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  1. It makes you wonder, how many “GARY GAUGERS” we have sitting in prison.

  2. Hang in there Dum Dum; there’s a lot not coming out right here.

    Logic would be a big help- try it once

  3. “AZ” Suck it up!

    All of you regime members are not as invincible as you think you are…

    What happened to your towels with your adult children’s initials on them?

    Certainly you must have a lot of laundry to do…..

    That is such and understatement!

  4. It’s truly sad that individuals are happy about this discovery.

    It’s even more sad, that if true, Lantz was so disrespectful related to the remains of an infant.

    According to the Northwest Herald Lantz was too quick to smear Lou Bianchi in the trumpted up charges against him.

    Perhaps she will eat her words.

    I was present to hear Mike Tryon comment that he saw no corruption in McHenry county.

    Well Mike you can’t ignor a dead baby.

    Add this to the list.

    Lantz first mistakes resulted in the charges against her.

    Her latest mistake is hiring Gummerson to defend her.

    Perhaps he will use amnesia as an excuse.

    Or the Twinkie defense.

    I, for one, will be glad to see him look foolish again!

  5. Like I said. Dum Dum is probably tilting in the wind again.

    As I said, this ain’t logical.

    If nothing else, she’s been out of office a while, what, three or four years?

    And NOW, they find remains in the office? What have they , the new people in charge, been doing in there that they didn’t notice it sooner?

    Something ain’t kosher here

  6. I’ve heard that the only remains of Baby Doe not properly disposed of was a single femur bone that was removed from the body and retained for later DNA identification.

    That seems to he pretty reasonable to me.

    Of course, it could be all baloney and the coroner stumbled upon a whole baby corpse in a shoe box in the back of one of the freezers over there.

    My big question is that Majewski has been coroner for more than two years now.

    Did she just find this now?

    If so, what else is lurking in her storage and freezers?

    If she only discovered the remains recently, what the heck???

    How can you be coroner for over two years without taking an inventory of every body in your possession?

    Something is really weird here.

  7. Marlene was always a very passionate and caring Coroner.

    One has to wonder what exactly is going on here if it took the current Coroner over two years to make this discovery.

    Let’s not forget that Majewski is allies with Bianchi, who Lantz openly criticized.

    Don’t be too quick to judge Marlene until all the facts come out

  8. “AZ” Mr MORON, what aint KOSHER here is the fact that Prim took office in 2015.

    Maybe, Nygren and Zinke knew about it and did nothing?

    Remember, those truck loads of literally tons of Marijuana shipped into Rita corporation?

    You have an excuse for everything the “REGIME” has done wrong.

    The popcorn went to your head a long time ago. Why don’t you just go join Gordy Graham in his judges chambers. He must be lonely since his comrades have left or have been escorted out of the building. or he must be sulking, since Nygrens name has been removed from the county vehicles. Gordy’s days of parading around the county are over!!! The days of corruption have come to an end, and I personally hope we begin to see more indictments. That baby should have had a proper burial and there is no excuse for the way it was handled. Go tend to your towels with your adult children’s initials on them. At least then you can say you have done something productive.

  9. Rawdogger; if you read the indictment it is designed to reach back to the time the States attorney first learned of it.

    That’s three years back max.

    So I’m sure there was an investigation into this matter before they brought charges.

    Unlike the prosecution of Bianchi, it appears they actually investigated this before bringing charges.

    In the federal system that’s par for the course.

    The state system is typically quicker but where a public official is concerned prudence dictates a comprehensive investigation.

    If as you saw there was a femur bone retained for testing, it’s still a crime because she certified the remains as having been inturned.

    Additionally, it is not an acceptable medical practice to cut out of a baby its femur.

    You sound like Gummerson and another wild idea.

    If that’s the defense it’s not much of one.

    Mark my words according to my crystal ball Gummerson will be asking the county to pay for her defense and he will turn a ten grand defense into a $100,000 type defense.

    Plus he will antagonize Lou’s office resulting in an adverse result.

    Marlene should think twice.

  10. Lots more to be learned here- still smells ( sorry) now like maybe evidence on a old case, if the femur story above is true.

    Evidence can be held for a long time, yes?

    This case is starting to sound familiar, in some aspects.

    A Crystal Lake “cold case” maybe?

  11. What we should be looking at is the fact that Nygren and Zinke did nothing and it was not acknowledged until Prim took office, which suggest that the “REGIME” did everything they could to cover it up and the current Sheriffs office is actually working for the people.

    Gummerson is suppose to be retired and all of a sudden he appears on the scene, when the misdeeds of one of his comrades is uncovered.

  12. This is a bill of indictment handed down by a grand jury.

    This is not a trial…


    Grand juries have absolutely no credibility in the real world.

    The rush to judge anyone based upon an indictment is insane.

    Oftentimes there is no need to investigate anything to get a bill of indictment.

    Marlene can be left in the system for years before any true investigation takes place.

    The prosecution was losing their statutory time to indict and moved to do so.

    That is all.

    The interesting allusion in the article by the Northwest Herald is this charge may be payback from Bianchi f0r past perceived personal offenses.

    This would certainly be within his proven past performance so there wouldn’t be any surprise here but only continued disappointment in a man trying desperately to appear religious and decent.

    Marlene deserves what Zane(a favorite of the Prim crowd) got and what Zinke(a favorite of the Nygren crowd) got, the benefit of a trial.

    There is a story here.

    It should be very interesting to hear it.

  13. Just a fly on the wall – all “sides” are now taking casualties.

    Watching this utterly breathtaking and fascinating. More from the Nygren faction will now be exposed.

  14. Sheriff dept is NOT part of the coroners office Dum Dum!

    Nygren or Zinke would not have anything to do with this if its not a county case.

    Matter of fact, coroner COULD actually be the sheriff if facts came about in an emergency.

    Let’s wait and see

  15. Keep in mind criminal offenses must be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt”

  16. I respect Mr. Bianchi and I always thought Marlene brought a higher level of professionalism than her predecessors.

    She was also willing to stand up to Jeff “Road Rage” Ladd in his rediculous run for Attorney General. both are principled individuals and I am so sorry to see this happen.

    It will be interesting to see how the facts come out.

    The whole story is gruesome.

  17. I wonder if this cover up involved an abortion ……

    or the cover up of underaged child sex abuse ..

    just like Mr. Sunday and the Title X Controversy of yesteryear involving the McHenry Health Dept given free Depo-Provera injections to an underaged girl regularly being abused by her public school teacher ……

    the County political hacks from Jordan on down did everything they could to cover up the outrage …..

    and the county board, if I remember correctly, became the first such body in the NATION to refuse title X federal funds which financed the atrocity ….

    and deliberately kept the girl’s parents and REAL law enforcement personnel in the dark!

    I also wonder how much County time Lantz spent working on her LGBT and pro-abortion agenda w/ her fellow activists …… inquiring minds want to know!!!

  18. “AZ” Mr Moron, the sheriffs office is not part of the Sheriffs office.

    However, that does not mean that Nygren and Zinke did not influence her decisions.

  19. “If as you saw there was a femur bone retained for testing, it’s still a crime because she certified the remains as having been inturned.”

    How much tissue are you allowed to retain for a criminal investigation?

    I imagine if she had retained hair and blood samples, everyone would agree that Lantz complied with her obligation to properly dispose of the remains.

    A femur bone is certainly a little bit more, but it’s not outside the realm of reason that retaining such a large tissue sample for DNA identification would be required considering how small the baby was.

    “Additionally, it is not an acceptable medical practice to cut out of a baby its femur.”


  20. “Mark my words according to my crystal ball Gummerson will be asking the county to pay for her defense and he will turn a ten grand defense into a $100,000 type defense. Plus he will antagonize Lou’s office resulting in an adverse result.”

    This is official misconduct, and she is entitled to have the taxpayers pay for her defense.

    If Lou rammed through a frivolous indictment, then the burden on the taxpayers is his fault.

    If Lantz committed misconduct, the burden on the taxpayers is her fault.

    Time will tell who’s in the right.

  21. Unless the found baby was skeleton when found.

    If it’s an old case, there could be a court order to retain the bone as evidence, instead of the entire body/skeleton.

    Much like photos of evidence are acceptable in court.

    The “remains” COULD just be the femur.

  22. Ask any criminal attorney-they’ll tell you that a grand jury would indite a ham sandwitch.

    Complaints just START the process.

    GOOD lawyers take care of the cases in court, where this should be taken care of properly, not here.

    Other question should be popping into people’s minds.

    A) Did a funeral home take care of the burial?

    B) Was there a casket, and if so, where did it come from.

    C) If a funeral home took care of the burial, aren’t THEY responsible for placing the body in the casket, or grave?

    D) If she says it was buried, find out where and dig it up.

    a) Is there a casket there?

    b) Is there remains in there?

    c) If there are, which part is missing, if any?

    d) Aren’t there county clerk records showing where the burial site is, and it’s proper location (cemetery-which and where?)

    Those questions took me the time to type them.

    Given time, I’ll bet many can come up with more questions, all of which I’m sure her attorney will ask and answer in court.

  23. AZ, you are so off beat.

    READ Duncans comments, all of them and you call her Dumm dumm when you are.

    Cover up most likely, people question why Majewski didn’t find this out earlier?

    Maybe she did know or someone knew but remember the old Regime was still in power and as soon as the old Regime was gone things came to light.

    This will be interesting and I am glad we have a State’s Attorney who will find justice to this crime.

  24. Az Supporter,,,

    You best stick to whatever it is that you do to make a living.

    Your questions suggest you are the new host of ‘The tin foil’ hat club!

  25. Very well.

    Since everyone wants to jump on Dum Dum’s wagon and ignore common sense and logical questions to what we ALL don’t TRUELY know, then I will stop trying to have a common sense with unarmed people here and just let you all grope around and try to tie a ribbon on your BS assumptions.

    I’m done

  26. It seems to me that Lantz’ attorney is the one trying the case out of the courtroom.

  27. In the Bianchi case, the County was not asked to pay for his defense until after the Judge dismissed both cases.

  28. The truth is Marlene A. Lantz falsified a death certificate for whatever reason.

    Should she go to prison, absolutely not.

    Her pension?

    Absolutely taken from her.

    Marlene Lantz DID not represent the decease in our county in a respectful and ethical manner.

    Marlene Lantz did have (by oath) a ethical and moral responsibilty to uphold the Statue of the law and she decided she would be above the law.

    It is profoundly clear Marlene Lantz was unprofessional.

    Why as taxpayers to the State of Illinois do we continue to support these very incompetent people?

    Send a message to our lawmakers, we’re watching you, act responsible with your ethical decisions to the people of the State of Illinois.

  29. Cal, thanks for the flattery, but Dum Dum started this and I just couldn’t help myself-he’s/she’s just too easy a mark

  30. Cal

    Your right!

    The defense is likely making the politics the defense.

    I’m just guessing here, but I suspect that Rawdogger is affiliated with the defense.

    I feel bad for Marlene because it’s no secret Lou Bianchi and Gummerson don’t remotely get along.

    Since Gary Pack left office, how many felony criminal defense cases has Gummerson actually tried and won?

    Perhaps you could follow up on that one and let us know.

    I recently looked at the court docket and see virtually no cases being defended by his office.

    He lost Cox, lost the amnesia case, lost the Twinkie case, he had it handed to him when he tried to lower the bail in the attorney murder for hire case, and he bailed on the case where he tried to have you sanctioned for raising an ethics complaint.

    How many years is Marlene facing?

    She should have hired Terry Ekl or Mark Faccini.

  31. You feel bad for Marlene?

    You have to be kidding.

    Who knows what this indictment will lead to.

    You can always add charges along the way.

    Why would she get Gummerson?

  32. If she lied she should go to jail and lose her pension.

    She had been in the role as coroner long enough to know the laws.

    No excuses.

    Now, she doesn’t have Nygren or Zinke to save her.

  33. Voter: I only feel bad for her because she’s not smart enough to avoid making it worse.

  34. Oh I think she is smart enough to know right or wrong and if she isn’t maybe she should tell the State’s attorney things she knows.

  35. Some pertinent observations…

    Lantz openly criticized Bianchi and did not support Prim.

    Lantz has been out of office for +2 years now.

    The body is from a 1992 case…1992.

    This ‘indictment’ (remember, you can indict a ham sandwich…) came +6 months from the expiration of statute of limitations.

    Now, some questions…

    How did Majewski not see or find this body in the +2 years she’s been Coroner (Trib reports the finding was sometime in the past year….)?

    Why did Woodstock PD investigate this-shouldn’t the sitting Coroner or Sheriff have done so?

    How is this Forgery since, under IL law, the Certificate was not fictitiously generated (is a check mark sufficient enough to be ‘materially false’)?

    Who else was involved in the disposition of the baby (is it possible Lantz just signed the form with no intent to defraud)?

    If, as posters suggest, this was a piece of evidence retained per the rules of Homicide Investigations-which means it must be kept forever-who dropped the ball?

    This whole thing reeks of another political witch hunt.

  36. This is no witch hunt.

    Many insiders have talked about the shenanigans of Marlene Lantz.

    First of all, there are a lot of suicides that need to be reinvestigated..

    Secondly, everything she touched should be reviewed, especially if her conclusions put people in jail.

  37. Duncan. It’s hard to overlook the blatant timeline issues with this whole thing.

    I will agree, as the head of the Department, she is the final authority and accountable person in that office.

    That said, Forgery doesn’t seem facially appropriate here.

    Unless the indictment is a misprint, there is no allegation that Lantz fictitiously generated the Certificate-that she attributed that the body was buried when (part of it) wasn’t.

    This could easily be some oversight–just like the fact the body (part) wasn’t discovered until sometime in the past year…

    As I’ve looked at Death Certificates–the only choice to the Coroner is marking that the body was interred somewhere/cremated–

    no choice is left for marking a partial burial-which further leads one to conclude this was a paperwork issue (since the Certificate is a static State Form).

    I’ve read the Trib article–this 1992 case was a probably stillborn or illegally aborted/terminated baby found in a restaurant.

    It seems very probable some specimen would be kept for DNA testing later (it happens, most recent was in Northern Winnebago County a few years ago-see Katie Stockton).

    So, if the above assumption that this was a body part-it holds to perfect logic that a specimen would be kept since the ID of the mother could take years-if at all.

  38. AZ and really?, both of you seem to know all the facts.

    Maybe the State investigators should investigate the both of you.

  39. Lantz was, and since she’s chosen to remain in the county, almost certainly remains part of a long-standing, little local cabal of not-so-underground LGBT militants who did their damnedest to mainstream many twisted, anti-family positions.

    Her militant ring includes many so-called “progressive” public school administrators, teachers, psuedo-intellectuals, even a sitting mayor of large McHenry Co. city …..

    She, like many of her elitist pals, dreamt she was immune from the rules ordinary folks must follow.

    Bianchi is no idiot; his office wouldn’t have sought the indictment if the case was unwinnable or w/o a factual foundation.

    Gummerson is a grandstander par excellence ……. he may well try to have the case yanked from McHenry Co…….. but he won’t angle for a rural county, he’ll try for Cook or Winnebago ……………

  40. So, I have to audacity to question the Regime and I should be investigated?

    Are you both for real?

    I’ve never claimed to know all the facts, merely going off newspaper accounts and what has been posted here.

    I didn’t agree with the witch hunt against Bianchi, Salgado and Dalby in the first place AND this is very reminiscent of that.

    If you two can’t see that, you both need to get your heads examined–and don’t threaten me.

  41. More politics played out in a courtroom?

    The Dalby prosecution was a waste of taxpayer money, as was the Bianchi prosecution, neither should have ever happened.

    This is just more of the same.

    If this is alleged to have been done by a countywide elected official isn’t it the State’s Attorney’s responsibility to represent the County, county official and protect the taxpayers from potential damages?

    If this was to be pursued wouldn’t it have been responsible to appoint an neutral and independent private prosecutor to investigate?

    How can anyone believe that Bianchi’s office doesn’t have a conflict or two here?

  42. …and to the commenters here that are calling for investigations of other commenters that dare question the Bianchi/Prim regime.

    How very fascist Obama of you, actually wanting politically based prosecutions and investigations of political opponents. =

  43. Butseriouslynow, maybe you ought to change your screen name now, so you won’t have to eat all the crow that will surface about dear Ms. Lantz ………

    much more will emerge, far eclipsing what she’s now charged with ………….

    just wait until various rats will be given immunity so they will testify about far worse crimes ………

    Lantz is just the first stage of Operation: McHenry Country Corruption Clean-Up ……

    it’s a Herculean task …..

    far worse than cleaning the reeking Augean Stables

    This is precisely why the mooks went after Bianchi so viciously, repeatedly! …..

    they knew a real, un-bought prosecutor, not the typical McHenry Co. patsies we’ve had over the years, wouldn’t stand for the corruption of the old regime and keep their evildoings under cover in a pact of cynicism.

  44. and in light of new discovery additional charges will be brought against Marlene Lantz……..

  45. once this gets really started you will see all the finger pointing and the next thing you will hear is my former comment.

    Hasn’t happened yet but I think it will.

  46. While I have no idea if she may or may not have done this, I have not read anything about motive.

    Why in the world would she want to cover something like this up?

    A mistake seems a logical option, but it would be interesting to hear the prosecution’s perspective.

  47. What idiot suggested to Bianchi that he put this before a grand jury?

    The facts, so far as they have been published, are awful for the prosecution.

    And unless what they found was a complete baby corpse (with a note tied to it from the then-coroner saying “I’m going to lie and not bury this”) the law is not so favorable to the prosecution either.

    Who is advising this man on political optics?

  48. Do you really think ALL the facts have been made public?

    The only idiot I see here is you patrickincary, sorry to say and the State’s Attorneys office wouldn’t put their findings on a blog.

  49. Dear ‘voter’ – the only thing in your response that we agree on is that you are sorry.

    Of course the SA doesn’t put their facts in this blog, hence “so far as they have been published”.

    In fact, the State’s Attorney doesn’t put anything on this blog.

    It’s all re-reporting.

    You do realize that this website is not an official outlet of news, right?

    Despite your searing political evaluation, the optics are still terrible for the State’s Attorney.

    I’m willing to make that statement now and let time and the facts support it later.

    To date we have only an indictment, which has zero probative value.

    If this was an ironclad case the State’s Attorney would not have dropped the decision on whether to charge the defendant to the unwitting patsies on the Grand Jury.

    And while this grand political theater presents to us, do you know who is going to get burned the worst by these allegations?

    The staff at the Coroner’s office.

    Especially those who are long time employees, held over from the Lantz administration.

    Some of them will even need to get their own lawyers, as the Coroner’s office wasn’t a one-woman show and undoubtedly the efforts to get any or all of the problems in that office to roost with the ex-Coroner will fail under a vigorous defense.

    So, voter, bend your thought to this.

    And in ten months, after McHenry County has spent $80,000 on Lantz’s legal fees and countless man hours on this case, you and I can revisit the issue and decide if hindsight helps us conclude that this was a good or bad political move.

    I have already made my stance.

  50. “Nunda Resident” is either naïve or lives in a dreamy world of TVland where everything is spelt out immediately for the weak-minded couch-taters …..

    there will be many unfoldings in this sad tale ……

    and I can almost guarantee Missy Lantz isn’t the Big Cheese Prize of the Prosecution ……

    merely a means to trap the Big Cheese ……..

    with a few people in-between Lantz and the ultimate evil-doer.

    Costa Rica for some County hacks of the old regime …. get your passports ready!

  51. I am in agreement with Charles Nelson.

    Mr. Floro rightly served the citizens of McHenry County so many years ago.

    Rest in peace, Ted.

  52. Well, if isn’t Ms. “hey jude” popping back up to support poor little Ms. Lantz …….. aw…..did she ask for support from her coven members?

    Invest in some Kleenex ….. there will be many tears to shed about her downfall from her lofty libtard perch.

  53. Clarification: I do not support Ms. Lantz, nor anyone involved in the unlawful concealment of Baby Boy Reinert.

    The sole purpose of my previous post was to express compassion for the infant’s family members.

    This is my right / honor as a citizen of the United States.

  54. Clarification: I do not support Ms. Lantz, nor anyone involved in the unlawful concealment of Baby Boy Reinert.

    The sole purpose of my previous post is to express compassion for the infant’s family members.

    This is my right / honor as a citizen of the United States.

  55. Looks like Rawdogger’s misinformation about a femur retained for DNA.

    Let’s hope Gummerson sticks with that the trial will be short and decisive.

  56. Marlene Lantz signed a death cerificate on 07/27/1997 that baby doe boy was buried.

    YOU and Mr. Gummerson think it’s payback, a witch hunt?

    No there would be no which hunt if there wasn’t a witch.

  57. mb are you nuts, did you even read the indictment?

    That baby was never buried.

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