Joe Alger’s Comments to the County Board

When the McHenry County Board met Tuesday, people went away talking about what Patriots United leader and, now, McHenry County Sheriff’s Commission member Joe Alger said in his public comments.

He covered the committee interview when he applied and was rejected for appointment to the County Ethics (sic) Commission and nepotism.

County Board member Andrew Gasser has posted the audio on his blog.

You can find the post here.

Two of those who failed to see anything wrong with a county employee running for office using his county email account to advance his political career were re-appointed.

Those voting against their re-appointment were

  • Diane Evertsen
  • Andrew Gasser
  • John Hammerand
  • Donna Kurtz
  • Nick Provenzano
  • Michael Rein
  • Michael Walkup
  • Chuck Wheeler

See also “County Board Members Sound Off on Nepotism.”

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If you know the difference between right and wrong, have the stuff to accept rejection, but still would like to help clean up McHenry County politics, you can find a link to the application for the vacancy remaining on the Ethics Commission here.


Joe Alger’s Comments to the County Board — 9 Comments

  1. Cal, Joe is not a Patriots United Leader.

    He happily attends their wonderfully prepared for, informative events.

    He has no leadership role in the volunteer organization and never did.

    Patriots United is having their 6th annual Unity breakfast this morning at D’Andrea’s in CL at 8:30.

    The event features 21 year old Charlie Kirk who is firing up campuses for free markets, fiscal responsibility & entrepreneurship.

    Charlie started Turning Point USA

  2. Tina Hill wanted nothing to do with this.

    The way she made that motion was hysterical.

    When I heard about this I was told this was Gasser “grandstanding” again I was ready for some entertainment.

    Gasser says one word on this video, “No”.

    I do not agree with Andrew all the time but he is right to do this and shame on the two “electeds” who called me about this.


    People should listen to this.

    There is more governmental transparency in the video than the last two years on the county board.

    Nepotism much?

  3. Obviously if have a solid moral, ethical background, do not apply unless you relish rejection!

  4. I’ve know Joe Alger for about ten years.

    On political issues, we disagree as often as we agree.

    However, on the issue of ethics in government, I’m in complete agreement with him.

    Whether conservative, liberal or somewhere in between, we should all insist upon honest, ethical and transparent conduct by our elected officials and all government employees.

    He must scare the pants off the folks who are used to running McHenry County government in the shadows, for their personal benefit instead of serving the citizens and taxpayers.

    Way to go, Joe!

  5. Mrs. Alger, is Joe running for public office anytime soon?

    Are you the same Alger family that owned a business on the North shore of Crystal Lake?

    I simply ask the second question as a means of identification as I may or may not know of Joe other than having seen him at a Patriots United fund raiser.

    First off, clearly, Mr. Alger is a man who believes very strongly in his convictions. A trait to be strongly admired and emulated by our youth and yes, many local politicians.

    Please forgive me Mr. Alger if I have somehow missed you as an office holder if in fact you are or have been such. Are you presently or have you in the past help public office in McHenry County?

    (I had left McHenry County for several years after 1991 not returning until Christmas of 2006.)

    If not, I have to ask “Why not?”

    My next statement is meant as a very strong compliment to you Mr. Alger and Mrs. Alger.

    It is abundantly clear, that Mr. and Mrs. Alger are incredible people, whom, from what I can tell, would be incredible public servants. Both, present themselves in first class fashion and from looking at the video as provided by Andrew Gasser, Joe looks like he enjoys his life very much.

    I’m a motorcycle enthusiast and Joe has the biker ‘burn,’ all over his face and arms!!! That only comes from a long ride with the Patriots….. or a ride with me cross country.

    Perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Alger are to busy to run for official office? ( the video appears as an awesome ‘campaign video’ however???)

    Can we hope the Alger’s are preparing to run for public office in McHenry County?

    I attended the “Cal Skinner” vs. then UnderSheriff Andrew Zinke ethics hearing?

    What I witnessed immediately after the “Ethics Board Members” came back into the main meeting room after having met in closed door session, made me sick.

    I was appalled with what I witnessed as I looked at John Jung as he gave a ‘signal’ to attorney Mark Gummerson who was seated across the room from Mr. Jung.

    I believe I will make this my next posting on my blog,

    I had and really have no beef with Mr. Jung.

    However what he did to ‘signal’ Mr. Gummerson as to the outcome of what was just decided upon in closed door session, clearly showed me that Mr. Jung has a problem with keeping serious matters, serious.

    Perhaps Mr. Joe Alger has an interest in the Ethics Committee?

    We can only hope this is the case.

    Thank you.

  6. Hello David Bachmann, Joe applied for the ethics board but was rejected as they said he had no “ethics training” to which my husband retorted he has the 10 Commandments and a strong moral blueprint.

    Apparently that’ll get your application stamped “REJECTED!”

    He’s just as effective off the board as on so no matter.

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