Duffy Takes on Com Ed

Lots of Republicans are in the back pockets of our electric utilities, Com Ed and Ameren.

State Senator Dan Duffy is not one of them, as you can see from his press release below:

Duffy calls on Attorney General and ICC to investigate ComEd allegations

Springfield—Serious allegations have been made against Illinois’ largest energy utility company, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), regarding its improper use of ratepayer funds. State Senator Dan Duffy (R-Lake Barrington) calls on Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) Chairman Brien Sheahan to take immediate action to protect ComEd ratepayers.

Dumb electric meter.

Dumb electric meter.

“As outlined in a Feb. 21st Chicago Tribune article, ComEd has allegedly been using ratepayer funds to make charitable contributions that appear to be intended to further its policy agenda to obtain rate increases,” said Sen. Duffy.

“Hardworking Illinois families have the right to know where their money is being used, which is why I am calling for further investigation of this alleged misuse of funds.”

While ComEd admits that it has made charitable contributions to about 600 community organizations ranging from the Chicago Urban League to the United Way, it has failed to disclose this information in customers’ monthly bills, said Sen. Duffy.

“Not only has ComEd failed to disclose their charitable donations to their customers, but also seems to shield the fact that many of these donations have indirectly been funneled to lawmakers to influence policies that benefit their bottom line,” Sen. Duffy said.

In his requests to the Attorney General and ICC, Sen. Duffy asked that “at a minimum, ComEd should be required to disclose these contributions to ratepayers…At best, ComEd shareholders, not ratepayers, should bear the burden of funding these contributions.”


Duffy Takes on Com Ed — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Dan Duffy for working for the people.

    It’s about time, someone stopped Com Ed in their tracks.

  2. keep up the excellent work Duffy, you could give lessons to a few state and federal Representatives and Senators

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