Sheriff’s Office Spending Less

Sandy Salgado

Sandra Salgado

I asked the Sheriff’s Department to compare expenditures this year with a year ago.

Business Manager Sandy Salgado compared expenditures for December, January and through the 20th of February for 2014 and 2015.

The amount spent was $1 million less under Bill Prim than under Keith Nygren.

FY 2014
Total Department Fund        $33,356,978

FY 2015
Total Department Fund        $32,340,642

Difference                            $1,016,335 (County Board cut budget by budget this much for FY15)

Year to Date expenditures:

Previous YTD expenditure at this time:  $8,717,947.89
Currenty YTD expenditure at this time:  $6,311,835.66

“These numbers were pulled today,” she wrote on the 20th.  “This does flex as invoices come in are paid.  It also is impacted on payroll weeks.

“However, although budgeted roughly a million less, we are not only living within those constraints, but significantly less.”

= = = = =

And  coming to the Law & Justice Committee on Monday is a reorganization of the upper management of the Sheriff’s Department that will save $37,821 in wages, plus savings in Social Security and IMRF/SLEP pension funds.

Here is how the changes are described:

On December 1, 2014 Bill Prim was sworn into office has the new McHenry County Sheriff, replacing a retiring Sheriff whose term in office expanded over seventeen years.

Upon taking office the new Sheriff reviewed and analyzed the current organizational structure, determining that cost savings of and improved efficiencies could be achieved through reclassifying certain management positions along with redistributing certain responsibilities.


Sheriff’s Office Spending Less — 13 Comments

  1. I wonder how this compares to the Treasurer’s office and the County Clerk.

    Pay attention Peter!

  2. Wait and pull fiscal year to fiscal year (at the conclusion) then report any savings.

    This time capture is irrelevant, as Salgado notes.

  3. Prim is already showing we can count on his good judgement.

    He is saving the taxpayers a lot already. without sacrificing the safety and duties within the department.

    Gee and to think some people thought he wasn’t qualified.

    He will only continue to prove you wrong.

    Great Sheriff .

  4. Why would the County Board cut the budget?

    Was this done right when Prim took office?

    Were any other agencies budgets cut or only the Sheriff’s.

  5. Next it’s time to reduce our County Government as a whole from top to bottom. County Board get to work.

  6. Prim does have good judgement…

    He also mad some great choices in staffers that will only prove to be an asset for Prim’s accomplishments.

    They work for the people, unlike the “Regime”

  7. Voter – they did this right before he was sworn in and before the the County Board members were in.

    Cut the budget and his salary.

    I understand that his was the ONLY budget cut.


  8. Rotten McHenry County politics.

    He is not accepting a pension, now let’s do something about changing that salary so it is where it is suppose to be.

  9. FYI you must be kidding.

    That is not right.

    The new board should review this and change it.

    Prim gave up his pension as Duncan mentioned and has already saved money for the tax payers and this is how we act towards him?

    So what was this, our guy didn’t win so lets screw the new Sheriff and the department.

    The ONLY budget cut.

    Who is responsible for this?

    This also shows how Prim doesn’t whine or make this public which I’m sure he could have.

    Prim shows true character and integrity and that is why people voted for him.

    It’s a shame that this happened and they are treating him this way.

    You are right Duncan the people have to stand up for Prim.

    The new board knows this, now lets see what they do about it.

  10. Wow.

    Prim is quickly becoming my favorite McHenry County politician.

    This is the kind of behavior we need from ALL of the governmental bodies!

    To all mayors, County Board Members, Department Chairpersons, and government bureaucrats:



    Prim is truly a breath of fresh air.

  11. Zinke repeatedly said Mr. Prim couldn’t understand such a complicated budget .

    Zinke was smoke and mirrors, Or should I say smoke and garage doors.

  12. Nygren and Zinke “PLAYED” with the tax payers money.

    Prim pays attention to the tax payers money

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