Zinke License Plate Suit Dismissed

A story in the Saturday Sun-Times caught my attention: “Appellate court sides with cops, Says paper broke law in publishing heights, weights in police lineup.” (Thanks to a reader for finding the link.)

In any event, it turns out that the Sun-Times got the height and weight information for a story from the police officers’ drivers license data.

That violates the Federal Privacy Protection Act, Appellate Judge Joel Flaum ruled.

“The Chicago Sun-Times broke the law when it published the [information about policemen in a line up],” the paper starts its story.

The Judge ruled that the information published “…intruded on their privacy…”

Publication of the information would have been OK, if it had been obtained from somewhere other than the Secretary of State’s data base.

The article points out the legal effect of the ruling is that the policemen can continue their suit against the paper.

Former Sheriff’s candidate Andy Zinke had a problem similar to that of the Sun-Times.

After writing the above, I decided to check the Federal Court records and found that former Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s is no longer being sued.

I discovered that attorney Robert Hanlon on behalf of Sondra Matterness, owner of the car whose plates Zinke ran filed a “voluntary dismissal” last Wednesday:

Plaintiff, Sondra Matterness, under Rule 41(a)(1)(A)(i) of the Federal Rules of Civil
Procedure, hereby dismisses the Amended Complaint against Andrew Zinke (“Defendants”), without prejudice.

The Defendants have filed neither an answer to the Complaint nor a motion for summary judgment as to the Complaint. Dismissal under Rule 41(a)(1)(A)(i) is therefore appropriate.

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I’m hoping a lawyer reader might tell us what that means beyond the obvious that the case is over.


Zinke License Plate Suit Dismissed — 7 Comments

  1. Surprise, Surpriser, Surprise!!

    Another one of those “Wait Till This One Gets To Court” and see how BAD MCSO and Zinke and Nygren are!!

    Watch those “chips” fall!!

    Another total waste of the court’s and lawyer’s time, and tax payer money!!

  2. AZSupporter, glad to see you pop up again.

    After the interview with the NW Herald, right after he resigned, he said he had a different job with another department.

    I hope that is working out for him, Kim should not be the only bread winner in the family.

    Zinke has created his own set of problems and Nygren he is gone . . . and could really care less.

  3. Agree; why is this even a story any more?

    Wherever Zinke is and whom he’s working for, they got a good man, in my opinion.

    I’ve been here all along, watching and listening.

    When I find something worth my time (like Dum Dum popping up with game show and Gordy comments) I’ll chime in.

    I guess we can all assume that the law suits and other frivilous crap started before the election had gone the way of the Dodo bird

  4. Did anyone who is not terribly naive really think this lawsuit was going to be pursued beyond the campaign news drop?

    I am curious, did anyone actually believe it was going to see full exposure through all that a court case would make transparent?

  5. butseriously, what the question was about Zinke, was his character and those he surrounded himself with.

    He created his own problems and cleaning that up could take a very long time.

  6. Again, his “problems” seem to not be problems, in reality.

    Since NO lawsuit has gone forward due to charges of criminal law, there must not have been any criminal wrong-doing, was there?

    I doubt Mr. Prim has anyting to clean up of Zinke’s doing, just as the DEA has stated that there was nothing done wrong.

    Again, nothing, nothing, nothing there, nothing to see, nothing to sue, just plain nothing, period.

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