Walsh Endorses MCC Candidates

This email was sent to McHenry County Republican Precinct Committeemen by former Congressman Joe Walsh:

Dear McHenry County Committeemen,

As Precinct Committeeman you have helped lead the fight in getting Reformers elected in McHenry County!

That was a beautiful thing.

We cannot simply congratulate ourselves, and say our work is done. We have some very important races on the ballot in this upcoming election and we need your help!

We know that 70% of our taxes go to the school system.

We need our army of Precinct Committeeman to continue our fight, to be dedicated to reform by getting people that believe in limited government and lower taxes to be elected, because that means more liberty for us! Some of these races are not contested.

Some are.

Strategically speaking, we need to fight and fight good and hard for the races that are contested.

The people in your precincts are counting on direction from you.

In non-partisan races, the candidates don’t have an (R) or a (D) after their name.

Don’t let this election go to chance!

One race in particular that is very important in keeping government limited and taxes down in the McHenry County College Trustee Race!

MCC Lit 15 namesIf all three of the candidates we’re endorsing at Walsh Freedom get elected you will see the tax levy stay flat and tuition stay the same.

If they don’t get in, the majority on the MCC Board of Trustees will be the spenders and the expansion program will be reintroduced causing Real Estate Taxes to be increased and Tuition Hikes to take place.

MCC Lit text 15

We endorse McHenry County College Candidates:

  • Ron Parrish
  • Mike Smith
  • Karen Tirio

To see more information go to: www.MCCin2015.com

At times being a Precinct Committeeman may seem like a thankless job.

I can’t say that’s the case for this election April 7th.

Your hard work will be rewarded by being able to keep more money in YOUR pockets if the right people get in.

Failure to get the message out will most definitely result in All Of Us  paying more!

Now Let’s go get ’em elected!

Please Visit: www.WalshFreedom.com for the complete list of our endorsed candidates!


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