Participants Sought for Gun Lobby Day

Mickey Schuch.President of the McHenry County Right To Carry Association urges people to sign up for the annual Gun Lobby Day in Springfield.

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We need you to attend IGOLD this March 18th.

Please go to to this link and purchase a seat on our bus. If we run out of room we will set up some cars to go too.

We need to continue to push back against the anti freedom movement that is being disguised as “progressive thinking”.

We must push and push and push because I assure you of this, there is a huge movement, that if not stopped, will not stop until every gun is smelted into boat anchors and door stops.

This is a fact and if you don’t believe me you are kidding yourself.

Mickey Schuch

Mickey Schuch

Responsibility is a word with many uses.

Today I am using it to discuss how citizens are changing the heart and soul of Illinois and McHenry County because they have stopped blaming and started fixing.

If guns aren’t your thing that is okay.

This is not just about the 2nd amendment, it is about citizens taking ownership of problems in order to make our state and nation a proud home. Its time to get up and say I will help too.

Instead of blaming law makers for ineffectiveness, go walk to the nearest mirror, are the eyes looking back at you saying I am doing all I can?

If yes, then well done. Don’t shoot the messenger here. If we hide from ourselves, we most assuredly will be unable to convince others to follow us.


You say, “who me?”

Yep, you are no different than any person who has done great things.

You have, inside you the ability to make a difference, if only you decide to do so.

Act on that ache in your guts and take the day off to help. Come and make an impact and a memory on March 18th in Springfield.

That right there is the sum of all the answers on how to improve our cities, states and country.

You, yes you reading this must decide for yourself, if our home is worth fighting for, or should we leave our destiny to fate?

That my friends is why America exists, we decided that the story of our lives was not to be written by a king, dictator, or ruler, but by our own hand. If we succeed or fail it is by our own design.

I believe that our combined love of Freedom, Liberty, Honor and Hope will win out, it must.

Join us on March 18th.

If anyone would like to discuss any of this further I will make time to talk. (815 690 0248) See you in Springfield!

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