Munaretto Recommended for County’s Real Estate Broker

Marc Munaretto

Marc Munaretto

Only one real estate broker out of fourteen who were asked if he/she wanted to represent McHenry County in real estate matters was interested.

The only reply was from former McHenry County Board member Marc Munaretto.

Munaretto retired from the Board and as Algonquin Clerk in order to run for Algonquin Township Supervisor.

He was beaten by incumbent Dianne Klemm.

Since that township election, Munaretto was appointed to represent McHenry County on the Metra Board.

It pays $15,000 a year.

Now, the Management Services Committee, chaired by Tina Hill, is recommending Munaretto to provide “non-exclusive real estate brokerage services.”

Here’s what seems to be relevant in the report:

Board / Committee Action Requested:  Adoption of a resolution authorizing the execution of an agreement for a non-exclusive real estate brokerage services with M.J. Munaretto & Co.

Background and Discussion:  From time to time, McHenry County needs the services, assistance and expertise of a real estate broker for the acquisition of real estate to meet the needs of County operations and facilities.

Last summer, McHenry County issued RFQ #14-60 for real estate / land brokerage services.  In addition to the appropriate public notice, the RFQ was sent directly to 13 brokers.

The only respondent was M. J. Munaretto & Co. of Algonquin, Illinois.

Pursuant to a review of the submittal, this firm was deemed qualified to provide the services requested.

The attached agreement makes M.J. Munaretto & Co. the County’s real estate broker for real estate acquisitions, excluding non-ROW acquisitions.

However, the attached agreement stipulates that the services are to be provided on an as needed or as directed basis.

If the County pursues the acquisition of real property on its own and without the services of the broker, then the broker would not be entitled to any commission or fees in connection with the transaction.

The term of the agreement shall be for one year with an option to renew for a second year.

After reading this, I reached out to two commercial real estate brokers.

Neither remembered getting the Request for Proposal.

Crystal Lake resident Terry Feddersen, a Commercial Broker for United Real Estate-Chicago, told me, “I didn’t hear about it.”

A press release would have generated a lot of responses, I’ll bet.

= = = = =
The proposal excludes right-of-way acquisitions.

The only purchase that Board members are seeking is for a salt dome in southeastern McHenry County. The McHenry County Department of Transportation staff has identified thirty-some locations. Staff has already been in contact with some owners of potential sites. For example, the Huntley School Board has rejected a proposal to use some of its land at Square Barn Road.

There seems to be little reason to hire someone on a commission basis to re-do the kind of work that McDOT has already performed.


Munaretto Recommended for County’s Real Estate Broker — 4 Comments

  1. More corruption ……… obviously the ardous task of cleaning out of ole Al Jourdan’s corrupt RINO Republirats has a long way to go …… although I see Geri Davis and Rickyboy Mack have been dislodged from some of their blood-sucking gigs ……

  2. More corruption ……… obviously the arduous task of cleaning out of ole Al Jourdan’s corrupt RINO Republirats has a long way to go …… although I see Geri Davis and Rickyboy Mack have been dislodged from some of their blood-sucking gigs ……

  3. Tina Hill is as big as a crony as you could ask for.

    What a shame.

    Best guess is that they sent the RFP for a bunch of brokers that are neither equipped or able to handle the County business, which is why noone responded.

  4. More of the same

    ….. term limits and pay reduction fir board members.

    Incentives should be in place to refresh our public servants on some staggered schedule, perhaps?

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