50 Comments on Lantz Indictment

Marlene Lantz mug shot with glasses.

Marlene Lantz mug shot with glasses.

Marlene Lantz mug shot without glasses.

Marlene Lantz mug shot without glasses.

On Friday, McHenry County Blog published the indictment of former McHenry County Coroner Marlene Lantz.

She is charged with

  • “recklessly” failing to have the body of “Baby Reinert…decently buried, cremated, or donated for medical science purposes”
  • official misconduct for failing to perform a mandatory duty with regard to disposing of the baby’s body
  • forgery for having signed a document saying the baby had been buried.
The Marlene Lantz of the last decade.

Marlene Lantz speaking to Crystal Lake Kiwanis.

Because the indictment story is on the second page of the blog, I thought this might be a way to make it easier to read the comments.

Some comments may add some information to this developing story.

There have been about fifty comments posted under the two-page indictment.


50 Comments on Lantz Indictment — 6 Comments

  1. They went after Bianchi as a way of discrediting him, so the Regime could continue with their shenanigans.

    There were deals being made in the courtroom and Bianchi refused to partake, so they went after him.

    It is sick to think that we have judges basing their decisions on kickbacks and bribes!.

    I have known about this for a long time.

    They in fact, wanted my participation and I refused.

    The community, should all be proud of Bianchi as he stood his ground, held his head high and moved forward with the legal proceedings to do the right thing on behalf of the people.

  2. We should be proud of Bianchi.

    But to continue a political war in the courts is behaving as badly as “the regime”.

    As for me, Nygren, Lowery, Linder, Zinke, Graham, etc are all really bad guys, thugs, abusers of the system to enrich themselves and attack their enemies.

    I hope the good guys don’t start behaving like THEM.

    Base decisions on FACTS while supporting argument based on reason and logic….Not on political gain.

  3. I don’t think this is a political war.

    Mr. Bianchi has a job to do and he can’t help it if Lantz is involved in a terrible event.

    The States Attorney’s office has to treat everyone the same regardless of any past differences.

    That is what a good States Attorney does and Mr Bianchi is just that.

  4. Bianchi is the best State’s Atty we have had since Ted Floro.

    And he was the best we ever had.

    I do find it hard to beleive that Marlene Lanz is tied up in significat misconduct.

    She was a pro in a political hack’s office.

    This is why we have courts and juries.

  5. Remember all the ” jumping on the band wagon” speak when the real story comes out, whichever way it goes.

  6. One question: Why is no one concerned for the Reinert family?

    So very heartbreaking!

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