Local Mosque Threatened

Crystal Lake-Cary Patch is reporting that a threatening letter has been sent to the McHenry County mosque.

It represents “upwards of 800 households,” according to its web site.

Having just posted picture of a Christian’s car magnet I can’t tell you how un-Christian such a letter is.

The following is posted on the Council on American-Islamic Relations web site about the threat:

McHenry County Mosque Receives Threatening Letter

The American Muslim Community Organization (AMCO), a relatively new mosque located in Lake in the Hills in McHenry County, reported the threatening letter to CAIR-Chicago on February 6.

Excerpts from the letter include.

“We are praying for civil war so we can start shooting you slime bags” — “We can’t wait until it’s ok to start bombing you f***ers and your kids so we can reduce the number of slime bags being born into this world, of ours” — and “You like your radical relatives serve no positive purpose on earth. Keep you (sic) eyes open.”

“It’s always disheartening when a good community receives a letter of hate. We are taking all sensible precautions to protect our patrons, and we thank our local community, police department, and faith organizations who continue to support a safe, diverse, and cooperative community,” said Dr. Fazal Khan, mosque board president.

The mosque pictured on the group's web site.

The mosque pictured on the group’s web site.

“The rise in hate incidents in the Chicagoland area over the past few weeks is an alarming development that we have seen mirrored in other parts of the country.

“In all cases, the misguided hate messages and death threats target innocent individuals that have nothing to do with news headlines people may be reacting to.

“The President’s recent remarks about American Muslims are important and timely, and we need to see more politicians including Illinois politicians speak up for sanity,” said Ahmed Rehab, CAIR-Chicago executive director.


Local Mosque Threatened — 14 Comments

  1. As with anything in this world it seems education is the key.

    While our nation has been at war with the Followers of Islam for 14 years it seems a bit of a stretch to ask the average US citizen in middle America to simply accept what appears to be a very violent group parking a recruitment center in the middle of their neighborhood.

    While it is possible this group actually follows the Koran and maintains a peaceful relationship with those around them it was incumbent upon both the leaders of this mosque and the leaders of the community to commit to short, medium and long term engagement with the community to educate and assuage a very natural fear.

    Fear is a very powerful negative emotion.

    God is the antithesis of fear.

    If this letter is any indication there is a great deal of fear pushing God out of this person’s understanding of the world around them.

    It is time to put God back at the forefront and remind the leaders in all religious communities their foundational duty is to proselytize for peace and understanding.

  2. Those are sheep listening to the mainstream media that honks fear porn.

    (If it is an actual letter, and not MORE propaganda!)

  3. Connecting dots, this link is a woman who is well intentwined but misinformed.

    let’s suppose we believe Satan exists as he is depicted in the bible and as she believes.

    Her argument is predicated on Satan knowing the future.

    This is not the case according to the bible.

    He is not all knowing only God is. look for truth elsewhere

    She’s not it

  4. Good to see some do actually click on the links even when there appears to be a ‘pick and choose’ observer.

  5. Wow!

    Now that was news!

    Thanks, Mark.

    Puts a whole different spin on things.

  6. Their website does not say or imply they need $69k to stay in their building. It solicits money from congregants to repay a loan from another Muslim community.

    The letter you can link to from their website says nothing about foreclosure or eviction.

  7. Hopefully this alleged threat will be thoroughly investigated. Faked hate in Austin, TX:

    “The coverage a few days ago was all victimhood. A February 17 story quoted a local Muslim saying: “Muslims, we are not discouraged in our worship of God if anything it draws us closer to God.” But now it has been revealed that the person making the threats was a Muslim, Azzam Ahmed Baytie. We often find that these threats and acts of vandalism are done by Muslims in order to give proof to the islamophobia lie. The charge of “islamophobia” is a device designed to crush any criticism of Islam. It is the knee-jerk response to jihad carnage — victimizing the victim.And the media gives such credence to the Muslim victimhood myth, it encourages these lies and acts of sabotage within the Muslim community. These bogus news stories get front page treatment but when it comes out that it was perpetrated by a Muslim – that runs in the back of the book, if it runs at all.”

  8. Well stated “HadEnough!”

    I think in simple terms and I believe that good and faithful Muslims cannot worship and I will go as far as to say they cannot even live in peace, if they do not openly profess a belief in “Jihad.”

    Simply put, if you “Mr. Muslim good family man and faithful worshiper” do not become a “Thug” then we are going to chop your head off.

    It seems to me a young, brainwashed “Jihadist” is embedded into every single well indented mosque. Why?

    To instill fear and recruit the good and turn them into evil. To perpetuate acts of sabotage against his own people so they will not talk about nor defend the right of good Muslims to co-exist within a community.

    The FBI spends an awful lot of time sitting out front of Mosques looking for that single ‘hater’ who is not the white, Christian guy on the corner who just happens to like wearing his “Hoodie”. It’s the Middle Eastern man who is embedded into the perfectly good, faithful followers place of religious worship.

  9. Oops AMCO does not need to raise the money to stay in their building.

    ISNS (Islamic Society of Northwest Suburbs, Rolling Meadows) provided a $75,000 six month loan to AMCO (American Muslim Community Organization, Lake in the Hills).

    As of some unknown date, ISNS asked for the loan to be repaid in two weeks.

    As of some unknown date, AMCO had raised $8,165 of the $75,000 with one day to go.

    More details on the following letter dated December 10, 2014.

  10. This location was a non denominational Christian church “The Well” until recently.

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