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  1. I’m not “supporting” him, but I also believe in de mortuis nil nisi bonum.

  2. I was looking for the “like” button for that last comment, Duncan.

  3. He has the right to work without scrutiny in private enterprise.

  4. He has the right to work without scrutiny in private enterprise.

    Let him be.

  5. Mr. Reick, we are not impressed with your foreign Latin tongue.

    You can continue to support Mr. Zinke that is certainly your choice.

    However those he used his badge and the McHenry County Sheriff’s office to damage and frighten their families, should be able to know that at this time, he has been stripped of his police powers and that obviously, no departments want to hire him.

    He led us to believe he had a new management position at another agency, that was untruthful.

    I believe this fact alone supports what others are needing to vent.

    Maybe you should keep out of politics Mr. Reick, you are sounding like a silly old fool.

    Your Latin refers to how the “Dead” should be treated.

    Thankfully Mr. Zinke is alive and well.

    We wish him no ill will, but we also don’t want him having access to anything law enforcement related because we KNOW he abused those powers to settle his own personal vendetta’s.

    Remember the ‘finger’ Mr. Reick,” because if he tries to run for office again, that finger just might be used against you one day.

  6. Respectfully, I have been in “Personal Enterprise” Mrs. Alger and Zinke didn’t let me be.

    I thank Mr. Bachmann for letting us know where a guy who used the FBI for his own personal investigative agency against “Private Enterprise Citizens” is doing.

  7. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should… wise words from Joe Alger.

    This new GOP crowd is effective.

    It’s also burning bridges that don’t need to be burned.

    Its going to be a fun night tomorrow night.

  8. Rodney King you have said it all.

    I am happy that Zinke can not use his past law enforcement status to hurt anyone else.

  9. Andy, how hard did that door hit you in your chocolate donate, with a cherry on top big “A…..S?” You have earned your lot in life.

  10. A certain someone once said they thought Nygren should go off to Florida and retire and there should be no consequences for what he has done….

    Like Joe Walsh says “WAKE UP EVERYONE”

    That is not the way this should be played out.

    Try telling that so many people that have lost so much.

    Rodney King is right, Zinke and Nygren used the FBI against the people.

    The dirty FBI agents had blatant evidence of crimes, right under their noses and refused to acknowledge they existed.

    They best clean house in Rockford.

  11. This company gave Zinke a home computer because he didn’t like hanging around????

  12. How petty.

    he lost the election and is working to support his family.

    what would you people have him do, just give up and die?

    Grow up and shame on Bachman

  13. I was unfairly targeted and harmed by “the regime” as well.

    They lied under oath, engaged in unethical behavior to the max, and they also spent a lot of our tax dollars trying to destroy me.

    I get it.

    But it does no one any good to continue HATING and harboring ANGER.

    It is difficult to forget, but I refuse to live my life like them.

  14. The Northwest Herald said he had a law enforcement career opportunity.

    Did they lie?

  15. Zinke and Nygren deserve never to have a peaceful night sleep.

    I have been told by many people that Zinke doesn’t even make eye contact with people he knew, when he now see them.

    They both had years of hiding behind that badge,

    I sure hope Karma kicks those both so hard .

    If either one of those 2 idiots dropped dead in front of me, i wouldn’t perform CPR..I would walk right over them and keep going, maybe even urinating on them

  16. That old war is over, folks…you can put down your pitchforks and torches….lest you demand a lynchin….let the guy make a living in peace…

  17. According to who Jeff, you, the guy that won’t even admit corruption exists in McHenry County and that lives have been destroyed because of it?

    Now, we need to get rid of that sorry excuse for a Mayor, Aaron Shepley!

  18. Leave him alone.

    Set an example of what is honorable and stop justifying this persecution.

    I am always shocked at the level of mean behavior people exhibit when they are anonymous.

    Life is short, try to be kind, especially to those who you don’t like.

  19. If there is a prosecution to be made, let Bill collect the evidence and let Lou prosecute…..otherwise you are persecuting a fellow citizen….perhaps subject to legal recourse…

    Mr. Zinke is a private citizen and enjoys the protections provided private citizens….the long arm of the law may well have to reach into the Mistwood neighborhood…again….

  20. So now the stalkerazzi has found the part time gig…can anyone name the full time gig? 🙂

  21. Jeff, do everyone a favor and resign!

    Public officials are not suppose to threaten the people they serve and that is exactly what you have done.

  22. why would I argue with a crazy little monkey while dodging the feces she throws from its cage?

  23. Jeff, not the nice guy you want everyone to think you are.

    You just have way to many friends in high places.

    Wake up Jeff!.

    The “REGIME” is gone and Andy has a new job….lol…

    Gosh, what happened to his badge?

    He dug himself, way too many holes!

  24. Jeff, you are the crazy monkey in sheep’s clothing.

    That little business facade of yours, really needs to go.

    It is just way too savvy!

    Tell me Jeff, do you always do what everyone tells you to do?

    When they say jump, you say how “HIGH?”

    You really need to resign as a Crystal Lake City Council member, because you suck at it!

  25. I pray the people have always seen my true colors…I never hide behind a fake name..

  26. Jeff Thorsen, are you drinking…..again? As ‘anotherwatcher’ just stated, your true colors have just come to light.

    I do not see one single negative comment about Zinke either here or on Bachmann’s blog. Mr. Zinke was a public figure and the heir apparent to become the next Sheriff of McHenry County.

    The blogs are stating a fact about a man most of us figured would have won the election, hands down. But he did not win for reasons I think we all saw for ourselves, no need to rehash history. So, the fact that Mr. Zinke went from a lawman to a garage door salesman, is news. Plan and simple.

    Nobody is begrudging him this fact. Again it is news about a former police officer who truly believed he was becoming the next Sheriff on the county. How many times do I need to point out this FACT?

    He lost the election and in my opinion, Jeff, you need to stop throwing out the innuendo about ‘lawyers’ coming in here and suing anybody expressing a constitutionally protected belief or opinion.

    I have read your comments for a few years now and I can’t count the amount of times you have insinuated people should be sued. The “I’ll call my lawyer on you” days are over Jeff. Those days are at the bottom of a liquor bottle??

    Jeff wrote this statement above, “If there is a prosecution to be made, let Bill collect the evidence and let Lou prosecute…..otherwise you are persecuting a fellow citizen….perhaps subject to legal recourse”

    Jeff, I see nothing on this blog or on Bachmann’s blog that talk about any wrong doing by anybody. Again a simple fact has been stated about a former McHenry County politician.

    Jeff, I have watched you at political events and I was surprised to see that you really do drink quit a bit to a point of embarrassing yourself. Are you aware of that fact Jeff?

    Final point. You are a member of the Crystal Lake City Counsel. What have YOU done to improve the city? I hope you are working on something big because the city of Crystal Lake is becoming the ‘dump’ of McHenry County.

    Have a nice evening Jeff and don’t bother trying to debate with me, I won’t waste anymore of this lovely evening on the likes of you.

    NOW, we see you for the Bozo you are.

    So run along and call a lawyer…..tell him/her that this comment mentioned that you have been seen sloppy drunk at a political function. I’m sure there are others that would back this assertion up. Short little men who bounce around drunk are not hard to point out!

    But I must admit, you did have me fooled. Not any longer!

  27. Does anyone else think this is somehow a “payback” for past favors? I’d love to have a job I didn’t need to show up for. Has anyone looked into the owner of the company Andy gets his check from? I hear he is a real nice guy (NOT). There has to be something more. Maybe another RITA type of thing. I sure wouldn’t do any business with any company that would have this joker on payroll. SHADY AT THE VERY LEAST. How bad is Andy that he can’t get a job at a police department? My guess is his true history is about to come out.

  28. Jeff you must be drunk and also an embarrassment to the city of Crystal Lake. Duncan you are right he should resign.

  29. You could just let me off of the responsibility of being on the council…by voting me off…

    that is how it works…

    it is called Democracy..

    remember this thread all started because some of you folks seem to need to hound an individual….

    Any one who watched knows I spent a lot of sweat and treasure to ensure Bill Prim’s victory….

    More than most…more than most of you I would wager…but the battle was won…

    it is time for all of you to give quarter..

    let it go..

  30. We use Adams Door Service and they’re excellent!

    And for all of you who think we should ‘move on’ and ‘let them be’, I disagree.

    We really shouldn’t rest until these 2 (Zinke and Nygren) are chased out of state with their tails between their legs!

    If you treat them with respect deserved by much better men, they or their type will get right back into office.

    If you want to stop the crap that plagues IL politics their behavior CANNOT be tolerated in any form!

    That’s how the citizen voter becomes apathetic and eventually complicit.

    I don’t EVER want the likes of those two in our law enforcement offices ever again!

    If it doesn’t sting and sting hard, what lesson will be learned?

    If people see it didn’t really hurt them to be so rancid at their jobs then what’s to stop the new guy from being just as bad.

    NEVER lower your standards and let things slide-even if it’s after the fact.


    If he or the new guy were to try that today, they’d be in jail and rightfully so!.

    So get off your holier than thou high horse, and turn the other cheek bulls!t and get real!

    There were a long list of victims that weren’t afforded the luxury of being left alone.

    Karma’s a Biatch.

    Deal with it!

  31. By the way Mr. Zinke is no longer a public figure…for the record…

  32. My hope is to inform. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I can rest knowing that I did not say anything negative about Mr. Zinke.

    I have informed my readers about Mr. Zinke for the exact reasons “Rodney King” stated.

    Some folks will understand it, other folks just never will because their lives were not affected by the prior administration of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department.

    Some folks will enjoy my blog, others may not find it to their liking.

    I will tell everybody right now, that I am very serious about getting information out to all citizens of McHenry County.

    If you have nothing to hide, you will never see your name appear on my blog.

    I now have a professional blog and new address. You can find me at the following web address;

    Please take note of this new web address. It is now easy to locate. Comments are now welcomed and enabled.

    Thank you.


  33. Jeff Thorsen feels a bit guilty because he has unfortunately sheepishly supported THUGS like Linder and Lowery.

    Thorsen knows that Nygren and Zynke are awful thugs, but he lives in the delusional world that believes the CLPD (for which HE is responsible) had nothing to do with the MCSO’s mis-deeds.

    The reality is, Mr. Thorsen, Linder and Lowery were AS GUILTY as Nygren and Zinke.

    They were closely involved in all the heinous behavior of the MCSO. T

    hey were every bit as THUGGISH MONSTERS as the bad guys in the MCSO.

    You have openly acknowledged the thuggish behavior of the MCSO.

    However, you have not acknowledged the thuggish behavior of your own department – who have been shown by emails to clearly be associated with the thuggish attacks of the MCSO.

    Your political career has already suffered because of your association with Linder and Lowery.

    Typical politician.

    I agree with Jeff Thorsen we have to give this up; it’s been too long and to attack them further just harms us.

    But please, Mr. Thorsen, don’t pretend the CLPD are guiltless.

    They have ATTACKED their own citizens….apparently you don’t care because you have a personal relationship with Linder and Lowery. Yuk.

  34. I don’t understand the celebration in regards to Zinke becoming a garage door salesman.

    I believe if Zinke found a law enforcement position that paid lower than his undersheriff’s pay and when he retires, his pension will be based on that new position.

    If I am correct, common sense tells me that Zinke is buying time until he retires.

    He is fully invested and can retire in about 4 years from now to my understanding.

    This could also explain why he left the sheriff’s office before he was demoted by the new regime.

    So seriously, who is the one that is really celebrating?

    You the taxpayers that will be paying his pension for the next 30 years, or is it Zinke buying time to enjoy 30 years on some beach laughing at all of us.

  35. 815 245 9204…I have offered you my number before….if there is something out there about the CLPD then show me…that is not too much to ask is it?

    If you want me to try to right a wrong, show me the wrong…..put up…

  36. I do admire Jeff Thorsen for going on this blog as a public official and openly giving his name and making his point. We need more of that courage.

    The more I think of this, the more I admire Jeff for doing this.

    Even if we disagree, I admire the courage.

    We have had our disagreements on this blog.

    Though I am thoroughly disappointed in the actions of the CLPD in the past 6 years, I have to say I’m impressed with Thorsen for open courageous debate on this blog.

    He’s the only politician to have such guts.

    The rest of the politicians would NOT have the guts to do this…..but they’re reading this. Way to go, Jeff !!!

  37. Jeff Thorsen is starting to sound like President Obama who denies that Islam has anything to do with terrorism.

    Sure Jeff, the CLPD has had nothing to do with the thuggish tyranny.

    Keep convincing yourself.

    Your giving out your personal number is WEIRD.

    Besides, we’d probably be arrested by the CLPD for harassment if we called you.

    You don’t have to dig too deep into the CLPD files to confirm those facts, Jeff.

    I shouldn’t have to call you at home to remind you of that thuggery by your PD.

  38. I feel that Nygren and Zinke should not be given one single ounce of “let him go and move on “.

    Nygren has done such severe damage to MCSO and the citizens of McHenry County.

    He has personally ruined a Deputy life, destroying his family.

    Zinke and Nygren can not, and should not simply just be allowed to drift off into the sunset.

    Zinke has such a history of being a liar, and his previous action need to be watched.

    Remember the incidents involving his wife Kim.

    You never know when this Zinke guy is going to lose it…

    Just ask any of the Detectives in at MCSO that worked with this guy and saw his actions…

    Look how he left proper notices given, just leave your uniforms in your truck and email the Patrol Division Commander that he was quitting ?

    Does this sound like a stable man ?

    And then he tells the Northwest Herald that he has been offered another position in Law Enforcement that is just so good can’t pass it up “..

    Really ?

    If you wanted to go work for a garage door opener guy, then just say the truth, why lie again to the Northwest Herald and the public ?

    Entrapment -Ask Zinke to define this word.

    Like the Meth arrest ?

    Or like the the Crystal Lake train station lot burglary to auto ?

    Since it was mentioned that Zinke is a citizen now, not a public figure, if anyone wants to send him a wish you good life on retirement, then can send him a card to his house 3121 Shenandoah , Woodstock IL. …..

    But if you do, please keep it professional..

    He deserves to receive only professional letters wishing him well with his new job and future.

  39. Why is giving out my number WEIRD?

    I have a job to represent….if you can not reach me …if you can not talk to me..if you have no medium with which to tell me what is wrong…how can I do that Job?

  40. 60+ messages from a multitude of bloggers on the thugs at the CLPD.

    Still he feels there should be no outrage at the CLPD brutality.

    Call him at home…..what a joke

  41. You shower me with insults and expect me to chase windmills….

    I did not sign on for that…so…if you want to fire me, remember, I am up for re-election in 2017…and I will gladly comply with the decision of the voters….

  42. …CLM gut check…this story is about Mr. Zinke…..Dude, you are a knucklehead…

  43. Jeff Thorsen, I have disagreed with you about much in local politics lately including the recent Sheriff’s race.

    However, despite the disagreements you have my sincere respect.

  44. Cal.

    Mr. Zinke is a private citizen.

    His house has already been targeted during the campaign.

    There are young children at that home.

    Your allowing his home address to be posted and targeted on here by anonymous angry people with personal grudges is disgusting.

    There is much bitterness in the current local political clique but here is hoping you and your ilk stop targeting peoples private workplaces and their homes with your continued political vendettas.

    This personal level really is unhealthy and I truly fear someone is actually going to get hurt before this is done and many here will be complicit.

    I do hope you all find some level of peace.

  45. As for the continued rants here about the CLPD.

    There seems to be much insinuation and implication.

    Some here seem to think that everyone should know their private grievances without actually explaining them.

    Could perhaps one of you ranters share a specific fact or two? Or are there any actual facts to back the ranting?

    Did someone get a ticket or arrested for shoplifting and now have a grudge?

  46. I just don’t get it, Baby Boo Boo Duncan exhibits a photo of a large woman giving the finger and claims that Police officers followed some unknown people in Wal-Mart, and cries corruption in the City of Crystal Lake, and everyone jumps on the bandwagon.

    We all know how close Baby Boo Boo is with Bianchi, but come-on people, Baby Boo Boo provides no supporting evidences that there is corruption in the City of Crystal Lake.

    Councilman Jeff Thorsen reaches out to the allegations of corruption in the City of Crystal Lake, and only to receive opposition and personal attacks.


    Just give Councilman Thorsen the evidences and allow him to investigate the allegations of corruption, it’s that simple!

    I don’t understand what is wrong with you people! Councilman Thorsen is giving you a great opportunity to expose your allegations of corruption.

    It is everyone’s responsibility to assist the councilman to assure clean government in our county.

    What do you say Baby Boo Boo Duncan and the rest of you, are you all on board for clean government?

  47. Rodney King “I do not see one single negative comment about Zinke either here or on Bachmann’s blog.

    Mr. Zinke was a public figure and the heir apparent to become the next Sheriff of McHenry County.”


    A law had to be enacted to prevent any other stood thugster from doing exactly what Zinke did!

    Look again, there are P L ENTY of raw, negative remarks and facts about Zinke, Nygren and their stoolies.

    What’s your beef with Thorsen?

    You’re not very forthcoming.

    I can name plenty of people who drink.

    It doesn’t make them bad at what they do or bad at public office, unless they drink and drive.

    So again, what’s your beef?

  48. Avoid anything that Zinke touches.

    He is an arrogant bully!

    Maybe his new company treat people the way he does.

    How many city or county contracts does this door company half?

    What qualifications does he have to help any private company?

    He has never been in the private sector.

    He wouldn’t know what it takes to make money.

    He has only spent our money his entire career.

  49. You Prim guys are now chasing the guy he ran against to his home address where his kids live and a private business. Yep, he is the bully. Morons.

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