Hot Time at County Board on a Very Cold Night

Randy Hultgren confers with Joe Alger, a moving force in Patriots United.

Randy Hultgren confers with Joe Alger, a moving force in Patriots United.

How often does a citizen chastise members of the McHenry County Board in public?

I can’t think of many.

Last night Joe Alger, one of the stalwarts of Patriots United (whose annual breakfast is Saturday morning) offered criticism for being asked if he had ethics training when he applied unsuccessfully for the County’s Ethics (sic) Commission and nepotism by elected officials.

“You don’t need that to know what’s right and wrong,” he said.

Alger has just retired. ¬†Maybe he’ll run for County Board in District 3. ¬†(His wife Mary ran two years ago.)

Diane Evertsen

Diane Evertsen

But as interesting was Board member Diane Evertsen’s reading of a list of what government should not do.

Andrew Gasser has posted Evertsen’s presentation here.

It is entitled, “The Ten Cannots.”

I gather that Evertsen thinks that McHenry County government is doing too many of them.

Gasser’s blog is becoming a go-to place for those who want to know what the County Board is doing…things that might not be important enough to make the Northwest Herald.


Hot Time at County Board on a Very Cold Night — 17 Comments

  1. More nonsense from Gasser.

    Whoop dee do.

    He made a video of another teabagger reciting some old lines.

    This is not leadership – this is flame throwing and grenade launching.

    Gasser is an expert with this considering his military background.

    People do not care about this.

    Enjoy your one term Andy.

    You are done.

  2. Cal has unfortunately missed the point of Mr. Alger’s comments.

    The allusion to the Ethics Committee was just his introduction to the real reason he came, which was to complain about nepotism in the County Clerk’s office.

    Several of us took up the gauntlet during our member comments which people can listen to on the county website.

    You should hurry as last time the member comments were apparently erased.

    Currently county boards, and various other boards such as townships, are precluded from interfering with hiring decisions by elected officials by statute.

    Having such boards be able to intervene in all sorts of hiring decisions is probably not a good idea, but nepotism, especially when it involves hiring one’s own spouse whose paycheck just comes back to you, is something that could be addressed if the law were changed.

    Hopefully some of our state representatives will be paying attention to this and will try to address it in Springfield.

  3. Michael Walkup is a has been and really speaks outside both sides of his mouth he is one of the obstructionist on the board who does a lot of talking and can be found under Donna Kurtz thumb really Michael Walkup you are a decorated clown and nothing more

  4. Joe Alger is a nick Provenzano supporter who is still mad his wife got beat and that nick got beat.

    Did he mention bill prom hiring a felon did he mention Kathy Schultz had her son and her husbands working in the office no that is because this is a political hack

  5. 1776prevere, you may disagree with Mr. Walkup on issues, but if you think he is under anyone’s thumb you are shockingly unperceptive.

    I have known Mr. Walkup for many years and he is most certainly his own man.

    Sounds to me as though you simply have to malign anyone who disagrees with you.

  6. 1776prevere <– Hello there. Mary Alger here.

    I just love it when people hide behind a screen name afraid to speak directly to those they wish to dishonor.

    My husband Joe could care less about me not winning a primary election (nor I for that matter).

    I assure you it has never crossed his mind.

    He comes before the board bringing a legitimate conflict of interest which runs rampant throughout government at every level.

    You choose not only to turn a blind eye but then comes up with a theory as to why he would have the audacity to bring it to the attention of the board.

    Either you are complicit in this conflict of interest or are just on here to divert attention away from the point he made as an informed citizen.

    Again, this is MARY ALGER.

    A good evening to you.

  7. I have absolutely no respect for someone that uses that term, Proud.

    I don’t care who you are or what you believe.

    You disgust me when you talk like that!

  8. If you’re such a “Proud Republican” why hide behind a screen name?

    Tell us the name your parents gave you.

    Only cowardice and shame hide from their own words.

  9. I have mentioned that comments concerning the Prim transition would be taken down.

    So far, one has disappeared.

  10. Joe Alger and his wife are two of many of our original crusaders in the fight against corruption.

    He has nothing but good intentions. Positive change in McHenry County Government, is happening for the better, for all of us, because of people like Joe Alger and others, who are dedicated to protecting and preserving our government.

    We applaud all of the gatekeepers, fighting corruption everyday! Let’s continue to support Andrew Gasser and Joe Alger, and others as they pave the way for the people.


  11. Joe Alger did a fine job of taking a stand about taxpayer concerns, and his concern regarding nepotism as continues to be pervasive in McHenry County at many levels of government.

    It takes guts, time, and commitment to get in front of any governing body and share perspective as done by Mr. Alger.

    I believe his message is one that needs to be listened to and addressed by the County.

    My thanks to Mr. Alger for his intelligent contributions in furthering the cause for good honest open government.

    Donna Kurtz
    County Board Member – District 2

  12. Give’em hell Mary.

    Most of those people couldnt carry Joes lunchbox.

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