Shepley Holding Fundraiser

Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley, first elected in 1999, is the only one on the ballot and he had $9,035.60 in his campaign bank account as of the beginning of the year.

He does have a write-in opponent, however.

After being kicked off the ballot for not number the pages of his several page petition at attorney Shepley’s request, CPA Sascha Chadwick filed papers to run as a write-in candidate.  (See “Crystal Lake Incumbents Eliminate Competition.”)

Mayor Aaron Shepley filed an objection to fellow mayoral candidate Sascha Chadwick's petitions.  Former Mayor Bob Wagner (center) represented Chadwick.

Mayor Aaron Shepley filed a successful objection to fellow mayoral candidate Sascha Chadwick’s petitions. Former Mayor Bob Wagner (center) represented Chadwick.

Apparently, Shepley does not think a $9,000 campaign will be enough to make sure he can serve twenty years. (Mayor Richard Daley, I, served twenty-one years; Mayor Richard Daley, II, served twenty-two years.)

In any event, you can see the invitation below:

Invitation to Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley's Thursday night Crystal Lake Country Club fundraiser.

Invitation to Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley’s Thursday night Crystal Lake Country Club fundraiser.


Shepley Holding Fundraiser — 7 Comments

  1. Give it up Shepley, your services are no longer needed.

    Especially, after your City Council member made a threat to this blogger, on this blog.

    I suppose there were no repercussions for his threats?

    Hmmmmmmm, Business as usual!

  2. If you live in Crystal Lake, knock on doors and educate voters on how to do a write-in for Sascha Chadwick.

  3. He will have support of the CL Park District and the CL Police Department.

    Both of these groups are strongly behind this Government Heavy, free market penalizing Mayor.

  4. He has been there far too long. As for the CLPD, someone needs to come in and fire all of the good old boys harassing our residents.

    Chadwick will be behind the CLPD, he just won’t be advocating bad behavior.

    Further, falsely arresting our residents is a violation of their civil rights. Some folks at the CLPD need a review of the US Constitution and what it means when peoples rights are violated. Knowingly and willingly falsely arresting others, will no longer be tolerated, and they need to be held accountable. If there are people at risk for false arrest, that means everyone is at risk for false arrest. Remember, the conversation about “nepotism” by Mike Walkup? He said, hiring your family members is nepotism and is also a form of corruption. Arresting your friends relatives, is also a form of nepotism in the form of corruption.

    favouritism shown to relatives or close friends by those with power or influence

  5. I think I’m going to throw up!

    He does not know the meaning of “NO” and its his time to GO!

    We have had enough of your Chicago style politics!cronism, Move ON!

    stop crying about it.

    Or will he just give himself 10K of free hotel tax for his campaign… since its handed out like his/their own private piggy bank.

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