The MCCD Motorcycle Mystery – Part 2 — 9 Comments

  1. I guess I don’t under.

    Is he mad at Woodstock Harley Davidson for selling the bike, or the conservation district for having or using it?

  2. Don’t wast your time trying to bring AZ to the water, it won’t register.

    Now lead him to the popcorn and he’l help himself…….lol…lol…lol…

  3. Oh my God; I’m being derided by Dum Dum!!

    I read the article linked above, but Dave feels that the bike was purchased; Harley leases bikes to police agencies regulary at a cost some say is $1.00 @ year.

    Granted it cost money to paint the bike and equipe it, and to think that he thinks it was used as a trail bike is absurd.

    Conservation district has uniformed police officers who regularly frequent the courthouse with DUI’s annd other normal offenses related to their areas of patrol, don’t they?

    A bike gets better gas mileage than an SUV or a squad car; it CAN be a cash saving tool.

    He MAY have found himself another “windmill” to tilt at, but we can wait and see.

    Dum Dum, you eat pop corn and watch tv enough for all of us .

    It just wasn’t clear if he was mad a Harley for selling the bike so fast (IF that’s what happened), or at the district for even having it in the first place; more likely they had two, and one was a back up.

  4. Alright Dum Dum. I’ll go eat your home made pop corn and watch Wheel of Fortune in Gordies courtroom, while You, you genius, explain to me what the whole thing is about!

    A police agency had one or two motorcycles, painted and equiped to function as police vehicles, and one was turned back in to Harley Davidson with low mileage.

    If it was a back up bike, it may have never been used.

    Granted there was a cost to paint the bike, but it’s better to have it ready IN CASE it’s needed, rather than wait to have it painted anad set up when the first went down.

    Educate me Dum Dum (IF you have the ability), or do you just climb on the “OMG” bandwagon and let someone else explain the problem.

    We’re, rather I’m, waiting to be schooled, Dum Dum!

    Any bets, anyone, on if he’s able to comply, or just blow smoke

  5. That’s what I thought you’d reply.

    You don’t know either.


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