McHenry Aldermanic Candidate Scott Curry Seeks Support

Scott Curry, running for Alderman in McHenry’s 4th Ward, sent the following email to friends and family:

I hope you don’t mind the intrusion but as most of you know, I am running for Ward 4 Alderman in McHenry.  I could use your help.  Please forward this email along.  Many of you may be thinking that you live in a different ward or city entirely–“so why am I getting this?”  The simple reason is that while you may not live in my ward, you probably know people who do.
I have created a website,, which explains who I am, why I decided to run, and what I have been doing.
Scott Curry web site.

Scott Curry web site.

If you are uncomfortable sending this along, I understand.  If you have received this from another and are so inclined, please forward to others who may be interested.  If you do forward it, I truly thank you for that.  In any case, should I be elected, you have my promise to be a faithful representative for all the residents of the city.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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