids who were tormented by an aggressive yet asinine arrest.

    Many of these cases get dismissed or dropped, but the damage is already done.

    But they’re embarrassing, so they don’t pursue retribution.

    The CLPD has perfected this policy of personal destruction.

    That’s their goal.

    Mayor Shepley has let far too many of these cases go without his involvement.

  20. They are pros at destruction. In the process, they have managed to destroy people financially, careers and more.

    Not all police officers fit into the same mold.

    There are police officers that have also been part of the corruption game, who were falsely charged, arrested and prosecuted.

    Many people have lost a lot because of their antics. We are a community that has paid a huge price because of corruption and no one is immune from the destruction. Not even police officers.

    Though, that does not mean I support the “thugs” at the CLPD. You wrote it accurately.

    Shepley just stands by and does nothing even when he has been informed and had discussions about some cases. SHEPLEY KNEW!

    I know about the false arrests, people losing their kids in divorce, their life savings, their careers, their homes and people have been wrongfully prosecuted and convicted. Some of the victims are still in jail.

    We are far from resolving the problems of corruption and it is going to take the community to create change.

    No one person can possibly resolve the issues alone.

    Get out and vote and make sure Shepley doesn’t make it into office ever again.

  21. Time for you to Go Old Mayor and all your friends take with you!

    Its time this town has some new blood in it.

    Your day has come.

    Move Out!

    we are sick of your wastefulness, self interests, and not caring about us TAX paying citizens who live here.

    Go Mr. Chadwick!

  22. Considering how close Duncan Mchenry is with Bianchi, I find Duncan’s statement to be very interesting.

    “Whomever, becomes Mayor will have the States Attorneys office on their side, and they have more influence than the police officers.”

  23. Eric…..I am not close with Bianchi…

    We are “NOT” friends and do not even talk to each other.

    Bianchi, doesn’t even know who I am.

    However, it is true the States Attorney has more influence than the police officers.

    They decide if and when they will prosecute someone.

    And, I am sure the States Attorney, whomever they are, are not going to tolerate retaliation and arrests from officers as a way of intimidating others just so they can get their way.

    It is ridiculous to think that our Mayor should be afraid of any of them.

  24. Now tell everyone Dean, did you make that agreement on Facebook or have the Facebook managers finally kicked you off?

    You apparently are really good at Facebook and have a lot of friends on Facebook.

    It must be one of your favorite hobbies.

    Have to say, between working on Facebook and working on the railroads, how do you possibly have time to work for the CLPD? You must be exhausted.

    And, to think we all pay his salary……..

    Find another job Dean!

  25. Hey Dean, I am sure that a particular court appointed evaluator that has been found guilty by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations would help you, if you just gave him a jingle. (He’s a Psychologist) Go ahead, Dean, give him a call.

  26. Cannot wait until some videos surface at a CLPD theatre near you.

    Let me tell you it’s gonna be a shocker, when the public finally sees how many chocolate donuts with a cherry on top are sitting in Dean’s gluteus maximus.

    It isn’t pretty!

    Geeez between, Facebook, working on the railroads and eating those chocolate donuts with a cherry on top, you is a very busy person.

    Yes, and to think you also spend your time testifying in court “AGAINST” others.

    Is that part of your job too?

    Hmmmmm do you ever take orders from your friends or from your buddies that work or have worked at the CLPD or City of Crystal Lake?

    Because, someone has to give the orders.

    Good thing it’s not you!

  27. Duncan, I disagree with your denial based on how you protect Bianchi like a Mother protecting her young, and how you praise him as if he was your golden child.

    Also you stated sometime ago on this blog that when Bianchi was indicted, Zinke arrested Bianchi, handcuffed him, and treated him like a criminal and made unfavorable comments to him.

    That’s some deep information coming from someone that claims that they don’t know Bianchi.

  28. Eric, don’t put words in Duncans mouth.

    You are nothing but one of the trouble makers.

  29. Eric “Mr Delusional” still creating your own fantasy world about Duncan and Bianchi.

    It appears you are not ok. Surely you have better things to do.

    Try the press, Eric, you might find some informative information there.

    That is if you know how to read whats on the page and don’t come up with your own delusional interpretation of situations.

  30. I am one of those councilmen you refer to.

    Frankly, I am unafraid of the CLPD and I do not know what it is you seem to believe I am afraid of…or what it is I should be afraid of…

    either I am missing the pitch, or this is all coming out of left field…

    Show me the corruption….

    or fold…

  31. “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,
    Know when to walk away, know when to run.

    “You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table,
    There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.”


  32. Sorry Duncan I was not trollin this I missed your call..anyway, Who are my friends on CLPD?

    I hope that they are my all my friends…

    I wish they were your friends too…


    but I do not know who, exactly, you are referring to…that said…

    show me the corruption like I asked you to before or fold your hand…

  33. I certainly cannot work to solve a problem if you won’t tell me what that problem is….

  34. I am easy to reach so you can contact me outside of this forum…you can call me at 815 245 9204…hope that helps..

  35. I have been a resident of Crystal Lake for 14 years and I have never heard of any kind of corruption in our city.

    As for the CLPD, I never had a problem with any of them, even when I was pulled over twice in those 14 years.

    They treated me with respect and were very friendly and professional during the traffic stop.

  36. No Jeff You are the one that needs to fold your hand.

    Eric just because they treated you nice, does not mean that they treat everyone nice.

  37. The corruption has been revealed repeatedly on this blog Jeff.

    And, if you think you are an authority over me, you are badly mistaken.

    You do not have the authority to force me to reveal everything I know, it is not your job.

    I have lived the corruption and know many people that have been screwed by the system because of it.

    Many people, have experienced corruption first hand Jeff and for you to deny it is irresponsible.

    Maybe you need to resign from the City Council Jeff, because if you are not stopping it, you are one of the enablers or are you one of the participants?

    Just asking!

    If you don’t see that what some of the officers have done is wrong, then you don’t have an objective view and therefore should not be on the CITY COUNCIL!.

    There have been several reports of thugs, bullies and false arrests from the CLPD, and highly doubt that so many people coming from different walks of life that have never met each other, could possibly tell the same story and be lying on this blog.

    They are all telling the truth!

    You had two officers stalking one of our residents at “SAM’S CLUB” Jeff.

    They are on video.

    And, if you or anyone else has some kind of lame excuse for what they did, it is nothing but an excuse.

    And, if you and others can’t hold them accountable Jeff then please resign from the City Council.

    That only skims the surface of what has been going on at the CLPD.

    Read “Murder in McHenry” by Paul Scharff and you will get a big fat dose of corruption shoved down your throat.

    Jeff go talk to all the deputies that were screwed by Nygren and lost their jobs because they didn’t want to participate in corruption.

    It is my understanding that an officer was set up by the CLPD and then left town.

    I was told that he was charged and prosecuted.

    Is it true Jeff or are you willing to lie about the facts, regarding that situation?

    Enough Jeff, time for the City Council to start cleaning house instead of making excuses for your employees.

    And, if you are unable to clean house or still refuse to acknowledge that problems exist you and Aaron Shepley, need to resign immediately!

  38. I don’t even want to discuss what a chore it is to get a FOIA out of this town Gov….

  39. Yes and the City of Crystal Lake, have denied them wrongfully.

    I spoke to one FBI agent who said it was “INCREDULOUS!” and was shocked by their arrogance.

    If they have nothing to hide, then why not disclose the information?

    They have a lot to hide!.

  40. Jeff, now think about the situation you find yourself.

    You are essentially the employer of the police.

    You are responsible for those salaries that were made available to all of us thanks to “Mark”.

    It doesn’t take more than a high school economics class to have the sophistication needed to understand that in such an arrangement the police will be good to you – if in turn Jeff Thorsen is good to them.

    It appears you have been very good to them.

    You make it seem like there is no possible way there would be an unofficial “quid pro quo” understanding regarding the relationship between you and the police.

    Of course you like them all – and they like you.

    Wow, what a surprise!

    I’m sure all the generals in the Russian Army love Vladimir Putin and his actions in Ukraine too.

    But, your henchmen have NOT been good to US, the average CL citizen.

    If you don’t understand THAT….you have not been paying attention.

    It appears you are only interested in those connected to City Hall.

    I doubt I’ll be supporting you next time around, Jeff.

    Sorry, you lost me with this.

  41. A sitting council member provided his phone number and offered your friend an opportunity to air their grievance.

    What more would you have him do?

  42. “Mildlyamused”, I don’t know the others posting here and I am not aware of any corruption in the CLPD.

    But, I am very aware of targeting of citizens who are not liked by your department.

    Lowery and Linder working with the MCSO to destroy the States Attorney? Did you miss that one?

    This along with a plethora of other examples given on this site by dozens of people about target and destroy. The press are complicit. That argument has been made as well.

    I wouldn’t recommend calling Jeff.

    That was a weird request.

    I’d recommend to those who believe there is corruption to contact a lawyer.

    City Hall is not helpful to the citizens.

    They’re downright antagonistic to businesses.

    I assure you, they don’t help.

    Jeff, I thought, was one of the exceptions.

  43. Or, Jeff could help them look for that missing flower pot.

    But for everyones sake, don’t given them the complicated crimes, they can’t handle it and have proven they are not capable of investigating their own friends.

    Though, they have tried and gotten off with no repercussions for their crimes.

    Corruption does run rampant. Attempting to railroad and destroy a States Attorney, that is corruption at it’s finest.

    So, there you have it Jeff.

  44. Greg Pyle didn’t think he would have to pay for his crimes, and now he sits in Federal prison. If you think you are immune from justice, you are badly mistaken boys…

    Apparently, those boys have some railroads to start or finish, and they are too busy for real crime. Now, that is good reason to remove some badges and some city council members.

  45. I seek no dispute CLM.

    I admit that I generally tend to support the police, firemen too, for that matter, but I’m with you in calling for the ouster of bad seeds.

    I don’t know enough about the MCSO’s attempts to destroy the State’s Attorney, so I admittedly can’t answer you on that one.

    I’m just going on what I have been reading here.

    The “plethora” of examples you cite just seem to be hyperbole, with no specifics to back them up, repeated time and again but always without specificity.

    Again, not trying to “battle”, I just want to know before taking a side.

    To your point about contacting a lawyer; isn’t that what I suggested earlier?

    As to Thorsen offering his number to that guy-just seemed like a decent thing to do.

    This site used to be a place where people could exchange opinions on matters of local interest, even if they disagreed.

    Just seems like its being hijacked lately.

    This opinion makes it “my department”?

    You’re better than that.

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