Continuing Authority to Spend County Tax Dollars

At its February 12th meeting, the Finance and Audit Committee will roll over spending authority amounting to $37 million.

This is money the County Board has already authorized to be spent, but spending authority departments did not apparently need.

Most is for the Department of Transportation–$31.8 million.

Planning and Development comes in second with $2.5 million.

You can see the totals below:

McH Co Budget roll over by dept 2-15 Here’s what it looks like when broken down by fund:
McH Co Budgdt rollover of funds 2-15


Continuing Authority to Spend County Tax Dollars — 1 Comment

  1. 37 million is 120 dollars for every single person living in McHenry County.

    Of course they would never think something like, “we’re getting money we don’t even need….perhaps we are taxing people too much.”

    Do you suppose this rollover of 37 million will lead them to collect 37 million less in the upcoming year?

    Common sense would dictate something approximate to that. What are we as a county, like 29th in the nation for property taxes?

    Every single person on the Board claims they are a Republican yet I fail to see the limited government…

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